Nokia 7.2 Unboxing and Review After 1 Month of Use!

Nokia 7.2 Unboxing and Review After 1 Month of Use!

Hey what’s up guys, it’s Fisayo here and
this is my unboxing and long term review of the Nokia 7.2, it has been my daily driver
for the better part of the month of November now so I feel confident in sharing my opinion
and review on this device, as always I’ll be sharing the pros and cons of using it and
I will provide timestamps in the description and pinned comment of this video so you get
to skip ahead quickly to sections that you want to get informed about. Also I’ll be giving away one Nokia 7.2 so
make sure you’re subscribed to the channel and you have notifications turned on. I will be giving more details about that later
in the video so stick around till the end. Without further ado, let’s get to the review. Opening the box of the Nokia 7.2, we get the
device itself and on it we’ve got the Google Assistant inscription on it. Putting the device aside we get the Sim ejector
tool right beneath it. Pretty standard Nokia stuff. Taking the paper away, the next thing we get
is the rubber case. It feels pretty solid and protective. Beneath that too is the Nokia 7.2 paper work,
product and safety info with the quick start guide. Lastly, we get this cuboid box. Inside it is where we get the 10W charger,
we get headphones that are quite sturdy and not of the in-ear kind. Then we get the USB-C cable. That’s it for everything we get in the box
and now to the device itself. The wrap on it has the colorful Google Assistant
button direction to it showing where the dedicated button lives. Taking that wrap off we get the device with
yet another wrap, this time on the screen. Here’s where we see the 48MP camera with
ziess optics inscription, HDR display, 3,500 mAh battery, and of course because it’s
an Android One device, up to 3 years of software updates. Taking that wrap off the screen shows you
the 6.3 inch display panel. Things are actually a bit warmer on the back
with the matte. Actually, very beautiful matte finish to it. It’s so flush from the back to the edges
of the device, almost like nothing I’ve used before and I’d say the Nokia 7.2 does
unibody right. On the top of the Nokia 7.2 is where we get
the microphone and headphone jack, on the right side is where we get the power button
which actually lights up and looks quite nice. Above it is where we get the volume rockers. On the left side, we see the dedicated Google
Assistant button and the slot for the SIM card and the memory card. Taking the tray out, we see it’s an array
for a memory card up to 512GB and 2 nano sims. On the bottom of the device is where we get
the microphone port, USB C port and the nice 2-grille speaker section. In front, we’ve got a 20MP f2.0 sensor on
the front, with Ziess Optics and is capable of HDR shots. Towards the bottom in front, there’s a Nokia
inscription there to remind you which phone you have. Relax, it’s not a Xiaomi it’s a Nokia..
device. On the back, we get the Ziess inscription
on the round camera section. In detail, we’ve got the 48MP wide sensor,
the 8MP ultrawide sensor beside it, and below it is the third 5MP depth sensor, and the
flash by the side. All of those are enclosed in this obvious
camera bump and below that is the fingerprint reader and the Nokia logo. Right at the end is the Android One branding
with the certifications. If you’re a fan of Matte finishes, especially
matte black, then you’d love the Nokia 7.2. It’s not only matte but it’s flush to
the touch. Color options for the Nokia 7.2 are Matte
Green, Silver and Matte Black which is what we have here. It’s not that heavy in the hand, it only
weights 181 grams and when a case is on it, it only goes up by 21 grams to 202 grams and
it’s still quite handy. I like that when it’s on the device it’s
raised in front too and even though it has a case this is the only device I’ve used
without a case as such. On the flip side though the camera protrudes
quite largely and it would rock on a table when the upper corners are touched As far as set up time. It took 1 minute and 30 seconds to set up
the Nokia 7.2. From here we get Android 9. Pretty much pure android with no bloatware. The Nokia 7.2 utilizes a dew drop notch and
in terms of bezels on this guy, it’s got some. Not too much on the side but at the bottom
of course with the Nokia logo. In the display section, there’s something
called Pure Display which basically affects the way colors appear on the smartphone and
you also get a toggle to change SDR to HDR. I couldn’t really tell the difference though. Also, You can’t hide the notch and that’s
a good thing. You can adjust fonts and how big or small
