New to iOS 11 for iPhone & iPad FULL CLASS!!!

New to iOS 11 for iPhone & iPad FULL CLASS!!!

Hi everyone, and welcome to the class. This is David A. Cox with Tech Talk America. Today I am happy to share with all of you
all the things that you need to know about iOS 11. This is the new operating system that’s going
to run on your iPhone and iPad. Today I’m going to talk about all the different
changes that you’re going to find. One thing I just want to give you a little
heads-up about is that we are going to do a little bit of jumping around today because
there are certain changes that you’re going to find that are on both devices and others
that are not that are either on the iPad or the iPhone. We’re going to jump around, cover as much
as we can, coming up next on [Music plays] David: Alright everyone. I was trying to think about what order did
I want to teach iOS 11 in. I think the first place I want to start today
is somewhere where I recommend everyone go to as soon as you’re really done with installing
any new operating system, whether it’s on your iPhone, iPad or Mac, which is the App
Store. Keep in mind, when you load a new operating
system you do have the current versions of the various apps on your device but the thing
is that you’re running the latest version for the last operating system. A lot of times it’s very normal when you install
a new operating system to have little bugs there that just need to be cleared out. The easiest way to do that is to run the updates. I recommend you check out the new App Store. It’s got the same information, just a little
bit of a redesign. Now all of our tabs are at the bottom. We have ‘Today’ where you can find out
about new apps that are out, things coming out. I’m sure they’re going to be profiling a lot
of the augmented reality apps as that gains popularity. Games now has its own little section here. Apps, basically same information, just a little
bit of a different look. Updates, that’s where you’re going to want
to go right off the bat. Just run everything. Then we have, of course, the search bar down
at the bottom right corner. Now, the next thing I want to go over, I’m
going to go over several changes to just functionality. The first thing we’re going to talk about
is multitasking. Multitasking is when you’re in an app, like
let’s just go back into the App Store for a moment. Let’s say I want to go back to the last thing
that I did. Well, the way that you get there is the same,
which is to double click the home button. There is now another way as well. You can also swipe up twice from the bottom
of the screen. Now, for those of you out there, if you’ve
got a big case on your device it might be a little hard to do that. That’s where definitely knowing that you can
double click the home button may be an easier solution. I know especially in some of those OtterBox
cases it can be very difficult to swipe up from below the screen. This is the new view that you’re going to
see. You’ll see we have a lot of new stuff going
on here. We have Control Center as part of this. We have a dock now with apps that are launchable. Here are the most recent apps that I was in. If I want to switch back and forth, like I
was just buying a bunch of stuff for my home at Home Depot, I can just, boom, switch back
and I’m here. Double click the home button and we go back. The other thing I like to remind folks is
that if you ever run into a situation where an app is crashing, at least from my own experience
it tends to be Facebook, it’s important to note how to quit out of it. When you just simply hit the home button you’re
not really quitting out of it. You’re leaving it for now. It’s like minimizing it on a Mac. The way that you completely clear it out from
running is you swipe up. You’d come to this screen and then swipe up
on any of these. If you can spread your fingers wide enough,
you can actually do up to four at a time and those will just clear out. Sometimes I’ll go through the comments and
I see people referencing this thing from years ago. You do not have to clear out all the apps
to save battery life. That’s no longer an issue. That was the case about six years ago, not
so much anymore. Now, the next thing I want to talk about is
what you see here on the right side of the screen. That is Control Center. It used to be at the bottom of the screen. Now it’s on the right. You’ll see here that a lot of the icons should
look familiar, but there are going to be some new ones too. The reason why is that it’s now customizable,
and even more so on the iPhone now that you have features like 3D touch. All of the same controls are here. I am going to show you how to customize that
when we get into settings, which is a little bit later. I would strongly recommend, for those of you
out there who have Apple TV, there’s now a feature, as you can see here on mine, where
you can turn your iPhone or iPad immediately into a remote for Apple TV. You could do it before too, but you had to
use a special remote app. Now it’s just a lot, lot easier to get into
it. Then down here at the bottom we have the dock. The dock is a combination of a couple of things. Towards the left hand side there are apps
that you can drag in, same way you would do it on a Mac. You’ll notice there’s a little thin line. If you’re having trouble seeing it, on my
screen it’s between Facebook and the App Store. That little section of apps over there is
for apps that you have either recently used or apps that your iPad thinks that you might
