Nokia 8.1 | Un fel de Nokia 8 cu Facelift | Unboxing & Review

Nokia 8.1 | Un fel de Nokia 8 cu Facelift | Unboxing & Review

Hello internet and we’ll be back on our YouTube channel Today we are returning to mobile phones but Unfortunately Unfortunately the Galaxy S10 has not arrived yet But the sooner and better it goes The point we expect more can perhaps perhaps perhaps Maybe maybe Well, we’re finally coming to us But until then We have near us Nokia 8.1 Or better said the second version of the phone 8 Something is very different From Design light bulb And including the processor So let’s open this box to see what has changed over model 8 Normal Without taking into account the Sirocco model For it is more expensive and somehow it is reminiscence From Nokia Sirocco the old model was the prize And something very special Nokia 8.1 I promise to be an angel Very very reliable or at least very What’s on the box? So let’s open the box and see what we find inside But first of all, do not forget to subscribe and activate the notifications and then come in to Slash Giveaway to enroll in the contest Well, I got the box from Nokia here And notice that this Two hands still vary from Hello normal to a friendly greeting and so on And yet Notice that there are no longer those moto you had with connecting people’s It’s nowhere Finally, let’s look back to see What we find Masha ondisplay By name Yuri display full HD plus of 6.18 Five and one aspect of 18.7 P9 A 12 megapixel 13 megapixel camera With branding Sit and of course stabilize it The face is 20 megapixels And of course Benzi party fishel Intelligent Image We also have a qualcomm snapdragon 710 processor And of course Farse charging With the mention that they would Two days of autonomy For a 3,500 milliampere battery This is The phone looks the same source It is totally different from the previous model ID Hotel As we open the box, we’re greeted by the phone Which one It’s between a white foil left Aside and Immediate Liar Here we have a cardboard Okay for cards Sim and microSD card Here we have Many sources Giray Finally we have a box We find ourselves In that charger 5 were 3 amps 9 volts 12 volts 1.5 amps So the phone should stay To load pretty fast The system Or better Unbrick It’s a fairly compact Compact charger Very nice Here we have USB data cable type A to USB type c is a very thick cable a Collie cable Qualitative I like to see Cropp Let’s see for now I do not think Finally a pair of headphones To miss A pair of decent headphones They’re metallic This part is metallic ok We have a button for the answer Changed calls and so on And we have a shame gilded Very nice I like Let’s see Not even noticeable Looks very good I can not wait to wash you find headphones laude That apart And let’s look at the phone I’m so easy to look for Folie X drifting really interesting with this Edge It’s a polished edge It’s a very interesting phone 2 impression that when stopped You have the screen across the surface But we will start and see What it is Notice here at the bottom of rebranding Nokia The top is the room With the speaker grid for calls and She has notes If you see exactly Shooting But there is a Nokia here and the brightness sensor is hidden on the right I was looking at my back We have the two chambers Which I talked about A little earlier Shady Two LEDs The fingerprint sensor has an element Circular design What silver Nokia logo and, of course, branding with Android One as it runs A version of Android Fire At first use Better said at first glance She feels very good in her hand I like how it’s done It is one of the few midrange phones Yes, you do not feel the edge at all, you are so well connected the bottle With the rest of the case, Abia feels Not so When you put your finger in the sky and you find a blemish You can not fail Still personally I do not think that Silver design matches the phone but tastes do not I think it’s a very sexy phone a very good phone She feels very good in her hand And he’s very well groomed It gives you the impression that it is one Solid Not A food that has many pieces in it 50 miraflex What I’m impressed with is really impressed At the bottom we have USB power and USB data port type c speaker grille Prince’s microphone grid And on top of it We have Two GSM tapes that And in the part Down And we also have a 3.5-inch audio jack On the right, we find the volume buttons and the power button ok On the left is the drawer for senses Very simple to the point It’s a good looking phone In the pocket of a business brand, but also in a teenager’s pocket How to make a phone call to everyone Frankly, it really seems to me a phone for everyone Monasteries Very comfortable Drawings is very long nor is it very very well in hand You have a very pleasant feeling the moment you touch it What I can comment on is that The camera module is quite a lot outer How do you think it’s in the middle And when you put it on the table At an equal distance and not As long as there are no other models that they have To the left Positioned on the camera Ok I love this phone Let’s start it