Nokia 1280 LCD Light problem Jumper Solution | 100% Working | in Urdu/Hindi

Nokia 1280 LCD Light problem Jumper Solution | 100% Working | in Urdu/Hindi

Asalam o Alaikum (Hey) Friends . Today I’m gonna guide you about Nokia 1280 LCD light problem and… We’ll also repair a phone in the video. So you’ll be able to solve the problem yourself. It is very common problem in Nokia 1280 Mostly this problem occurs because of cell phone water damaging. You can see the board of Nokia 1280 on your screen. I’ve installed new LCD on the board. First of all, We’re gonna test 2nd and 3rd Pins (LCD Light pins) As you can see, LCD Light is working properly. (-_-) *Signal* So, Now we know that our newly installed LCD is OK. the problem is in the board. Friends.. I’ve made a video on this problem before but this time I’ll give you some more easy tips. So, I’m removing this component. using soldering iron. We don’t need to use Head Gun to remove this. 2nd, You can see this diode. I’m removing this too. So friends, after removing these components… the LCD light circuit is fully disconnected Now I’m gonna tell you. As you can see, this point.. A little black capacitor. This directly works as a coil. So, this is directly connected To CPU As we power on the Phone CPU sends power to this coil for LCD light. So, Now, without using the other components, we’ll tell you that how to solve the problem. To do this, We’ll use Jumper wire, We can also make smaller jumper. I’ll also tell you about that. As you can see, this component. this is directly connected to the 2nd point of LCD. this one (2nd one) from here to this component. But mostly when the phone is water damaged. line can break from anywhere So, you should not worry about I’m going to tell you a shortcut to solve the problem. And You can see the keypad light LED I’m also removing this.. We’ll make only one jumper to solve the Keypad and LCD Light problem. We’ll use LCD’s brightness to brighten the keypad. So, friends, the wire I’ve transferred from the Keypad light hole I’m gonna cut it here. I’ll use Soldering iron and solder to make the jumper. Connecting the wire to the 2nd point of LCD As you can see in the picture. I’ll merge the 3rd and 4th Point. follow the picture. So, you can see we’ve done it. Telling you again. From here I connected a wire you also can connect the wire here. Passed the wire through this hole. and connected to the 2nd point. last, I connected 3rd and 4th points to each other. Now, We’re going to power on the phone. So friends, You can see the LCD light is working. Now, I’m gonna show you the Keypad light *inserting the reflector* You can see that only one LED is enough to brighten the both LCD and Keypad. *Keypad reflector is brighten* it’ll keep working finely. This trick will also boost the battery time. Because many components are totally disconnected and they will not consume the battery power. So friends, this was the simplest way to solve the Nokia 1280 LCD light problem by making only one jumper. It took some minutes to explain but you can make this jumper in just 10 seconds. So Friends, If you like our video. Don’t forget to like, comment ,share and Subscribe. to get such more useful videos on time. Thanks for watching…

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