Nokia: презентация новых смартфонов в Украине

Nokia: презентация новых смартфонов в Украине

Hello! Today we are in Kiev for a presentation a new line of smartphones Nokia. And this will be the second issue of the cycle “For those who have not been to Barcelona” Only now Nokia shows us its smartphones. Let’s look at them, touch, suddenly something has changed since February. Go! Well, the official part is over. And we finally can tell what we were shown. First, representatives of Nokia said, that it is very important for them to return to the market and it is very important to hear our feedback. Next, we already talked in detail about the new line. The ruler of the beginning of 2018, which includes smartphones of different price category and for different people. About them, we now talk, and show. Also, representatives of the company have hinted that they are smartphones of the beginning of 2018 Then we are waiting for a lot of surprises, there will be something cool. maybe we will be shown Nokia 9, for example … As I said earlier, Nokia’s line of new smartphones devices of different price category and for different tasks. And the first of these devices is this “banana” phone. 8110 – reissue of the legendary smartphone, but only with the 4G Representatives of the company more than once hinted at that, that now many people still use push-button phones. For them it was created. But do not think, since it’s button-based, it means it’s morally outdated. In fact, and the chip of this device, that this is a button phone, which is modern, in which there are modern chips, such as support for 4G, Google-assistant, distribution wi-fi. Despite the fact that this phone is more like a toy, It’s still a representative of the business segment. He lives very long from the battery in standby mode, if I’m not mistaken, 25 days. And nine hours of talk and distribution of wi-fi. In my opinion, this is cool! Yes, conical phones are still popular, but some people still want to switch to a touch phone. And this is how Nokia 1 will help you do it. Because they need some kind of simple device, from which you can start, which will be simple and intuitive. But at the same time to provide all the functions of a smartphone, with which you can get acquainted, and to which you can get used. That’s actually Nokia 1 – this is such a device. Fast, because Android Go is installed here and ultrabudgetary phone, which does not lag. Great thing! In the new line of 2018 Also included is an updated Nokia 6. Here improved the processor, performance has become faster, the case of aluminum. From a solid block of aluminum. Here he was standing on the stand – it can be dropped, it will not be anything, it is very durable. Also, it has special anodized edges, which help the phone look so cool. And now I have an excellent medium in my hands. I would even say preflagman. This is Nokia 7 Plus. This phone also got a very cool design. Very durable, made of one-piece piece of aluminum. And it looks nice. I received two cameras from Carl Zeiss. And a classy Full Hd + screen with an aspect ratio of 18: 9 The smartphone has rounded corners of the screen And it looks very cool and beautiful. Focuses on social networks, on people who spend a lot of time in social networks, in Instagram, Facebook. And here there is a cool feature – it’s done bothie. When you shoot, simultaneously you can see your reaction. This is so cool. In addition to the fact that the body is made of a single piece of aluminum, it has a special coating, which gives him type of ceramic device. As if the body is made of ceramics. Very pleasant tactile sensations. It is very nice to hold it in your hands. And finally I got to the flagship of the company Nokia 8 Sirocco. He is in my hands now. This is an excellent phone and as stressed by the company representatives this is not an ordinary smartphone for ordinary people for their daily tasks. It consists of 90% glass. That is, in front and behind glass Gorilla Glass 5. Smartphone received rounded corners of the screen and the aspect ratio is 16: 9. Despite the fact that all seek to make flagships with a ratio of 18: 9. Immediately 16: 9. The device design is cool, there is no mini-Jack. The smartphone has curved screen angles. It looks very cool. So the smartphone received a dual camera with Carl Zeiss optics. With a fingerprint scanner. The smartphone has 6 GB of RAM, Snapdragon 835. 5.5 inch screen with Quad HD resolution Its cool! Since the body is mostly made of glass, the smartphone got wireless charging. But the importance of this smartphone is emphasized by the fact, that this is a limited edition. The phone will not be available in all countries. And we are lucky – in Ukraine it will be sold. Secondly, it will be sold a limited number. Literally 1000 pieces. And it’s very cool! And very unusual. What can I say in the end. First, in the Nokia 2018 lineup there are devices for every taste, color and purse. Also, it is possible to trace the strengthening of the relationship Nokia and Google. And this is also very cool, because all Nokia devices are released on the “bare” Android. And it’s very cool, because now there are practically no alternatives. And if you really want to get yourself a device on the “clean” Android, “bare” OSes from Google, then Nokia is actually the only option. Write in comments what a new Nokia device like you the most. Subscribe to the channel! Click on the bell. Do not forget about our Telegram-channel and blog. And we always have something to watch on the channel! Till!

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  2. Первий у меня поломаная нога

  3. Ребят, привет! Какой телефон понравился больше всего? Нам – #бананофон ??

  4. нравится конечно самая дорогая модель,но хотелось бы чтоб там был Снепдрегон 845

  5. Хочу обзор Nokia 7 Plus!!!

  6. 7 plus

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  9. 7+ очень понравилась.

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  15. А цена где???

  16. сирокко норм, и 7 тоже, если бы в руках повертеть можно точно сказать

  17. Пожалуйста, сделайте обзор на Nokia 8 Sirocco, очень интересный аппарат)

  18. Походу это презентация этого чувака и возможностей его жестов, потому что телефоны можно было увидеть реально пару раз.

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  20. всё гавно

  21. Смените ведущего.
    Про телефоны ничего не понятно.
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  35. Xiaomi Mi A1 чистый андроид (Android One программа) и это не единсттвенный представитель у Ксяоми (у меня такой – доволен). У других производителей тоже есть. Были бы цены у Нокиа адекватные – можно брать. Но Альтернативы не уступают по качеству, но дешевле по стоимости

  36. На презентации новых смартфонов Nokia увидели:
    0:59 – Nokia 8110 (переиздание легендарного смартфона, но с приставкой 4G)
    1:52 – Nokia 1
    2:22 – Nokia 6
    2:45 – Nokia 7 Plus
    3:40 – Nokia 8 Sirocco
    5:00 – Подведем итоги

  37. Мне больше всего, нравится Nokia 8.1
    Имеется уже, у Вас такая (модель) в продаже?

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