Nokia 2720 Fold

Nokia 2720 Fold

Nokia 2720 Fold. An entry-level clamshell phone costing just
€55 before tax and subsidy, the Nokia 2720 Fold is aimed primarily at emerging markets,
but the handset’s good looks will probably appeal elsewhere too. The mirrored exterior of the 2720 Fold covers
a fairly basic but practical phone. There’s a 1.8″ 128 x 160 pixel internal display plus
a smaller external screen, a 1.3 megapixel camera, MP3 ringtones and an FM radio. The
2720 Fold also integrates with Ovi Mail, it has an email client and web browser plus Bluetooth. One of the ideas with Ovi Mail is that users
can sign up on the phone without having to use a computer, which makes it just about
practical to use a handset like the Nokia 2720 as the only email-connected device that
you need. In some regions, the 2720 will ship with Nokia
Life Tools which will allow the phone access to useful information services without the
need for web access. There are two dual-band variants of the 2720
depending on market, a 900 / 1800 MHz version and an 850 / 1900 MHz variant. Both support
GPRS and EDGE data, but of course there’s no 3G support. Maximum talktime is around
5 hours plus about 16 days standby time. Although this is a very glossy and attractive
looking device, it is a really basic one. The dual-screen design and good looks come
at a price, and although €55 won’t break the bank for many customers it does seem that
the 2720 introduces a little bit of luxury into Nokia’s entry-level lineup. Nokia say that the 2720 should be available
during Q3 2009 in Black and Deep Red colour schemes.

24 thoughts on “Nokia 2720 Fold

  1. cool

  2. nice ..

  3. Nice Mobile , but it does not have memory card slot , only has 32 mb onboard memory !

  4. ok which should i get? this nokia2720 or the nokia 1661?
    and is the nokia 2720 a good fone?

  5. i have one…but no memory card…

  6. got one for chanukah(did i alredy say dat?)

  7. no i didnt, sooooooooooooooo chek my channel around 2:30 to see my mini movie

  8. i ment to give dat a thumbs up, but seriusly how do u put on da music?

  9. adding more comments, aint i a stinker?

  10. even more

  11. suks 4 u

  12. yes its awsome, but i got restricted from mine LOL

  13. @depthsofsleep08 the different is the speed

  14. Good handset for me. Small to handle. i dont like those touchy screens bulky,
    Lets say, i had:

    1. iPhone touch
    2. Sony 13 MP digital camera and video
    3. Data Enclosure
    4. Ill buy this one 2720

    so who cares without MP3 music?
    listening to music while disturb by your text messages? crappp!
    taking pictures which need nokia PC suite?

    but most likely, i like the tiny menu of 2720. LOL

  15. @jacknickhole yeah i have one so i would know…

  16. @jacknickhole yes

  17. I'm curious about the quality of the speakers.. Obviously it doesn't do much but at least I'd like to hear a very clear phone call when using it. Any experiences?

  18. I can't open the thing to put in my sim card. I try pushing he cover forward but it doesn't . Can I hit it?

  19. I have it and I hate it.

  20. how do I download photos to my computer

  21. how can i make hard rest to my phone nokia 2720

  22. Nokia 2720 welcome back 😄

  23. 🇦🇿🇹🇷

  24. Already has a new version of this phone, nokia2720 flip

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