New iPod Touch Unboxing (2015)

New iPod Touch Unboxing (2015)

What’s up guys Lou here, back with another video and today we are checking out checking out the newly released iPod touch. Now I know it looks a lot like the previous generation, but there are some significant improvements in this one. And that’s important because this device hasn’t been updated since 2012! Woah! Many expected the Touch to have been updated a long time ago that didnt’ happend but here we are today with the new improved version. It now has the A8 processor. So it’s about 6 times faster than the previous version It’s got an 8 megapixel camera. That’s a big improvement over the previous one as well. It’s got better WIFI, 802.11ac. A gigabyte of RAM and the new M8 motion co processor. Processor or processor? Which is capable of unlocking all of the various fitness functionality that you’re used to in the latest iPhone. Now its in the iPod Touch. Also some new colours! The one that’s in front of me here is the Gold version, 32 GB gold. You can also get it a new blue and a very flashy pink which would be perfect for Jack. (laughs) (smacks table) Alright, so lets go ahead and open up this new iPod… …Touch, and as you know Apple always bringin’ the heat with the very slick, unboxing experience. oooh! Yes Sir. Look at that! (plastic clunks) They know how to do it! What can I say? There’s the gold Now my first choice was the blue. In fact I have a blue one that’ll be here on Monday, but this was available instore. So we’re like you know what? People want to see this new device let’s go ahead and pick one up in the store. So I’ll have 2 I don’t know what that means. Does that mean I’ll give 1 away?! Possibly! Little bit of paperwork, how to use your iPod touch, Lightning Cable and the world famous earpods. This thing is so tiny, so slim it’s amazing, this feels so small. Here it is compared to my S6 Active and you can see. It’s absolutely dwarfed, but that’s a good thing for a media player as I mentioned. it used to have the little loop in the corner there where you could pop it out and put it on your wrist. They gave up on that concept, apparently. The front facing camera has also improved. It can now do burst photos. That’s right, burst selfies I know you need that. Nobody needs that. Now the price points have remained the same. There is now a 128GB version of the iPod touch. That’s also new. You’re going to have essentially the same experience as an iPhone experience on here. Hello there. (camera clicks) Let me grab this. (camera clicks) (camera clicks again) And I’ll do some video as well Ok, so it cropped in a little bit when you start to record video. This is the dreaded portrait mode video that we’re watching right now and in landscape. There we go. Quick little sample of the improved photo and video quality. So it’s kind of like a cool little… …cool little half-step and it starts at $200 which is really affordable. This is the new iPod Touch in Gold. Got a blue one coming like I said. Got to figure out what to do with that might end up in one of your… …hands. Alright I’m actually done now. Wait! I didn’t test the forward facing camera. That’s improved, let me do a burst selfie, real quick. On the way out. (camera clicks multiple times) Woah! Can you hear that? (camera clicks repeatedly) Wow, that’s really quick. (camera clicks multiple times) People are serious about their selfies aren’t they? They are! Alright, I’m actually done now, look at that. It does look good, you got to give that to the iPod Touch. Alright! Thanks very much for watching as always. If you enjoyed this content make sure to leave a thumbs up down below. And I will catch you very shortly on the next episode. Later guys.

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