use soon. You will see that it’s constantly changing. It’s a feature that you may or may not like. I sometimes find it a little weird that my
iPad is trying to predict what I’m going to do next. If you want to turn it off, it’s actually
in settings under ‘general’. I’ll show you how to do that in a little bit. The next feature I want to talk about a little
bit here, and I’m going to definitely give you some opinion on this one, is the new Files
app. Now, this is the folder icon that you see
at the bottom center of my screen. This is basically a new way to get into your
files that are located on iCloud Drive but also other things as well. There is integration for other services like
Dropbox and Google Drive, which you’ll see there on mine. I think it’s nice that they made this available. The problem for me personally is just the
functionality aspects because it’s like it’s trying to do something that the Mac would
do but not really. Let me give you an example. Obviously I cannot speak for all of you and
how you all do what you do. For me, a lot of times when I’m using files
that I have on Dropbox and Google Drive, is involving collaborating with other people. There’s really no way to do that through this. If you do that kind of function, you’re still
able to do it on your iPad but you have to do it through those individual apps. You’d have to go into the Dropbox app, into
the Google Drive app or whatever your preference is. For example, if I go into my Google Drive
account here, okay, blur out that email address. Here’s a charity event that I photographed
recently, the one at the very bottom that says ‘Police and Fire Fighter Party’. If I want to share this to someone, as you
can see here, I have really no selection options. Again, for me it’s limited functionality. This does give you access to everything you
have in iCloud drive. If iCloud Drive is how you store all of your
stuff, then this will be a very good feature. The final thing I want to say about this is
that this is only really going to work well if you have iCloud Drive also turned on on
your computer. Just keep in mind that if you do that it’s
going to take all of the files and folders that are on your desktop and in your Documents
folder and it’s going to now upload those to the cloud, which is good and bad depending
on what kind of a person you are. If you have a very, very messy desktop this
may not be a great solution for you. Maybe it’s good motivation to get clean. I don’t know. If you are a very clean person with your files
I’m sure this will be a great, great little feature. The next thing I wanted to cover is some of
the setting differences. We’re going to actually go in settings. I’m going to just give you a rundown on some
of these. The first one I’ll show you, this is great
for any of you out there who travel, okay? If you turn on airplane mode, and I believe
I can demo this for all of you without screwing up this recording. If I turn on airplane mode, I want you to
watch Bluetooth. In the past, you turn on airplane mode, it
kills Wi-Fi, it kills Bluetooth. Now, it kills Wi-Fi. It does not kill Bluetooth. For those of you out there who are using things
like maybe the Apple Pencil or if you’re using a Bluetooth keyboard or Bluetooth headphones,
you won’t have to reconnect your devices, which is always a pain. The next little feature I’m going to show
you here is in Control Center. We’re going to go into that. This is where we can go to customize everything. This should look very familiar. I’m sure a lot of you, just by looking at
this screen, can figure out how to navigate this. Basically you can reorder aspects of Control
Center. For example, you saw in mine Apple TV, the
remote control, let me go back into it, was here towards the top. The lock, silent and ‘do not disturb’
icons, you cannot remove. Those are there, but whatever is below that
you can customize. This is where you can go to reorder them,
remove them, add them. You can see the different options here. I absolutely like that they have Apple TV. I would also recommend that you consider adding
Notes. By default, I don’t believe this is actually
here, but Notes got a big improvement. We’re going to be going over that in a little
bit as far as a document scanner. There you go. Next thing, really quick, we’re going to go
over is, as with every new iOS operating system, we have a few new high-definition wallpapers
to choose from. You can go through here. You can go into the Stills feature. I recommend staying away from Dynamic. It just eats your battery alive. You can see here we have some very pretty,
as we always do, high-definition images. We got a lot of rainbows this time. I don’t know why, but anyway. A lot of interesting images to choose from,
but of course I know a lot of folks tend to just upload their own photos from their camera
roll, which you can do just below. I’m going to actually jump back just for a
moment here. I’m going to go actually into General just
so I can show you all this. If you did not like that feature that I showed
you a moment ago with the dock on the right hand side where it shows you recent apps that
you have used or apps that it thinks that you might use, this is where you can go if
you wish to disable that feature. It’s in General, ‘Multitasking and Dock’,
and it’s that last option right there. Next let’s go into Siri. Siri got a couple of little updates here. You can now use the H-E-Y Siri feature, you’re
welcome everyone. I tried to do that so I don’t set off all
