Nokia 8 vs Samsung Galaxy S8: Camera, specs and features compared

Nokia 8 vs Samsung Galaxy S8: Camera, specs and features compared

the new Nokia is Flagship for both some killer features including that dual site camera crafted in collaboration with optics experts called vice and at 599 euros it’s also a dump site cheaper than Samsung’s Galaxy S8 Flagship the question is how do these two mighty androids backup and which is best for you? well when it comes to lux we have the side with Samsung’s form The Edge to Edge design is still stunning even months after launch You’d never guess that the Galaxy s II it comes back at a five-point image display as a handset is so comfortable to clutch In comparison the Nokia is boxing quite chunky There’s also especially above angular display Something to get very similar dimensions to the Galaxy even though Nokia’s phone is only five point three inches the sI it is also fully Water resistant so can survive a tumble into liquid while I’m not getting it is merely splash proof Though while the Galaxy handset when it comes with a glossy rear the Nokia flagship can be shuffled in a choice of Mass or polished Aluminium Finishes both flaws also offer a small selection of colors to see you on personal there you also get a fingerprint sensor No matter your choice though. We definitely prefer not gives front chasing scanner Something is how to send to around the back at the phone in a rather open? Position which means you’ll occasionally have to fumble to find it if you’re demanding super crisp visuals Then you’ll be happy with either phone in this comparison both of these devices serve up to clear displays and on the exact resolution is Different thanks to the Galaxy s II it stretched a spectre issues Colors of funky point and several strong and viewing Angles all nice and wide and as you would expect from the flagship panther of course The Galaxy s II is also one for the future proof offer and pull support the H2 your video stream The allows then applause packing plenty of storage space to carry around a massive media collection It will 564 gigs the room no matter your choice with full support for Microsd memory cards I thought Android is the oil of choice in both cases the design of the user interface is actually very different The Galaxy s it offers quite a lot of bonus Functionality including something on x health app to keep tabs on your lifestyle and track your movements complete with the built in alright monitor A useful 100 what makes it fun easy to operate on the move where you can even stream your gaming sessions lives for a web By comparison the Nokia it delivers more of a raw version of Android nuga although You don’t get so many Built-in features this also means that you don’t get any annoying Duplication like you do on the Galaxy s it which for instance pack two separate web browsers and as an added bonus knock your owners Are more likely to get full upgrade to Android or ahead of Samsung uses? The Galaxy s II is one of the most powerful Handsets around Boston either a snapdragon 85 platform or something throw your exodus 8 995 chipset depending on your reagent Either way you get a smooth everyday experience and the ability to play the latest games with a perfect frame brain Likewise no key it also costs 285 chipsets and Android once again runs like a dream We have to fully test the Nokia it as we like though it goes for a slightly more capacious battery than Samsung Galaxy s it We’re expecting the Nokia forum to offer a little longer than sometimes 24 hours of life Especially as it has a smaller screens of power stills also on offer a form of fast choice You can expect close to a full recharge from just an hour at the plug The Galaxy s is was the single lens 12 megapixel camera on the rear end With an F1 print of an aperture lens and Dual pixel autofocus The result is near instant photo capture with excellent results in almost any conditions even low-light Meanwhile the Nokia Pax is dual lens camera with two 13 megapixel earth 2.0. Aperture lenses working together to capture nice crisp shots That phase Detection autofocus since we just as battled the s it and so far were impressed by the image quality on offer The Nokia it offers some Ibaka style effects nice black jewel and setup But all the s it does emit lead to a fine job of replica in the suspect with its depth of field border future Pro photographers have a number of money will control the leave the kids to get just a short your desire however Samsung also has serious – filthy young users But its selection of bizarre stickers and er the’res max which went from the city to the downright creepy salokya it instead horses the capture shots using both the front and rear cameras at the same time which HMV is suddenly : 840 both Phones can shoot up to 4k resolution video as well as time-lapse on in purge and you can also live streaming activity straight to Facebook or Youtube by the knocking aid camera app something not offered by the Galaxy s II despite some some previously supporting this fire It’s live broadcast tool Check out a full Galaxy s II review and come a review and stay tuned for our in-dePth nugget 8 coverage Thanks for watching don’t forget to like and subscribe cheers

