Nokia 6 hands on review

Nokia 6 hands on review

I’m from account and I’ve got the new nakia six it’s not his new phone yet look here at back its the top end of day 3 affordable phone just launching at nwc this year and we’re going to take a quick look we’re going to tell you all about the not here 6 has a 5.5 inch full HD display a Snapdragon 430 processor three gig of ram search to Jacob I of internal storage and comes in four colors and it’s running Android not window side and bearing the nokia name notice it’s not full aluminium body was really nice and premium in that hand it sits comfortably enough as well it’s not overly grippy decided quite slick but it is a really nice finish and considering it’s going to be around 249 Yolo you’re getting a lot of bang for your buck in terms of design here nokia spent a lot of attention and time on the look of the exponent n abandon a column axonal push like the top and the bottom of the risk to give you an almost uninterruptedly random Union back the fat side don’t get an tonight is rounded edges in a hand for the silver comfortable device overall you’ve got a home button which doubles as a fingerprint scanner and another really nice feature on a cheapish not find the back key and your multitasking school as well they’re they’re all very responsive the screen at night and night and ryan hmd nokia were very keen to take how they’ve done a lot of work on making it a really bright interactive screen and it does look really nice stuff it’s quick and it’s clear enjoyed they kept it to deform it’s running the latest version android and seven and they have not added anything they’re not gonna be heavy over later with a fear that maybe we leave the return of the Dead launcher which was an interesting option of nach you withhold the skin android actually they stay true to form and have just given you the stock google experience including all of googles apps there’s no additional preloads here which is really nice to think it’s nice and clean it’s quick and gives you pretty much a blank slate to start with from and you can hop into the play store and just grab the apt you really want it’s worth noting that the hockey sticks we’re using is running free production software that’s not running a time most optimized everyone the camera hasn’t been fully optimized either but the interface is very simple it’s clean each do shots we do it quick so the cameras on the phone you get an 8-megapixel on the front and around the back there’s a 16 megapixel sensor with an LED flash which is really nice touch from our quick move it seems very good but there is still work to be done in terms of software optimization in terms of where you can get hold of the nokia c6 the saying q2 of this year so that anytime between sort of 84 q so there you have it that is the nokia c6 and nice-looking affordable smartphone really premium designers and decent specs on paper at least we can’t wait to have you ever see how it performs and if you’re into your nokia and you remember a certain phones that looks a bit like this then you want to watch our video all about this brand new nokia 3310 don’t forget to Like don’t forget to subscribe at comment let me know what you think knockings back that’s nice feeling and for now

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  1. if nokia were to have adopt android at the first place, there may not be the rise of samsung.
    but better late than never

  2. Do any one have idea about ….When we will get Nokia 6 in India…??

  3. Gonna go for this one i think look amazing phone.

  4. This would be probably my next phone.

  5. Surprised that no one noticed the thumbnail had '1337' in the phone clock.

  6. I tried Hangouts, but I use Skype instead.

  7. is it good to have mobile with non-removable battery??????

  8. im soo happy for them

  9. godlike build qualitiy tho

  10. buy buy windows phone =P…AND GOOD RIDDENS

  11. Is there type C in any particular model?

  12. try to bend it you will not regret its durability

  13. Do they sell Nokia 6 in England

  14. Nokia almost pulled a OnePlus, if only it had better specs inside. But still, they nailed it !

  15. Look like Zenbook 3

  16. better be bulletproof like the previous Nokia phone

  17. Right.. so how does the camera perform in the final production? Thats the only thing I care about

  18. bring symbian back

  19. How did you get Google Play store on that phone? I try to but it from various vendors and all said Play store not compatible.

  20. Snapdragon 430 is unforgivable.

  21. is snapdragon 430 bad???

  22. where to buy

  23. Every Nokia smartphone running Android that's flying off the shelves are little fuck yous to Microsoft for almost driving the brand face down off a cliff.

  24. I'm ready to see what the Nokia 9 is gonna look like guys

  25. Get in.

    This is precisely the pricepoint+power that's missing from the market at the mo. Stock Android is sweet sweet icing on the cake.

  26. There's no way back now Nokia, time for some catching up to do.
    Again, nobody want to know you anymore.

  27. does it have expandable memory?

  28. Expensive :((((

  29. Legends never die

  30. Nokia 6 surely will be my next Android phone, just cannot wait for it to be released in UK market. By the way, a nice and succinct review.

  31. Hope HMD will release a flagship phone either this year or early 2018.Well,either way it is a nice comeback for them but a flagship would really mark their comeback.Nice job HMD Global.I hope that the Nokia 8 or 9 will be their flagship and will remain with the Stock Android OS to compete with the S8.

  32. I want to buy a new smartphone. The nokia 6 or, lumia 950 XL, what do you guys choose?

  33. This phone is a killer in terms of looks but very with very mediocre specifications

  34. its too late King..

  35. this not review, just preview

  36. the sleeping giant awakens

  37. the design of this Nokia looks stolen from Samsung Galaxy A series (2015)

  38. It has play store?

  39. hello TechRadar, i am using lenevo vibe k5 note. lenevo vibe k5 note vs nokia 6??? which is the best phone in your opinion???

  40. 3gb Ram? is it not 4GB??

  41. 13:37

    Nuff said

  42. I'm so gonna buy this !

  43. 10/10 gonna buy this phone.

  44. anyone can help me?? playstore on my nokia 6 cant be access..

    sorry for my english

  45. going to buy nokia 6
    whats ur suggestions

  46. how can google play store instal nokia 6 china version in pakistan ,,,

  47. Bla bla bla… background noise

  48. How much is it? In peso?

  49. Great video!! hats off!

  50. Do companies not even bother to do currency conversions anymore and just change the currency symbols depending on country where the phone is selling?

