Nokia 6 (2018) – 9 Reasons Why You SHOULD & SHOULD NOT Buy || Pros & Cons || Tech cones

Nokia 6 (2018) – 9 Reasons Why You SHOULD & SHOULD NOT Buy || Pros & Cons || Tech cones

Hi. In this video, I am going to tell 9 reasons
why you should and shouldn’t buy Nokia 6. So, let’s get started. First, let’s talk about the pros of this phone. The first is that the Build quality is excellent
at this price point, Nice 1920 by 1080 display, Android Nougat is basically stock, Good battery
life, Good price and value and Decent speakers. The second is that this phone comes with a
High-quality case, many LTE bands, dual-SIM slot, Android 7 point 1, fingerprint sensor,
good 16 MP camera, bright Full HD display, long battery life and low heat development. The third is that The Nokia 6’s slick metal
jacket looks great, giving this affordable phone the lustre of a more premium handset. The fourth is that it has a Goodlooking screen,
with solid color and detail reproduction, Camera sensor pulls in good lighting in lowlight
and HDR, Solid feel, Dual speakers with Dolby sound aid video and audio experience, App
switching is snappy and Quick and accurate fingerprint scan. The fifth is that it has a Large display,
Metal body and Low price. The sixth is that it has an Excellent Nokia
build-quality running Android, Dual-SIM is perfect for those who carry a work and personal
phone or who travel, Large battery and great camera. You can pay an extra 50 dollars to
remove ads. The seventh is that it has a Gorgeous style,
Super premium build, Great price, Excellent audio via Dolby Atmos, Stereo speakers, Good
display for the price, Latest version of Android, Stock looking skin with lots of features,
Split-screen multi-tasking and great RAM management. The eighth is that it has an Impressive design,
Gorgeous display, Latest and pure version of Android and Good battery life. The nineth is that the Design and Build quality
is amazing, and it has a Good display. You get Monthly security updates. Now, let’s talk about the cons or the disadvantages
of this phone. The first is that it has Some laggy performance,
Screen suffers in very bright conditions and Fingerprint sensor is sort of gimped with
lock screen ads. The second is that it has No USB Type-C connection,
USB-2.0 speed only, display has a blue tint and not all games run smoothly on this phone. The third is that The underpowered processor
makes the phone sometimes frustrating to use. The fourth is that the Camera has a tendency
to let in movement in regular shooting mode. Regular shooting mode has some trouble with
dynamic range, specifically bright areas. The sixth is that it has Incessant ads, Lousy
camera and Unpolished design. The seventh is that this phone Uses a microUSB
port rather than Type C, If you are a heavy gamer, the processor may not be quite fast
enough for you. The eighth is that it has Slow performance,
Can’t play many 3D games and the Camera can be very slow. The nineth is that the camera performance
is inconsistent, No fast charging and it has Average performance. If you did like this video, then please subscribe
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6 thoughts on “Nokia 6 (2018) – 9 Reasons Why You SHOULD & SHOULD NOT Buy || Pros & Cons || Tech cones

  1. Turn on the captions for a good experience

  2. Have type C

  3. No good battery life. Bad camera. No many options in settings menu. Only two good things. Nokia name and gorilla glass 3. My advice don't buy Nokia 6 if you are not a heavy duty worker……

  4. Wait, what do you mean that the processor is, subpar? Snapdragon 630 bruh.

  5. Seriously, you're the worst.

  6. Good phone I'm using it it has type c for fast charging

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