Nokia 230 2015 better then NOKIA 3310 (2017) | Feature phone comparision

Nokia 230 2015 better then NOKIA 3310 (2017) | Feature phone comparision

Hello today we are going to compare two feature
phones The nokia 230 and The new Nokia 3310, which has been relaunched
recently i just bought the Nokia 230 and Later in this video you will see unboxing Let’s check out some side by side comparision so keep watching and see you next time [Music]

47 thoughts on “Nokia 230 2015 better then NOKIA 3310 (2017) | Feature phone comparision

  1. very good brother I like the 2017 one better

  2. Keep up the good work, thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. Awesome!

  4. Great comparison video!! I really like you intro, very nice 🙂

  5. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  6. Damn they made 3310 2017 😮 :O BTW Nokia 230 seem to be a very decent mobile.

  7. Great video, i had a nokia 3310 long time ago, best phone ever with snake xD
    Thanks for the shoutout at the end, i appreciate that bro

  8. awesome

  9. phone looks promising. I definitely want to get the Nokia again

  10. NICE video!! very informative and perfectly done!

  11. very good video. good info

  12. Great video! Just subscribed can you please do the same for me

  13. Nokia 230 rocks!!! Awesome:D!! LIKED and totally SUBSCRIBED!!!

  14. hey dude

  15. Nice vdo

  16. Thanks for this information. Thumbs up.

  17. WOW!! THAT NOKIA 3310 phone is so tidy :)) Hey I saw my face at the end :)) Thank you my friend :)) I will do the same for you my friend 🙂

  18. The new Nokia 3310 hasn't really changed (comparison to the 210)

  19. thats crazy 3310 reminds me of the first phone i bought, I wonder if it would last 5+ years like the old one lol

  20. I have nokia 230 looking very nice and comfort. .

  21. I'm curious, we can have the snake from gameloft we see in nokia 3310 on other nokia phones like this Nokia 230, or nokia 150 or 216, or it's just exclusive for the new 3310 and doesn't work on other phones?

  22. wtf! What is this music

  23. music Name Pls.

  24. Ты сука воруешь видео

  25. Series 30+ isn't Symbian…

  26. What a high video quality

  27. Good Work

  28. That is so right.
    Nokia 3310>knockoffs
    Nokia 230>Nokia 3310

  29. Nokia 3310 3g is more better than Nokia 230

  30. Nokia 3310 is older than Nokia 230. Nokia 230 is still 2 years and the Nokia 3310 is 17 years

  31. Can you suggest a cell phone with keys, big screen, and big letters? I want to give it to my father who does not see well the small letters.

  32. Great as always my friend! Thanks for sharing!

  33. Nice..

  34. Excellent video, thank you for this job. Have a good day!

  35. is nokia a good phone brand would you say?

  36. ada fitur whatsappnya ga bang nokia 230?

  37. एक हारा हुआ जुआरी Nokia।

  38. 230 is 2g
    3310 is 4g

  39. Vedio super

  40. which is better

  41. They are just too different.. Nokia 3310 is funny but looks cheap, Nokia 230 looks like 2000 retro style but at the same time very modern.. Instead of the 230 i would get the 150, that looks like an 90s calculator.. 😀

  42. 230♥️

  43. Где русские?с хрена ли название на русском?иностранцы что, не видят этого?

  44. call recording able able?

  45. there are any option of call recording?

  46. 3310 is best

  47. don't use white background

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