until the euro starts Let me make it clean here It’s ok I turned on this phone and what to see I just had a surprise how Moved and done, I’ve already got some Google stuff that Of course I did not Before going any further, I want to mention that this model has 4 GB RAM and 64 GB Internal memory storage So it should be enough for almost any person Farther to the operating system and here I really like very much why I have an experience close to Pixel I pray you except these gestures Swipe up To get into the application drawer And of course to see Recent applications honestly seem to me a bit stupid, but that does not matter, you can change to a kiss And so on But in terms of user experience It’s good is very much like Google Besides this we have Google Feed to the left a Top Longer we Glue Google Now With the Google assistant And of course navigating with Right-click for recent applications Let’s go to the settings to see if anything has changed We do not have exactly the same layout as a pixel phone Let’s talk a little about the fingerprint sensor It’s pretty fast Ok 3 2 1 and It opens pretty quickly for a Midland phone Sprinter I’ve seen phones and I’m leaving with a lazy sensor than this, but I’m not absolutely crying Not at all I come to the experience of using this device I noticed that The predefined comes with the hidden nose You have to look like this from the wine to the teral to see the match Even if it’s not a Super AMOLED screen all Shown The black side that is illuminated underneath, but I do not mind this If you want to see yourself in the eye Absolutely no option to activate this and what Not even in Developer options do not get it For You have screen time I do not understand why Nokia made this decision But Honestly, I do not even bother I have All the elements above the screen and where it is He says I want to open the mail The whole application is Obstructed by That Let’s Let’s see how it is in terms of performance You’re opening me AnTuTu benchmark He honestly took a top-of-the-grandmother score comic Little comparison Where’s better than a Galaxy S 6 But this processor has a much better resource management from the point of view The battery is more efficient I pulled out 172,000 486 points in AnTuTu again in geekbench 4 Going to sorry History 1828 points in single core And 5900 two points in multicore I’m going to sleep is not a big Angry to Nokia 8 Nokia 8.1 is a midrange Nearly perfect However, there are some features that we can find on other phones much cheaper than this one Such as facial recognition even if done with One room or two rooms Exist This phone completely lacks facial unlocking We have Always on display that turns on when it stops touching Displays the battery Clock notifications Aicea says the network and of course System icons with wifi battery and so on Also another thing I noticed About this phone And I call the keypad vibration We have many options Make it personalized And you do not have to go into the settings here You go to the fool And you have to change Vibrations slime Here I set it for 30 ml seconds captured by each phone Value It varies greatly But this model 30 minutes seconds gives you the exact feel Like holding a pixel in your hand Pension vibration of the phone per total is not a very brutal one is Subtle and you will feel it absolutely every time Let’s get in on YouTube and try a random track From now on ok Ok the loudspeaker is quite noisy, but you certainly will not miss calls to Very large volume begins to distort The bass is missing and it is not Present But It’s not a loud speaker And as we have seen a lot of other models including cheaper phones including more expensive ones Ciao the quality of the speaker pretty good Since it is a phone From my point of view dedicated to media consumption Social networking mails And, of course, some productive notes and organizers It’s ok. I really do not mind the fact that I do not have a speaker that sounds extraordinarily well The existence of portable speakers is very autonomous It’s good A portable speaker sounds better than an iPhone 10s The best thing to do now is to play and of course to go further Conclusions are still spinning so in hand because I honestly love the feeling I have and I will probably say this by the end of the video is one Of the few Phones that impressed me through their construction and the details the manufacturer has p Putting them in the device does not like the design right I do not really like this silver strip Again I repeat myself Tastes are not discussed Let’s start and We play piubigi first Put the game And now I play in the way Zombie or Habarnam I do not know Look here Says he’s limited And practically everything you do It’s shooting the zombies and telling you to survive How does it make you survive But I have not met another player yet If you yourself Kill and the players but be serious I do not read to kill some zombies I do not think it’s so hard to kill Zombie try looks at the gameplay I play for about 5 minutes the phone did not warm up instead is pretty horse out of this area Where more