Night Mode: iPhone 11 Pro Max vs Pixel 3a XL!

Night Mode: iPhone 11 Pro Max vs Pixel 3a XL!

100 thoughts on “Night Mode: iPhone 11 Pro Max vs Pixel 3a XL!

  1. Google pixel 3xl is best

  2. Pixel all the way

  3. Pixel 3 clear winner

  4. it's the cheaper version of pixel and still looks better than the iPhone!

  5. iJustine? Is that "I" stands for iPhone? ?

  6. Pixel looks better…far better

  7. Wait pixel 4 vs iPhone11 compare

  8. IPhone sucks

  9. Mi mix alpha no1
    Samsung no 2
    Google pixel no 3
    I phone no 4

  10. You must try HUAWEI P30 Pro

  11. Pixel is Not A Phone This is Aaa Camera

  12. She doesn’t look like a thot
    She looks like a mom
    A mom vibe ?

  13. So you are saying pixel 4 astrophotography will kill the new iphone

  14. The first after photo expression define the "i"

    And thats 3a $399 destroying iphone 11 pro max infinite black hole $999

  15. She's just did it for showing her photos ?

  16. ????

  17. Pixel 3 was much better, I'm sure you had to make some editing to make it worse than iPhone

  18. Compare iphone 11 pro vs google pixel 4xl

  19. Pixel is much better

  20. I have the new Iphone 11 PRO and I have to say that the Pixel got the best results because it's more natural and more vivid

  21. ?????????? "when heard iPhone got night mode…….??????????

  22. I'm sure it's a great video but ? for never watching LOTR or HP movies

  23. Comparing a $400 phone to $1K+ phone.

  24. iPhone11: we have three lens?
    Pixel3: we have only one ?

  25. W8 for pixel 4 it will distroy i phone 11

  26. Pixel is dad of i phones

  27. Pixel Pixel 3a wins because it's only a $400 phone. Wait until the 4 drops in 5 days and do a comparison then. lol

  28. Pixel is always best

  29. 3 lens vs 1 lens

    Pixel Win

  30. Unfair comparison of phones was obvious from an apple fangirl even whose user name has 'i' in it.

  31. Hiiiiii

  32. Huawei is the Best Night Mode

  33. Compair with pixel 4xl

  34. Pixel singh camera ????
    iPhone. 3 camera.tatti ..????

  35. Mate 30 Pro and Pixel 4XL distroi any iPhone ever…

  36. please clarify if it was a pixel 3 or 3a Xl. thanks

  37. Good job

  38. That portrait shot of u sitting on the fence near the beach was good in pixel phone
    I loved that pic❤️

  39. Nice I Phone

  40. Not a nice comparison tho… should have used pixel 4 instead. This just shows that pixel night mode is better ?

  41. exposure, iso, shutter speed?

  42. Compare both with lg v50 then u'll understand

  43. 1>3
    I mean the camera

  44. they both look really good, did I hear correct the 3a does the same thing in like 2-5 seconds and the iPhone takes like what did you say? Up to 28s?

    And the 3a is a looooot less expensive 😛

  45. Nice, but no night video comparison 🙁

  46. Conduct a test between
    Pixel 4 xl
    Iphone 11 pro max

  47. Pixel 3 is better

  48. And Pixel does it all with ONE LENS

  49. There's no way near a $700 difference in these camera shots. The 3a camera is still awesome for the price, and spend the difference on a holiday.

  50. P30 PRO: HOLD MY AI night mode. ??

  51. Your silhouette looks better in Pixel 3.

  52. Genda.. Re???????

  53. pixel 3a > ip 11 hahahah!

  54. Iphone always won

  55. It's not fair comparison, compare it with Pixel 4

  56. Incredible camera comparison ❤

  57. This proves that Pixel 4's not worth it.

  58. Watching this video on my Pixel 3a XL. Pixel 3a XL Rocks.

  59. Lol, while Apple has only now released their Night Mode, I've been casually enjoying Night Sight on my Pixel 2 XL (a device from 2017) for almost one year already.

  60. Y'all noticed how she conveniently left out Pixel 3 out if all the iPhone comparisons because she knows the pixel 3 crushes all the iPhones in camera dept.

  61. Put a note 10 with 10 seconds exposure in the pro mode and on a tripod and you'll get a better shot than these. The trick is to render an image which was shot handheld and nobody does it better that the pixel.

  62. Its very stupid cámara comparison… Mid range phone VS high end…

  63. Gracias por los subtítulos así te podemos ver en todo latinoamerica

  64. Hiii! Hope u are doing great!!! Is it possible for u to do a video just like this one but with the new pixel xl 4

  65. You probably should use the new pixel 4 instead

  66. Pixel is natural ….but she thinks iphone is natural???
    Not surprised…u like aplle stuff more

  67. ?

  68. The Pixel costs $400, it's less than half the price of the iPhone, and the images look better

  69. ফালতু জিনিস বানাও তুমি ???

  70. She is iphone fan

  71. 2:35 is that flash on the right side of the photo?????

  72. pixel?

  73. This just makes me want to marry iJustine even more!

  74. Mam,
    Please do this comparison:
    The huawei Mate 30 pro vs iPhone 11 pro max?

  75. The iphone just nails it … for real.
    Anyone else notices how the pixel is slightly exagerates where there is a light spot in the photo, to just make it like annoying bright till you can't see any details within it ? Not the same case on the iphone.

  76. Please do this with video

  77. Pixel wins ?

  78. am really watching pixel 3 camera review when pixel 4 has launched ???

  79. For the first time Apple nailed pixel in terms of camera.

  80. The iPhone is more realistic

  81. Everybody talking about their pixel 3 or 3a and I having a 200$ pocof1 with same camera hardware running a pixel experience ROM and having Google camera in it ?

  82. But yet no one has said anything about Huawei night mood.

  83. А потом появился pixel 4XL! Айфон 11 обгадился!)))

  84. $1200 vs $399

    Case closed.

  85. Why the hell would you use Pixel 3a over a Pixel 3??

  86. Can you do iPhone 11 vs iPhone X?????

  87. wow iPhone 11 Pro ???

  88. Just an idea these two phones vs the iPhone XS/xr with the Neural camera app

  89. iPhone 11 all the day, night ijust every single couple triple moment -)

  90. She is extremely beautiful….??

  91. That's some expensive "camera holding gear" – you cannot tell me she's not into porn…..and btw, please use that backround music in your next porn…..

  92. Millennials are so annoying.

  93. iPhone 11

  94. iphone is keeping the images more realistic

  95. Pixel bite iphone 11 pro

  96. 5:41 is craazzzzy!! 0.0

  97. both rubbish, huawei, samsung much better

  98. Pixel 4 to 3A. I don't think you still need me to beat the shit out of Pine apple yet.

  99. Compare latest iphone with latest pixel.

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