Nokia 7 PLUS Durability Test – is the ‘Ceramic Feel’ for real?

Nokia 7 PLUS Durability Test – is the ‘Ceramic Feel’ for real?

So Nokia’s over here pumping out phones faster
than Taylor Swift goes through boyfriends, and I’m just trying to catch up with all of
them. I have a Nokia 7 from a few months ago, and
a Nokia 7 Plus from 2018 that’s going to be tested today. Since I don’t need the 7 anymore, I’ll be
giving it away over on my Instagram, and I’ll explain more about that at the end of this
video. This black copper Nokia 7 Plus is the one
we’ll be durability testing today. The entire Nokia lineup have all had some
pretty impressive build quality, and the aesthetics of this dual camera black copper device is
pretty sweet. Right out of the box, the phone feels solid
and has what feels like smooth plastic on the back…but there’s only one way to know
for sure. Let’s get started. [Intro] The Nokia 7 Plus is rocking a 6 inch, 18×9
aspect ratio for the display, which makes it the same dimensions as the Google Pixel
2 XL. And it has Gorilla Glass 3 protecting the
surface, which means that during the scratch test we get very faint marks at a level 6
and then scratches at a level 7. Makes me wonder if the Gorilla Glass 3 was
slightly harder than the Gorilla Glass 5. No physical buttons down at the chin of the
phone. My razor is making no marks on the glass as
we move our way up to the 16 megapixel front-facing camera, also protected with that same Gorilla
Glass 3. The earpiece grille is made from a fine screen-like
material and sits just below the surface of the glass. The screen itself is glued in tight and won’t
ever be falling out on it’s own. I have to admit that the black and copper
coloring of this phone is very eye-catching. Nokia says they anodized the aluminum black
twice to get the bold coloring on the sides. Makes me wonder if the inside of the phone
is copper as well. The edges are definitely metal. You can see the silver aluminum under the
anodizing. The color might come off with a drop or ding. The buttons are also metal. And we even have a headphone jack up top. It’s interesting that the premium devices
these days are now skipping the jack, but the cheaper budget phones are keeping it. It’s got a metal SD card tray, which is nice. The OnePlus 6 does not offer expandable memory,
so that’s a bonus for Nokia. Down here at the bottom we have more copper
colored aluminum, and a USB-C charging port. If the 7 Plus can hold itself together for
these last few tests, it’s turning out to be a good phone for the money. Nokia claims that Zeiss has done some special
stuff with the camera on this phone, and that’s fine. I’ll let other YouTubers review the actual
software – I do hardware. Neither lens has OIS, but there is a 2x optical
zoom which I feel is a useful feature to have then you have dual cameras. Both are protected by glass thankfully. Nokia has used plastic camera lenses in the
past, like on their Nokia 3. The flash is plastic, but that’s fine. That’s defused and doesn’t need to be optically
clear or scratch free. The fingerprint scanner is also located on
the back, directly below the camera lenses and is scratchable. It does sit slightly recessed below the back
panel so it’s not totally exposed. But either way, even with the abuse, the fingerprint
scanner still functions like normal. Thumbs up for that. So far the Nokia 7 Plus hasn’t given me much
to complain about, but if I had to pick one thing, it would be the way they advertised
the back panel material. Nokia said the 7 Plus received 6 layers of
ceramic feel paint. Ceramic and paint are 2 totally different
materials. One could classify as a premium material and
the other one is attempting to use a premium buzzword to make himself seem cooler. One is a level 8 on Mohs scale, and one is
a level 3. You can’t really claim that one feels like
the other when it just isn’t. My razor blade is a level 5 on Mohs scale
of hardness and it was able to draw the YT – freighter that made the Kessel run in
14 parsecs…I mean 12…12 parsecs. There probably are 6 layers of paint though,
like Nokia said. It’s pretty thick, and you can see a glint
of aluminum through the deeper cuts. Either way, it’s definitely still in the plastic
realm. Back on the other side of the phone under
the Gorilla Glass 3, we have a 1080p IPS LCD. And initially, after 10 seconds of flame,
it looks like nothing is happening. But once I slid over to the white background,
we see that the pixels did indeed turn off and stop working. But they are currently in the process of completely
recovering – unlike Anakin after his dual on Mustafar. Now the ultimate test of structural integrity
– the bend test. Applying pressure to the back yields zero
movement. And even flipping the phone around and bending
it from the front…nothing. Nokia has seriously produced some of the most
sturdy bunch of phones I’ve ever tested. The plastic back panel will never crack in
a drop like glass might, and it’s just overall a very well-built phone. I’m impressed. I’ll still be giving away the sealed Nokia
7 on my Instagram. Just leave a comment on the Millennium Falcon
picture I drew during my Art Class with Jerry, and I’ll pick one random person in the next
few days to send the phone to. I’ll leave a link for my Instagram in the
description. Thanks a ton for watching, and I will see
you around.

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