than cigarettes Is Its processor But the gameplay experience is uninterrupted and again I want to mention that the settings were automatically Select Pepe, come on What’s gone Strange for a 710 Surely this phone will do a good job because the piubigi runs at maximum No problem, not even Ghiţă He did not even pardon me Once it’s not like that What time does it have Interesting A steady temperature does not seem to get hotter I’ve noticed this on other phones Let’s play and asphalt 9 another very intense game A drunkard of what I watch resources But I see that you’ve automatically selected on pretty big details because I do not have With very low resolution and The edges are very fine I’m fine for a mobile phone but let’s play Let’s do exactly the same race we do every time we play asphalt 9 because You are not able to save from the server What we do We play with the same car we play Speed power Asphalt 9 Snapdragon 710 Ok I like it does not really have a very NetBet move If I’m alone So We’re on ice Ok, we do not have Nitro anymore The phone does not have a lag And honestly so warm to me I would piubigi a little more A little cooler Than a pobeg Moves Very good And I won second place proxilin I won I came out second Third place Opel with two The asphalt 9 track moves very well What a phone this is And now I’m not saying how Irun I accept this phone I really am curious how they did This thing Why other phones with snapdragon 710 Select a Toma details on the environment Change that moves well Simy’s wrong That moment when something goes well And I wonder why it works well when the habit does not work well Do not joke is a very phone A good phone To this chapter It’s okay and I played and it’s fun and listening to music The time has come for us to look at the room app Surely it will not be Google Camera because that app exists only on Pixel But it should be something very good. Okay, I did not expect that Stupid of many options I will start From up to down Starting from left to right In Photo mode or better mode Automatic We have that settings Settings with hdr scene detection Photo model in Lidl on the Shot bus Shutter sound Grid that I always keep activated watermark Put the camera in for selfie The mirror For location resolution and see The resolution is exactly 12 megapixels I was going to forget this room has f 1.8 So it should be bright enough for Indoor conditions ok Let’s see what we have here this certainly Google has in popcorn know icon So here we have a moving picture What are called motion on and motion of the rest of a movie picture And by mistake when the application Let’s see what we have here, some animals and something really augmented for Entertainment off see Beauty One Beauty of I do not need I always give BAC Here I find it very interesting to use the front room Can I use Both cameras Or I can see myself here. I’m in the corner While the rear camera is obstructed The products are, however, on single mode The next icon is for timer And of course settings for Blitz With on off and auto Here is the shutter button for changing the room and of course Gallery icon Let’s see And we still have video Why do we have settings for the video Backabro Laza 4k We have 4K on the back camera and 1080p on the front camera But do not tell me what does not say how many frames per second I’m probably supposed to be 30 frames per second Ok we give BAC We still have the mode of motion Here he can Say Summary You do not mean to shoot slow motion at 4:00 as I do not think Marecom Time lapse option On the left side let’s see Look Lifebox It’s not called portrait and it leaves me What to do boss And on objects not just people Why Samsung can not do this by Silviu does not do this On LG I have a portrait option but it makes me stay at a distance Name to topic to create boxes Make the phone and huawei and the 1,000 If I have absolutely no problem Let’s see how Pro we have Of course we have a whiteman up there Focus ISO From 100 to 1600 Exposure time from Which is the lowest exposure time of 1 per 500 Up to four seconds and of course compensation for exposure Married December what is right Very useful when you want to play with this room And we have the way Square Heart Square want to take pictures of Instagram and of course the panorama Press for Because Opel on the camera application is very intuitive It’s full of options And honestly I’m glad to see this coming from Nokia because I’m not sure Google lets them use it All camera application or Just some pieces of software Let’s see what kind of pictures we can take out with this phone is quite cloudy outside So we’ll try to do it Best pictures Well, the time has come for the conclusions And as far as Nokia is concerned, I have mixed thoughts There are a few things to comment on a few things to appreciate and a few things that It’s good Staff to and comment Do not apply to all users Let’s start with the things I appreciate On this phone I like how I like the designer And honestly To really be fooled That it’s a dream by I mean if I give it to a person Two phones Hold in your hand Let’s say