things are on here as well in lists and icons. There’s no conventional dark mode. You can only change the theme of the app drawer
in the display settings. The sort of closest thing to dark mode is
the color inversion in the accessibility settings which inverts all colors on the device. Maybe if it was an OLED display, it would
be nice but it’s not and it kind of messes with the colors of things in a good way actually. Eh…Unless you are probably trying to save
your eyes, I wouldn’t recommend. Oh and you can slide across the fingerprint
reader to trigger the notification “slash” control center part of the device and slide
back to keep it. The left side of the Nokia 7.2 houses the
dedicated Google Assistant Button which for some reason, I don’t find too intrusive
and I didn’t find too useful either. The light on the right side comes on and stays
on when it’s charging, and when it’s idle while there’s a pending notification it
also comes on but it just blinks slowly. I thought that was cool. The Nokia 7.2 is a 6.3 inch LCD display, with
an 83% screen to body ratio. The screen resolution of the Nokia 7.2 is
FHD at 1080 by 2290, 19:9 ratio at a very nice 400 ppi capable of HDR 10 and it’s
all protected by Corning’s Gorilla Glass 3. I feel price may have been a factor if they
made it something like Gorilla Glass 5 just like the Redmi Note 8 which I reviewed earlier. That Note 8 is a bit cheaper than the Nokia
7.2. Other than that it does feel sturdy though. Streaming videos on the Nokia 7.2 was quite
good. YouTube videos are capped at 1080p and with
streaming HDR content where the brightest and darkest parts are solid, some of it is
capped at 1080p 60 FPS and the video quality looked beautiful. Paired with high quality internet and content,
I’d highly recommend. When watching videos on this device or gaming,
of course because it’s a single speaker set up, you would block it unintentionally. It’s not a deal breaker in my opinion, the
sound quality is good enough and yes, there are 2 microphones on this device, on the top
and the bottom so there’s some sort of stereo recording and in terms of sound quality, Here’s
how it sounds: The sound quality in terms of voice is a bit heavy on the lower
frequencies sounding like a low pass filtered sound and may not sound so clear. In terms of the speaker quality though, it
was more on the highs with regards to playback, it wasn’t so loud at all and of course it’s
easily blocked to almost kill the sound completely. Also guys, if you like the songs I use in
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a link below where you can sign up to get 30 days to use the songs you want for free
and improve your creations with it. Alright now to the device. The chipset that the Nokia 7.2 utilizes is
the Snapdragon 660 which is a 14nm chipset. It’s an Octa-core processor and is paired
with the Adreno 512 Graphics chip. Not too many people were fans of this decision
but for a mid-ranger in 2019 while it performed well for my uses, a much faster processor
would have justified the cost. Looking at the gaming capabilities during
my uses, occasional gaming doesn’t stress this device. Out of the box Asphalt and PUBG are set to
medium and you can see obvious pixels in the graphics from asphalt. Changing the graphics settings to high there
are occasional lags and the upper part of the back of the device does get warm to the
touch, it was somewhat significant and got up to 40 degrees which was on the high side
from my tests. Nokia boasts of their exclusive Android One
releases and the Nokia 7.2 follows that trend. With Android One, you are guaranteed to get
3 years of Android Updates, No bloatware and of course security. You will also get quicker software updates. I would say I enjoyed using this device, I
wouldn’t describe the experience as “special” but I feel useful would be the right phrase. My version here comes with 6GB of RAM and
128GB of storage which is the highest one and can be further expanded to 512GB with
a memory card. There’s also a 6GB RAM version with 128GB
of storage and a 6GB RAM version with 64GB of storage. The battery on here is a 3,500 mAh one and
it comes with a 10W charger in the box. My 30 minute gaming session took 10% from
the battery going down from 49% to 39%. In my overall day to day usage, I usually
ended the day having to charge the Nokia 7.2. It’s not the top choice for battery life
if you’re one who leans towards heavy usage like using your device as a hotspot or streaming
content. I used this that way and had to live with
the low battery after daytime was over. Lighter, more optimized use would certainly
