Nokia 5.1 Plus (X5) Vs Huawei Y7 Prime 2019 Camera Comparison Review

Nokia 5.1 Plus (X5) Vs Huawei Y7 Prime 2019 Camera Comparison Review

Hey guys it’s Eric here and this is a camera
comparison between the Huawei Y7 Prime 2019 and the Nokia 5.1 Plus aka X5. On the front, the Nokia X5 has an 8 megapixel
camera on its notch while the Y7 Prime’s dew drop notch houses a 16 megapixel camera
with flash. On the back, the Nokia X5 spots a 13 + 5 Megapixel camera while the Y7 prime
2019 uses a 13+ 2 megapixel AI camera. Both with flash. Now lets jump right into it.Starting
with the primary camera. We get higher contrast levels on the photo shot on the Y7 Prime 2019,
we get deeper blacks, blues and reds. When you take a portrait photo, you get similar
depth sensing capabilities on both. The photo shot on the Nokia X5 is a lot more contrasty
and more saturated than the huawei Y7 Prime’s photo. My shirt looks nicer on the X5’s
photo but the skin tone is kinda reddish. Now i tweeted this photo and a lot of people
prefer the reddish skin tone which i cannot argue with. It may be more attractive to the
average eye even though it isn’t anywhere near true to real life. I must say that the photos produced by the
primary cameras of both are really impressive under good lighting. The Y7 Prime got richer
blacks and blues while the Nokia X5 got deeper greens, purples and anything related to red. When it comes to the selfies, i think they
both deliver crispy photos. Photo shot on the Nokia X5 has a warmer while the Y7 Prime’s
photo is more natural looking. The Y7 Prime has slightly better image quality when you
zoom in. Only the Nokia X5 has portrait mode for the front which is software based. In terms of high dynamic range, i think the
Nokia X5 is doing a much better job and also in retaining the details when you zoom in.
The Y7 Prime does have the AI mode which makes everything appear more appealing. In this indoor selfie, the photo shot. Huawei
Y7 Prime does appear to have more details but the skin tone of the Nokia X5’s photo
looks better to me.Here, the photo shot on the Nokia X5 appears brighter but not nearly
as detailed as the photo shot on the Y7 prime 2019
In low light, the selfie camera of the Huawei Y7 Prime is brighter and more detailed. I
think the Nokia X5 isn’t ideal for night time selfies coz with screen flash on, the
photo shot on the Nokia X5 does appear really grainy. As you already know, Y7 prime does
spot an LED flash for the selfie camera. Using the back camera with flash, we get more
natural looking colors on the Y7 Prime and it’s more detailed when you zoom in.They
both shoot videos in 1080P but neither have an image stabilization. On the front, they
both shoot videos in 720P. From the looks of it, the Nokia X5 does have
a really decent primary camera that takes really good photos under good lighting conditions
and is better when it comes to high dynamic range but the Huawei Y7 Prime’s camera produces
natural colors most of the time + it does a better job when your light source isn’t
ideal. Let me know which you think has a better camera overall in the comments.
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41 thoughts on “Nokia 5.1 Plus (X5) Vs Huawei Y7 Prime 2019 Camera Comparison Review

  1. Notification gang 💙

  2. #NotificationSquad🏆*Which smartphone do you think has a better camera overall?*

  3. Awesome camera comprision as always

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  5. Both phones performed nicely, but Huawei Y7 Prime 2019 is way better.

  6. I prefer the camera on the Y7 prime 2019

  7. More videos on 5.1+ pls

  8. 5.1+ has eis on both front and rear cameras

  9. I Prefer the Y7 prime camera 📸. Awesome video

  10. The saturation on the X5 front camera can be really annoying sometimes but overall I think it's pleasant especially on some shots

    Also the speaker sounds less noisy and footage is more stable on the X5 than the Huawei
    Aside that
    I think the Huawei did a better job
    Great video

  11. Huawei had better the better front camera, while the Nokia's rear camera was better

  12. I saw my Twitter comment
    I'm touched
    Nice comparison

  13. What a good comparison, am always counting on you

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  15. nice video bro 😊👍

  16. I think the huawei Y7 prime 2019 takes the cake..Uhhm Eric, I couldn't find the huawei Y7 prime 2019 on the link you left,they kept giving me other huawei phones,I would appreciate your help though…. By the way nice video,you always deliver the best of them…👊👊👊

  17. I pick x5, it's more stable Dan y7 wen it comes to video recording, x5 front camera sucks at night. Bt I can leave with dat, wish it had front flash

  18. I'll choose the Huawei as the overall winner

  19. Nokia has a better audio

  20. I ordered y7 prime since last week and jumia refuse to deliver ooo.. Help

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  24. I startdd experiencing screen freezing after 4 days of purchasing the phone. Upgraded Android 9 pie. Any solution please?

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  29. thanks for the comparison bro, amazing video.pls can u give a speed test

  30. I think i prefer the darker representation of colour by the Nokia X5.
    Y7 does great with selfies.

  31. Huawei Y7 Prime 2019 wins it for me

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  34. I go with the huawei Y7 any time, any day. I love the good works you have been doing here. I am so proud of you, Mr. Eric. I made some for you and your brand, and I pray you love it. Please be sure to let me know where to send you a link to get the file. Thank you.

  35. @ 2:43 The Nokia has Electronic Image Stabilization on both Front and rear cameras, from your comparison vid that's why its less shaky than y7 prime…
    more love bro

  36. Huawei had a better selfie camera, Nokia's primary camera was better, so I'll say it's a draw. But I'll definitely pick the Huawei because I take more selfies😄

    Love the smooth flow of your review from one salient feature to the other 👌

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