Nokia 6 (2018) or nokia 7 plus – Which one i Should take ?

Nokia 6 (2018) or nokia 7 plus – Which one i Should take ?

hello and welcome guys this is nokia
6 2018 version and this is Nokia 7 plus so Nokia has just released this device
in India including silicon but sudoko I don’t have right now so these devices I
have right now in my hand so we’re going to talk about this device and let’s see
what we can find and Nokia 6 2018 version cost 16,999 and Nokia 7
plus cost 25,999 actually I guess this price long before and it’s
almost similar before go further about these two devices I just want to let you
know this is the device I just unbox in Instagram so if you want to know which
device it is follow me on Instagram link on the description below and this is a
device I am doing unboxing on YouTube platform for the very first time so go
and check it on Instagram and ROS both of this devices front glass and
aluminium body but this one has copper coating over here on the side and it
also has little bit but it’s really narrow line over here with duct copper
so here copper is more yeah really less and you can see the thickness over here
Nokia 7 is really really thick over here but it has a little bit more camera bump
if you can see over here so Nokia 7 plus has a little bit more camera bump than
Nokia 6 it has 5.5 inch of screen 80s to 90s pet ratio device and it has chunky
buzzers as you can see it has really thick muscles and on the other hand
Nokia 7 plus is eager to flaunt its beauty with six inch of display and it
is through 9 aspect ratio both of these devices are having Corning Gorilla Glass
3 Nokia 6 2018 version has Qualcomm
Snapdragon 630 processor and Nokia 7 plus has qualcomm snapdragon 616
processor and a Nokia 6s Adreno GPU 5:08 and Nokia 7 plus has Adreno GPU 5:1 – so
this is a little bit powerful GPU of course Nokia 6 has 16 megapixel back
camera and Nokia 7 plus has 12 megapixel and 13 megapixel back camera but when I
talk about the back camera and lochia 6 back camera is far far far better with
4k resolution it’s really amazing but and Nokia 7 plus has far better front
camera if you want to check the videos or comparison test about these devices
you will find the video into my disc or into my video list please check there
you will find so many videos regarding to devices so here comes to the point
Nokia 7 + has 16 megapixel front camera and Nokia 6 as 16 megapixel back camera
Nokia 6s also audio with two mic and Nokia 7 + has also audio with three mic
I find two mics one is here on the back side another on is here but I didn’t
find the third one maybe it could be here or somewhere else hidden both of
these devices are having USB C port with non-removable 3000 milliamp hour battery
on Nokia 6 2018 version and 3800 million per battery on Nokia 7 flash and both
everything basically I cleared in front of you regarding both of these devices
and if you miss any video for example any comparison test and torture test
with these device and other camera comparison test or suite test you will
find the video into my video list please check you will be clarified with
everything what you need to know regarding this devices so you will get
every information regarding both of these devices if you want to know and if
you want to know which device is this please follow me on Instagram because
this is the device I am bringing on YouTube platform for the very first time
so don’t forget to subscribe see you in my next videos till then take care and
peace in

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