of your devices at home. You can now use that feature from your iPad. That’s a cool feature. Also you’ll notice that when you use Siri,
it’s a little visually different and the voices have been modified a little bit so that they’re
a little bit more clear. As you can see, I’ve switched mine to a British
female. I don’t know. I always mix it up. The next place I would recommend you check
out, for those of you out there who are running low on space on your devices, check this out. If you go into ‘iTunes and App Store’
you’ll notice that there’s now this new feature here if you look at the bottom right. It says ‘offload unused apps’. If you have apps that you just really haven’t
used in a long time, it’ll remove the apps. Any data that’s stored within the apps, it
will preserve. You’ll have to reinstall it eventually. That’s just a really nice way to get back
some space if you’re very low. Finally, the last feature that I would strongly
recommend that you check out, especially for those of you out there who are shooting photos
and video on your devices, check this out. Go into camera settings. I would strongly recommend that if you look
here at the very top, it says ‘preserve settings’. What this will basically do, and this affects
me virtually every day, when you use the camera app it automatically by default goes into
photo mode first. By turning on this setting, if you’re on video,
next time you turn on the camera it’ll already be on video. You don’t have to swipe up in order to switch
it over. I would strongly recommend you check that
out. It will also do the same settings for the
square mode as well. By the way, speaking of square mode, for those
of you who care to follow me on Instagram, I don’t do it an awful lot but if you’d like
to I am on there. I’ve got a couple of different ones. I got DroningProvincetown and @TechTalkAmerica. The next feature I want to show you really
quickly has to do with the Maps app. If you use the Apple Maps application on your
iPhone or iPad, one of the things that you will notice is that now there’s support
for indoor maps at places like malls and airports. Also, if you are driving it’ll give you lane
directions. Personally, I still prefer the app known as
Waze, W-A-Z-E, especially just because it lets you know when there are police ahead. If you want to check that out, hey, go for
it. I’m actually going to go back to one quick
thing in regards to the dock, which I realized I did not cover, although it may be obvious
to some of you. I want to just really quickly talk about how
to add or remove apps from the dock. All you have to do in order to do this is
press and hold on any app, doesn’t matter which one. They’ll start to jiggle, do their little dance. Then if you want to add it to the dock, you’re
just going to drag it and drop it there, okay. As you’ll see here, it’ll make room for quite
a few of them if I just keep going here. See, we can get really teeny-tiny. Then as far as the ones over on the right-hand
side, if you do want to just remove them there is a little minus symbol there. That’ll remove it from the dock. You’re not deleting the app. In fact, where is it here? I have it in my little shopping list of apps. Shopping, there it is. See, Home Depot is still there, but I’ll just
remove it from there. I have found a couple of little weird bugs
where it just immediately comes right back, which is where for a while I actually did
turn it off. The next feature that I want to show you is
really only going to apply to those of you who do not use a Bluetooth keyboard. This is specifically for iPad users. One of the things you’ll notice, I just disconnected
my keyboard so that the on-screen keyboard would pop up. You’ll notice, check it out, the keyboard
looks a little bit different. For example, if you look at the letter Q you’ll
see that there’s a little grey number one above it. I love this feature. This makes typing on an on-screen keyboard
way easier. When you need special characters, symbols,
numbers, check this out. Instead of tapping on the letter Q, what you
do is you swipe down on it. Oops. It says ‘Test 5’ now. For example, if I want to do the number two,
I tap on the W key, but I drag down on it. That’s how it triggers it. While we’re here in Notes, another feature
I want to show you is that now we have support for tables. I’ve reconnected my Bluetooth keyboard. If you look at the bottom right of my screen
you will see the little icon for table. I can just tap on that. Now we can adjust the table by just simply
dragging and adjusting it. The next feature I want to show you here,
once again in notes, is that now we have a built-in document scanner. This is a very, very cool feature, long-overdue. If you’re on your iPad and you’re doing this,
if you look at, again, the bottom right corner, you’ll see that there’s a little teeny tiny
plus symbol. If I tap on that, here we go. Scan documents. You can see here I’m at my desk right now. Let’s see here. I’m going to just use this little box if can
find it here. By the way, love this product, the nanoleaf. This is just an add-on. As you can see here, as I just hover over
it, check it out. I didn’t even have to do anything. I literally did not hit a single button in
doing that. It scans it and, boom, it’s good to go. The next feature I want to show you briefly
is Siri has a little new feature. Siri can now translate. For example, at the end of my classes I always
