Nokia 2 – Unboxing & Review in limba romana

Nokia 2 – Unboxing & Review in limba romana

leap Welcome to our YouTube channel My name is today I will present the Nokia 2 phone said Let’s get to a box The phone box is very beautiful And on the side we have the main specifications Of which we can list the battery of 4,100 milliamperes 5-inch screen HD ltps The aluminum construction we have one Step dragon 212 4G LTE and 8 respectively 5 megapixel ABS lit turned on Let’s draw it together This is where we find the phone Sina’s first phone on the DN looks really good has one Successor ledum And over which we will come back immediately For now far We have the theme Documentation of this phone that you preserve It’s pretty scythe And it is available in several languages AIDS Nokian charger and has a total charging power of 2 years What it means to charge your phone battery Change quickly We have a charging and data transfer cable USB Micro USB And a pair of headphones working What is always welcome In the case of a new phone Nokia 2 is a Compact phone And on the back Has the main camera with an 8 megapixel sensor The csd camera is positioned next to the dual flashes From the bottom right he wanted for you And all the back of the phone is complete The other is matt plastic Finger-resistant We got the phone and on the front we have a front camera with a 5 megapixel sensor The sensors for brightness and proximity and the pen and branding notes Nokian who is And on the side of The screen measures 5 inches diagonally not even a 1280 resolution With 720 pixels The phone is surrounded by a metal frame and on the right we have the On8 button Together with the volume rocker In the upper area we have the 3.5 mm Jack connector For headphones Secondary background noise canceling microphone And two cuts for antennas At the bottom we have the microusb corrector for uploading and transferring data And the main microphone The entire back of this phone is removable Open immediately Cover To access my Car SIM 1 Car SIM 2 What is a hybrid What makes it possible to add a microSD card Unfortunately, the phone’s battery can not be detached Your phone is running Android 7.1 The point At the top To resonate for Cigarettes and pidon comment And in the lower part there is Water drawer Applications And also virtual navigation buttons The last of the operation in the EU was given reason Cigarettes Even in the AnTuTu Synthetic Test on the phone you managed to get the modest score of 24,000 758 points The whole side In the geekbench test 4 The single-hand test was successful And take out 428 Seven points It’s in the multicor test Points Nokia 2 runs on a qualcomm snapdragon 212 chipset that will run with a Quad processor Corci at any time up to 1.3 GB Graphical taxpayer We have a 304 adreno And one gigabytes of RAM As long as there is a 8GB internal memory available, Memory that can be expanded by adding a microSD card up to 128GB But for more autonomy than the decent MSI Da Nokian included and a generous De Battery One hundred million hours Conclusion Nokia 2 is a phone with some specifics Erotic modest A very well-optimized operating system But being said I thank you for your attention and I invite you to check the description for more information and only Here are the subscribers who have not already done so As soon as possible I do live on Pictures with the bag

23 thoughts on “Nokia 2 – Unboxing & Review in limba romana

  1. Primu

  2. Nu se merita sa.l cumperi

  3. La 1 gb ram nu merita cumparat….

  4. Op

  5. Al 100 like

  6. Vezi aici pretul la Nokia 2
    Vrei sa faci parte din echipa noastra? Aplica aici:

  7. ce voce si ce accent enervant ai…………………………………

  8. Ba putelor vedeți că e bun telefonul ce știți voi mă 🙄🙄🙄😤

  9. E bun telefonul merge fb

  10. Încărcător de 2 amperi?! Ce pana mea??

  11. Ba lache, nu mai sunt facute in Finlanda. Ai belit ochii aia pe cutie hotule?

  12. era frumos sa inventați un samsung care se face si dapletă si telefon

  13. Finlandez aici este doar numele. Proprietarul brandului este chinez

  14. mai bine Robert

  15. Eu l-am luat si merge bine multumit

  16. Am și eu acest telefon și sunt foarte mulțumit de el😀

  17. eu tot am

  18. Roses are red
    Vialotes are blue
    The title iş English
    So you must be too

  19. Eu l-am cumpărat și sunt foarte mulțumită de Nokia 2 , culoarea lui este albă și bateria tine toată ziua!👌👍👍👍👏

  20. asta e mai mult reclama decat review

  21. Am si eu unul pe negru e cel mai prost telefon👎😠😕

  22. Probleme baterie si soft

  23. Telefonul este foarte slab
    Ce imi place la acest telefon este durata bateriei
    Se incinge repede
    logoul de pe carcasa telefonului sa dezlipit dupa cateva săptămâni
    Dupa patru săptămâni telefonul nu mai primea apeluri sau mesaje
    Tastatura funcționează doar cand vrea
    Se blocheaza des
    Nu il recomand nimănui

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