    It's about $249 usd, so charging 249 euros is way off, like over $300 dollars if they actually bothered to do a conversion.

  51. wow anyone else exited for a possible flagship from them!

  52. wish it had USB c only bad part

  53. I've been wanting for your comeback Nokia ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

  54. Which color is this?? Tempered blue or matte black???????

  55. does it support VoLTE?

  56. bring fast charging, Carl Zeiss camera to the mix and you got an avenger you can not beat!

  57. Is this expandable with SD card? Anyone know?

  58. its entered the market late and with stock android .. i like to see Gallery, Messaging and other apps with looks of nokia symbian design.. but here it comes with stock.. no custom rom..

  59. cast available in Nokia 6?

  60. how to u get this moblie phone.pls tell

  61. Out of 32 gigs How much does the system uses??

  62. i think nokia should've been launched far better specs than this.bcj,this is not the era,when a smartphne is judged only by brand name o durablity.its cost is around almost 26900 bangladeshi taka(almost 360$) which too high for this midrange specs where in this price we get phones like oneplus 3,mi 5 etc… and nokia 6's camera can be beaten by other midrange cameras.i think nokia should make much high end specs phones @much effordable price.

  63. please visit this link. it's Fuqin Nokia 6!!

  64. Don't buy it. Worse than Mokia windows 8. Keeps stopping. Unable to Play Music. Camera Stops SD Cards need formatting so cannot be used on anything else. then don't work. DONT WAST YOUR MONEY

  65. 249 Yolos? Too expensive!

  66. Plz ask me who best phone Moto g5+ vs Nokia 6…?I wet your msg


  68. 13:37 lol… :F

  69. Sir any option to enable/disable dolby atmos??

  70. Anyone know how to change from the slide to view apps to app menu button?

  71. I have the same black dot like on your hand

  72. do you have another black dot on wrist do you have ???

  73. does it have always-on display?

  74. My nxt phone I'm waiting to buy…

  75. Nokia six baby โ—๐Ÿ’ฏ

  76. always had Nokia a few dodgy models old buttons fell off, but felt sad when they got left behind windows lumias were not good with windows platform …….saw the nokia 6 the other day .very good phone for the money and in other reviews in some aspects keeps up with the i phone 7 …….not bad for a phone for two hundred quid .The new Nokia 8 looks good and the 9 that is yet to come even better .Would like to see a nokia 8 in Black colour though .So glad they have upped their game .Will be buying one of these for sure .will see what the budget stretches two .My Nokia Lumia 1020 is still going after about 4 years i think it is .Top phones.

  77. What 'bout camera performance

  78. .nice phone

  79. Is it android phone

  80. I will buy this phone ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

  81. Basically a cheaper iPhone 7 plus that runs a better platform.

  82. That screen and the home button and illuminated keys are identical to my Vodafone smart ultra 7

  83. Perfect festival phone? So a drug dealers phone then?

  84. I Bought Nokia 6. But not good. Full time switch off. Before i love Nokia but now i hate…..

  85. Ive subscribed !!!

  86. i just bought this a week ago, the store representative told me that i can upgrade the OS to Oreo (because it is Noughat, the older one). has anybody tried it? is it worth it? did it cause issues and problems?

  87. Present 2018

  88. What about speakers?

  89. buying the 7 plus in two weeks ๐Ÿ˜€ without any doubt

  90. I don't get it. Sony got a lot of shit for their large bezels but this phone seems to have bezels that are on par with my sony xz, yet I haven't heard a single person complain about that. Strange.

  91. I am a nokia fan… but xiaomi is getting my attention now.. ๐Ÿ˜ข

  92. Some people I know judge you if u have an โ€œoldโ€ phone and if u have an iPhone (expensive( you are cool. I want a Nokia 6 for my next phone so I hope they wonโ€™t judge that I have a Nokia. (They think that Nokia phones all look like the old on3s.)

  93. why would you do a review with all the noise in the background?

  94. I love nokia

  95. nothing about battery?????????

  96. I am happy because nokia is back.
    I love nokia.

  97. I am also use nokia 6

  98. Shallow review

  99. Nokia 6 (Silver, 32GB)

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    Available from these sellers.

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    Android v7.1.1 Nougat OS with Qualcomm Snapdragon 430 octa core processor

    3 GB RAM, 32 GB internal memory and dual-standby (4G+4G) with Micro SD card hybrid support

    3000mAH lithium-ion battery

    Fingerprint scanner, all-metal unibody and NFC enabled, Dual Speakers with dedicated amplifier and Dolby Digital Sound

    1 year manufacturer warranty for device and 6 months manufacturer warranty for in-box accessories including batteries from the date of purchase

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    Technical Details

    OS Android

    RAM 3 GB

    Item Weight 168 g

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    Batteries: 1 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)

    Item model number 6

    Wireless communication technologies Bluetooth, WiFi Hotspot

    Connectivity technologies 3G, 4G, NFC

    Special features Dual SIM, GPS, Music Player, Video Player, FM Radio, Ambient light sensor, eCompass, Hall sensor, Fingerprint sensor, Gyroscope, Proximity sensor, E-mail

    Other camera features 8MP

    Form factor Touchscreen Phone

    Weight 168 Grams

    Colour Silver

    Battery Power Rating 3000

    Whats in the box Handset, Charger, Charging or Data Cable, Headset, SIM Door Key and Quick Guide

  100. Nokia 6 secreat settings

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