Nokia 5140i (2005)

Nokia 5140i (2005)

Nokia 5140i.
Announced April 2005. Designed to be more rugged than a standard
mobile phone, the Nokia 5140i was resistant to bumps, water and dust ingress and followed
on from the Nokia 5140 and Nokia 5100 handsets. Although most of the functions were that of
a very simple Nokia phone, the 5140i also sported a flashlight and a digital compass
and thermometer, both of questionable reliability. It had an FM radio, but no music player and
only a basic 0.3 megapixel camera. But one thing that put the 5140i ahead of
pretty much every phone was its support for NFC and RFID tags through an optional shell.
Back then the actual uses of NFC were unclear, and to be honest the situation hasn’t changed
that much today. To a large extent NFC has always been a solution looking for a problem. The durability and simplicity of the 5140i
made it rather popular, and if you collect such things then they are freely available
today with prices ranging between about €35 to €70 depending on condition. There are
far more durable handsets on the market however, but the 5140i is still a practical classic
for people who just want
a phone.

2 thoughts on “Nokia 5140i (2005)

  1. Do u have this model for sale?

  2. Haha, mine is still alive and well! Just had the loudspeaker replaced, works like a champ! Apart from a crappy camera by today's standards this phone fullfills all my demands, love it!

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