Nicki Minaj – Good Form ft. Lil Wayne

Nicki Minaj – Good Form ft. Lil Wayne

14 thoughts on “Nicki Minaj – Good Form ft. Lil Wayne

  1. Queen👑👸🏽nicki😍

  2. When you would SERIOUSLY consider going bi for Nicki after this video.
    Nicki minaj: Let's do this. Rrrr
    Me: passes out
    And I don't even pass out all cute, I knock out dead ass on the floor w/ a loud drop 😂

    I love you Nicki! ❤🤩🙈🤤

  3. Xxxxxss#cd3e-w1qqdexcfeaqCdd do ccxc v

  4. Americanos gostam de bundas macias e cheias
    Brasileiro de bundas empinadas.

  5. HOLA =)

  6. I love you Nicole and no they don't I love you tho bitch one love…Jessie…

  7. Jahova…

  8. Jessie Frank slaughter.jr.

  9. Jessie Frank slaughter Jr…

  10. One love rest in peace Mommy…

  11. I love you very much !😘🤟

  12. Que buenos culos, like si hablas espaniol.!!

  13. This song reminds me of The Raja Kumari's song named👉SHOOK released on 18 Nov 2018

  14. An I the only one who can’t tel is lil Wayne is 40 or 23?

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