serve users well though. When it comes to the charging speed of the
10W charger that came with it. It went from 0 – 30% in 30 minutes and in
another 30 minutes it went from 30% to 63%. Basically, in 1 hour, it went from 0 – 63%
and it took 2 hours and 4 minutes in total to get filled. As far as security goes, the fingerprint took
a little while to get into the main interface and with regards to face unlock, without enough
light, it would struggle quite a bit and take a little time to unlock. At least we get Bluetooth 5.0 on here and
I know I mentioned that there isn’t bloatware but is it Bloatware if it’s Google.. any
way. The Nokia 7.2 comes bundled with Google One
free for 3 months and for those who don’t know, for every Gmail account you create,
you get 15GB free, for business users like some of us, we get 30GB free but Google One
is 100GB, at the cost of 390 Naira per month. Just slightly above a dollar and should be
like 13$ per year, so you can store and sync photos across multiple devices if you have. It’s not for everyone but it’s there,
however the device has 128GB which is somewhat enough unless you probably make videos and
the device even shoots in 4K so this could come in handy. Pricing on the Nokia 7.2 ranges between storage
sizes but mine being the 6GB with 128 option goes for 100,000 or 280 dollars. What are your thoughts on that? On the Nokia 7.2, we’ve got a 20MP f2.0
sensor on the front. The back is where we get the 48MP wide sensor,
the 8MP ultrawide sensor beside it, and below it is the third 5MP depth sensor, and the
flash to the side. Just as I explained earlier. In the camera app, we’ve got Pro mode which
is where we get access to the 48MP sensor, we get portrait mode, photo mode, and video
mode and they both have the switches for wide angle and normal and from what I can tell,
the Nokia Wide angle camera is wider in photo mode than video mode. Then you get Night mode. In the front, you get video mode, Photo mode
and video mode and unlike most cameras, these days you can actually zoom in with the front
camera interface but it’s juts a digital zoom, you get portrait mode and even pro mode. I feel like these options open a lot of possibilities. As far as Selfies, when I tried to take front
facing selfies, the device auto detects my face and suggests I use portrait mode and
a comparison between them is quite interesting to look at. Looking at the selfies taken indoors, they
looked okay in terms of the colors, however, portrait mode in this same space looked abit
washed out, however background blur was still noticeable. In terms of the hierarchy of wide to 2X, wide
angle shots as with many cameras these days, It shoots RAW in the DNG format and each file
is about 16 – 25 MB, basically you can set it that for every normal image there’s a
corresponding RAW image that you can further edit to bring out really nice quality from
the camera. Taking your picture from this to this with
some Lightroom edits I’m not a huge fan of the Night mode on
this camera because it tries to smoothen things out while trying to brighten it up. In terms of video quality, this device has
very vibrant colors at 4K but it was not stabilized in that mode but when you switch it to 1080p
it’s super stabilized and the trade off is the nice color detail that you get which
I think is quite unfair. Basically once you’re in 4K the colors sort
of pops and I thought the footage was quite good and something people could use for recording
something like a vlog for instance. However audio quality on video was great with their OZO audio feature. That’s it for this video guys, what are your thoughts
about the Nokia 7.2, for me, I love the great form factor it has which is why I haven’t
used a case on it. Although, I noticed very tiny scratches on
the camera bump it wasn’t anything noticeable, almost anyone I gave to hold said they liked
the sturdy form factor and that’s a plus. Android One sort of felt a bit limiting as
I still had to get 3rd part apps to do things like screen-record but it’s good that it’s
not heavy loaded with bloatware. Alright, what are your thoughts about the
Nokia 7.2 and is there any question you might have about it or anything you felt I missed,
please let me know in the comments below, let’s have a chat there. Please like this video if you enjoyed it and
don’t forget to subscribe and turn on post notifications, um. For the giveaway all you have to do to win
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on Christmas Day so that’s 4 weeks from now. That is all. Thanks again for watching and I will see you
in the next video.

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