Nokia 3310 4G Hands-on Experience (by @baidunokibar )

Nokia 3310 4G Hands-on Experience (by @baidunokibar )

Hello everyone, I’m ADAI from @baidunokibar At the end of last month, HMD Global released the long-rumored Nokia 3310 4G I will briefly share my hands-on experience of the Nokia 3310 4G over the last few days in this video The overall design style of Nokia 3310 4G is same with the Nokia 3310 2G with a few small differences The length, width and thickness are approximately 1mm longer than the 2G version The dimension is same with the 3G version, which is not available in China market. The main reason is that the 4G version supports more network bands.
(TD-LTE Band 38/39/40/41 TD-SCDMA Band 34/39) The printed circuit board (PCB) and antennas are more complicated than 2G version Hence the speaker on the back moved from the top to the bottom next to the main antenna Camera and LED flash are slightly moved upwards Which is located next to the 4G diversity and Wi-Fi antennas The headphone jack on the bottom side is also moved to the top side, leaving space for the main antenna The 4G version feels bloated than the 2G version The build quality is slightly worse than the 2G version with more noticeable and non-uniform gap between the body and backcover As for the Operating System, three versions of Nokia 3310 4G/3G/2G are totally different The 2G version is based on MediaTek platform, using Nokia S30+ interface The 3G version uses FeatureOS. I do not know anything about that. The 4G version uses Alibaba’s YunOS, customized for feature phone by Spreadtrum. YunOS is also commonly used in other China Mobile customized 4G feature phones in China However, HMD and FIH made massive UI changes on the basis of original YunOS making everything similar to Nokia S30+ style On the homescreen, the 4G version removes shortcuts of navigation buttons Left function button changed to family quick dial On the applist, the 4G version currently only supports 3×3 icon arrangement while the 2G version supports 4×4 icons, 3×3 icons and list arrangement and can display the background wallpaper on the applist A delightful improvement of the 4G version is that the Chinese font is no longer the old-fashioned Simsun/宋体 contributing to much more modern look The differences of preloaded apps between the two phones are more noticeable The contacts on the 4G version are bigger and clearer But it seems that users cannot change the grey default avatar Gallery and albums on 4G version are more smartphone-like The 2G version can only display gallery after given a single folder directory. As for Messaging, the 4G version support yellow pages, which is a quite common feature on smartphones It automatically marks the sender of China Mobile’s notification SMS as “China Mobile customer service” Both 4G and 2G version support conversational messaging The 4G version preloads iFlytek IME It’s quite easy to input Chinese phrases and English words But it can be cumbersome if you have to type English a-z letters and proper nouns with mixed case The IME only supports full uppercase words and full lowercase words Initial capitalization is not supported It’s very difficult to type “Nokia” for example First you should type a capital N, and then switch to lowercase, and then type o, k, i, a, one by one Thanksfully, I think most users of 3310 4G will not use this phone to send many text messages The only scene that can not escape is typing Wi-Fi password when first time connecting to Wi-Fi Both of 3310 4G and 2G version support FM radio, but headset is needed to be used as an antenna Calendars on both versions are very similar, supporting Chinese lunar calendar The 4G version comes with a Alibaba’s Xiami Music as default music app, supporting local and online song list The app recently recommended two online songs lists which are both related to square dance musics composed for elders The app has a serious drawback: It lacks basic features including music progress display and fast forward and rewind It only supports play/pause, next song and previous song. Very difficult to use The cameras on both 4G and 2G versions are 2 megapixel fixed focus The UIs are quite different The 4G version (YunOS)’s camera UI is much more modern, similar to smartphones After using the Nokia 3310 4G for about a week, I find the battery life is not as good as expected Standby with 4G, Wi-Fi and VoLTE all ON, a few spam messages received and screen off on most of time, the battery life can only reach about two and a half days I think the main reason is that the YunOS is too bloated for a feature phone and the Spreadtrum SC9820A dual-core SoC used in Nokia 3310 4G is also closer to the level of smartphones So even with the same BL-4U 1200mAh battery, the standby time of the 4G version is much shorter than the 2G version of pure feature phone Long press the # key will invoke the notification and shortcut switch interface Divided into two tabs, the interface is very like the notification center on Nokia X2 which is based on Android 4.3 Currently there are only five switches and screen brightness adjustment Lacking the shortcut of Wi-Fi hotspot. I hope it can be added soon I think there are two most important user scenarios of 4G feature phones First is 4G VoLTE HD voice calls, and the second is Wi-Fi hotspot China Mobile launched VoLTE services in 2015/2016 Compared to the traditional 2G/3G calls, VoLTE calls connect 100% faster VoLTE calls have clearer voice, and can exist together with data conection Now, let’s listen to two call recordings which are recorded on Nokia 3310 4G with VoLTE on and off respectively… Obviously, VoLTE call has much better voice quality than regular 2G/3G calls Wi-Fi hotspots feature does not have shortcut button or shortcut switch now Can be only accessed by entering Settings from applist, and then select the second item Then press center button. It is quite inconvenient I connect my newly purchased Microsoft Surface Book 2 with Nokia 3310 4G’s Wi-Fi hotspot and find a website to test the network speed of Nokia 3310 4G’s 4G and Wi-Fi After testing in urban areas where LTE Cat.4 network exist but LTE Cat.6 or above network does not exist the network speed of the Nokia 3310 4G is close to my daily driver Nokia 8 It does not have any issue to achieve basic LTE Category 4 data rate (depend on network conditions) The Nokia 3310 4G does not support Category 6 or above LTE network with Carrier Aggegration. Potential buyers of Nokia 3310 4G should never think of browsing the web or using third party apps on it The Nokia 3310 4G does not support installation of third-party applications by default Neither of .apk of Android and J2ME of previous feature phone work So we can not use popular apps such as Whatsapp, Line, etc. Finally, I want to talk about the bad user experience of the preloaded Alibaba’s UC browser It’s extremely difficult to use The control of mouse cursor and scroll page through navigation buttons can not take effect at the same time To browse a webpage, users need to constantly switch between the scroll page mode and the mouse cursor mode The default browser and UC browser of Nokia N73 I used 12 years ago is even better than Nokia 3310 4G When browsing this photo news the 3310 4G can only access the first photo, cannot move to next photo The icons and texts on the start page are too small to see clearly Hence the 3310 4G is unsuitable for the elderly as well If you are a Nokia fans, have a China Mobile SIM card and have not bought Nokia 3310 2G before and can find local China Mobile shops which sell Nokia 3310 4G Then I recommended to buy it However if you have bought Nokia 3310 2G or 3G version before or do not have China Mobile SIM card It is not recommended to buy It is better to wait for HMD Global’s next reborn QWERTY feature phone around the corner Above is my full week hands-on experience of the Nokia 3310 4G Thank you for watching, welcome to follow me and join @baidunokibar. Bye bye

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  7. Thank you so much for making this video and adding subtitles in English.I'm from Europe and I couldnt wait to see review of the phone,but after seeing this video,I think that I wouldnt buy this phone(I already have the 3g variant of this phone).Again really good video!

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