tell you all “Class dismissed”. Let’s try it out in French. I don’t speak French by the way. Siri, how do you say ‘class dismissed’
in French? Siri: [Foreign [16:05] David: Very good, good to know. Now all I have to do is remember how to say
that. If you want to repeat it, by the way, you’ll
notice there is a little play button there. Siri: [Foreign [16:14] David: Let’s see if I can remember that for
the end of this video. Heads up, I won’t. The next little feature that I’ll just mention
is the News app got a little bit of an update. It’s just a little bit more intelligent as
far as being able to predict what news stories interest you. Ultimately, the more that you use it the better
trained it’s going to become at being able to predict what kind of stories you tend to
gravitate towards, whether it’s tech or politics or whatever it may be. The next feature that I want to show you is
on the iPhone specifically. Parents, I would really strongly recommend
you go over this one with your kids. Go into settings. Scroll down here to ‘Do Not Disturb’ and
then scroll towards the bottom. ‘Do Not Disturb’ basically, when you turn
it on this is the icon. You actually do currently see it on mine because
I’m recording right now, but it’s the little crescent moon icon. When ‘Do Not Disturb’ is turned on it
means that it’s not going to ding when you get in text messages or phone calls unless
they call twice. That’s why that little repeated calls thing
which you see actually at the top of my screen is currently turned on. If you scroll to the bottom, you’ll see here
we have ‘do not disturb while driving’. This gives your phone the ability to automatically,
it’ll turn it on when you’re driving. In order to even get into your phone you have
to clear the screen. I believe that you have to press ‘I’m not
driving’ in order to get through it. This is definitely a good move, I think, on
Apple’s part to try to cut down on the distracted driving thing. This is what I keep mine on because I think
it’s a good thing. Also, I want you to look just below that,
okay? For example, if you look here it says ‘auto-reply’. We can say “I’m driving with ‘do not disturb
while driving’ turned on. I’ll see your message when I get where I’m
going”. What you may want to consider doing is maybe
even consider adding into that this. If this is an emergency, please call me twice. Again, this is where that key feature of having
the repeated calls turned on, okay? It’s just a great feature. I would strongly recommend that all of you
consider doing that. The next feature also only on the iPhone is
here in Emergency SOS, which is a new feature you’ll find underneath Touch ID. Basically what this does is if you rapidly
click the sleep/wake button five times, you can have it automatically call an emergency
service. If you scroll down on that same screen, so
I have to blur out some of my contacts on my phone at this point, I would suggest that
you take a moment to just look at your emergency contacts listed in the Health app. Any time you update a new operating system,
hey, it’s good to get some things checked out. Make sure that whoever is set in your emergency
contacts is correct. Make sure their phone information is correct. I would strongly recommend if you are going
to use this emergency SOS feature that you consider turning on the countdown sound. It’s going to play a loud noise if it’s about
to call for help. Hi everyone. Okay, a little behind-the-scenes moment here. I want to show you this feature. I can’t show you the whole way through, so
I’m going to have to actually end up pausing and editing this later on. I want to show you when you take a live photo,
which by the way, you can tell that it’s a live photo because if you look above my head,
see that little yellow circle. That indicates that it’s going to take one
and a half seconds of video before and after you take your photo. I just did one, so let’s actually get out
of this. Hopefully this won’t screw up my recording. Let’s go into, here’s one I took just a moment
ago. If you go into these, one of the things you’ll
notice is that if you scroll down on it you can now add these little effects. For example, you can loop it. You can bounce it. It’s giving you a little preview down there. You can also do a long exposure effect, which
is a cute little feature. I don’t know how many of you will actually
use it. Also, if you go into ‘edit a live photo’,
you can now change the key photo just by swiping down here towards the bottom. Any effects that you want to apply, you can
add the same effects that you would apply to a normal photo. Also, you can crop it and edit it however
you want. You can now just do that to a live photo. Now, for those of you out there who are maybe
not looking to have ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode automatically turn on when you get into a
car, I want to show you something that maybe for some of you may be a happy medium. If you go into your iPhone’s settings and
you go into Control Center, what you can do is if you go into ‘customize controls’,
one of the features that you can add on the iPhone is ‘do not disturb while driving’. This is a way to manually turn it on. It’s not going to automatically do it, but
it will do it when you’re in the car. Well everyone, thank you so much for tuning
in. If you don’t mind, hit that little like button. Leave us a comment below, and we will see
you next time. This is David A. Cox with Tech Talk America. Class dismissed.

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