a Samsung S9 And this phone Codin Chiş It’s good Surely this phone would pass this test Why Because That Is Very solid gives you the feeling of Qualitative object And of course Not The cloth does not have flaps and It’s exactly where you knocked the Nile Which means that Inside the components are very compacted and Very well put At their place One thing I appreciate on this phone is the operating system I do not know if it has an effect on Soil or the way Nokia has implemented the operating system though The experience is close to Google’s stoppage And of course This snapdragon 710 It’s good Somehow it behaves beyond my expectations He even waited for games Automatically select the graphics on the medium And she waited for herself to get stuck His office was better off to hang up But it was not the case And with Nokia 8.1 What seems to me to be appreciated as most people use the phone for movie networks Socializing and eventually gaming From my point of view this phone excels in all three chapters All that remains to be tested These headphones would be Which I really appreciate That Nokia or thought to include us in the package And honestly You did not expect me to be of great quality But I expect to have it At least a decent fairy tale level Just like going to YouTube Let’s see the first song and the boot and And with environments In other Ok, honestly, I’m impressed, I’m impressed for two reasons These stalks are in fairy tale Quite powerful is very clear And it’s me pear Let’s say it or not Distorts the sound when the volume is given To maximum Or, of course, louder I appreciate it Very much And the environments I’m just as clear But The sounds that are on the border between Bass and Environments It’s okay Not so clear However We have to keep in mind this is not a pair of Hai Fight headphones So for most users when using this pair of headphones they will have an audio experience I’m pretty consistent and pretty rich Regarding the sound of this device The last thing I have to say about this device With regard to Strengths It would even display if it’s just a full HD Plus panel Personally, it seems to me that it reproduces the colors accurately enough. It has a very large viewing angle And when you watch movies or watch the net And so on It’s good Experience pretty pleasing colors are the living colors are brand And the experience is with All Thanks Let’s say that Let’s talk a little about the things I do not like about this device, or better say which He could have Let’s be a little better What is the audio quality? The loudspeaker I would have liked to be a little bit better considering there are phones on the market At a much lower price than this phone and And with pretty good audio quality On the loudspeaker Inter The second thing I do not like about this device is the absence of facial blocking Even if you borrow it, I do not use it much, it would be a trick Which From my point of view would have added this phone But let’s hope that for the following abstractions Nokia will also consider this Aspects now We come to the sensitive side of this Device Which Me with me Cucerit is in my list of favorite Granger phones And I could say he has 2nd place after 1,008 Like Why Ciao Mimi 8 laici won the first place because he has A little lower price And it offers quite a lot of facilities for his money The same thing happens with Nokia 8.1 But The price is somewhat higher and Alina is close to 2,000 RON I’m thinking about giving me 2,000 RON On a phone that has a snapdragon 710 Most people who have the idea of mobile processors will think of ok Are 710 He’s gonna have to go Lego gird I’m going to stay for a hundred years not to move from application to application It’s okay not time We judge Nokia 8.1 in this regard I’m looking for the Manelist from this perspective why Because they managed to do something very good with a 710 I can not believe I’m saying this stuff but I am the phone more than decades more than What most people use Therefore It remains your decision Judge this phone to talk about looking to talk about colors because they are simply Custom personal tastes on this device It’s fine here between a pretty sensitive subject Why we have a good device Very well built Device Very interesting, however, with a fairly large price a price we can find on the market at the moment living Xiaomi mi-8 Somewhere at 2,000 RON that has a much better processor, namely 8 Hundred forty And 5 has a Super AMOLED display And of course Has not Jack can dowell finish you would be LG G7 finciu Having a 2k screen has a speakerphone Pretty good Better said has one of the best Speakers for HTC And iPhone 10 of But my point of view It remains your attitude I want a very well-built phone Close to note 10 From my point of view Consider that 10 would be perfect and nothing is perfect I give it 9.5 View of construction That being said was Dragoş doing this was Nokia 8.1 until next time do not forget to check the description For useful links, up-to-date prices and links to this device So ready Bye

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