Nokia 3310 Change Menu View and Create Shortcut Go To Menu List

Nokia 3310 Change Menu View and Create Shortcut Go To Menu List

Hi this is Rob I am going to show you how
to change your menu view from this 3 by 3 grid view to this 4 by 4 grid view or to this
list view which is my favorite. And I will also show you how to set up Nokia’s
Go To shortcut menu. Go to the Main Menu by pressing the center
button. These are the icons for the different features
of the Nokia 3310. The icons are currently set up as a 3 by 3
Grid View, 3 icons across by 3 icons down. You can change this configuration. Choose this Options by pressing the top of
the Left Button. You can change it to a 4 by 4 Grid View or
a list view. I’ll choose the 4 by 4 Grid View. Press the center button. Here is the 4 by 4 Grid view of the Nokia
Main Menu. As you scroll through the icons, up here in
the upper left will indicate what that menu icon represents. I am going to go back to Options. Then choose the List View. List View is my personal favorite because
all I need to do scroll up or scroll down to navigate through the icons. I am going to go back to the main Nokia screen. Now I am going to show you the Shortcut Go
To Menu. On the phone’s main screen you can see Go
To right here on the bottom left. I will go to go to. Then you see a list of items. This is a type of shortcut to go to areas
of the phone that you use the most, or things that you do with the phone the most. You can customize this list by adding or deleting
items and order the list anyway you want it. So if there is an area of the phone you go
to the most, you can place that item up top. For example, if you want to quickly adjust
the ring volume. Select ring volume and press choose. When done adjusting, press Choose. This may not be an item you want to place
on your Go To List. I have not customize my Go To List yet and
these items were the default items on the Nokia. I’ll go back and back again to the Nokia
main screen. To customize this list, go to the main menu,
go to Settings, and go down to Go to settings. Then press Choose. You have Choose Options and Oranise. The Choose options, is where you can choose
what items you want on your Go To List. I am going to Choose the Choose Options. There will be a list of all the items that
you can choose to go on your Go To List. The items that have a check mark next to them
are items that are already on your Go To List. Put things in there that you think you will
use the most. Scroll down and find items, an item that you
mark press the Mark button, which is the center button. You can also unmark items to take them off
of your Go To List. I am just going to go through and mark and
unmark some stuff. After you choose what you want on your Go
To List, press the Done here. Save Changes, yes. Changes saved. Now you can organized the order that the items
appear on your Go To List by going here in Organise. Select the item you want to move, and press
the center button for Move. Then you can scroll up or down for these options,
Move up, Move down, Move to top, and Move to bottom. I will go to Move Up and select the center
button for move. Now it moved up Alarm Clock up one place. I’ll press the move button again. And select Move to Top. Now it Moved the Alarm Clock to the Top of
my Go To List. So you can move the item around where you
want it. After you completed the order that you want,
Go Back and press yes to save the changes. I will go back to the main Nokia screen. I will go to my Go To List. Go down to Alarm Clock. Press Choose. Here is where you can Set one of your alarms. I have a video about all the features of the
Nokia 3310 Alarms and you can watch it in the link below for my Nokia PlayList. I will go back to the main Nokia screen. Ok that is it, that is how to change your
main menu and to customize your Nokia Go To Shortcut list. If you like this video please give it a thumbs
up and please subscribe to this channel.

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