95 thoughts on “Nokia 8 vs Samsung Galaxy S8: Camera, specs and features compared

  1. nokia 9 is waiting for galaxy

  2. Great features

  3. such a disappointing device, on top of that they chooses LCD instead of amoled 🙁

  4. Nokia is so 2007!! that's almost iPhone level bezels.

  5. I'm so stuck between buying an Samsung S8 or an IPhone ???.

  6. Nokia was all about hardware. Since they have got the software now right. Why can't they add IR blaster? 🙁

  7. Nokia wins clearly..In everything

  8. I just want to say. I have an S8 and NEVER put my finger on the camera. it always goes right to the censor

  9. Which one is best to take portrait snaps(with DSLR like background blur)
    Oneplus5 or Honor8 pro or Nokia 8 or Oppo R11?

  10. Bezel-less phones do not attract me, if you drop it you'll probably need a new screen.

  11. Much prefer the Nokia for quality and cannot stand all glass phones

  12. What is it with u people n the s8 fingersensor. U know where it's located, so get used 2 it.

  13. Talks more about Samsung .Srsly, sounds Biased

  14. Nokia got and has more of its apps coming in as patents from Microsoft are transferred. Only Nokia devices can see those on the store tho, but for some its for every one. Like Nokia Health app, Here..

  15. I like nokia 8 but for the features i prefer to S8. My favourite is game launcher, heart rate and IP68. Thats realy i need.

  16. I know the s8 is the standard, but let's not act like the Nokia 8 is in the same league. The design is just not there. Specs are good, but I just learned that the price is 700 US. Unfortunately, not many people are gonna buy it for that.

  17. Get a case and a screen protector grass one

  18. The only fact in here is that Nokia will never explote and kill you ahaha !! go home crapsung, the King is back, I'll get mine Nokia 8 as soon as it get my country!!!

  19. The Galaxy S8 can be bought in Europe currently for 600€ new and unlocked. You might want to get updated on the prices before commenting on them…

    And as a long time Nokia fan I have to say this: the S8 destroys this Nokia 8 crap. The Nokia 8's only flagship feature is the processor. Everything else is downright crap, from the aluminium design to the LCD screen. 2014 Nokia Lumias were better than this.

  20. People these days care more about looks than function. They don't care if their S8 lags like a mofo as long as they get compliments comments from people about how cool it looks.

  21. Nokia 8 is best

  22. NOKIA

  23. Eat your nails what a dirty man

  24. Haters: blah2 it's ugly, bad, too expensive..
    Me: try first then you can decided?

  25. nokia 8 doesn't look a flagship phone in any angle.

  26. No Bloatware….

  27. Nokia <3

  28. Note 8 is coming and Samsung will crush Nokia!

  29. Hey you bad small nails man.

  30. No bixby button? That's a bonus 🙂

  31. I'm sorry but no samsung lag, stock android, fast updates, watching YouTube in the proper aspect ratio, having every camera have the same specs and aperture, and more colors. Nokia bests samsung in those areas. samsung will probably have a slightly better camera, more aesthetically pleasing design and better screen color although is more likely to have oled screen burn in.

  32. it's gonna be Nokia's last model…..haaaa…..

  33. I prefer bezels. I need somewhere to hold the friggin phone.

  34. Bezel less phone is actually bad for gaming and battery too much of the screen lol it makes my eyes tired

  35. Who else is hoping for a Nokia 8 plus?

  36. Plz no comparison Galaxy with Nokia no no…
    Galaxy always best..

  37. People really still complaining about the fingerprint scanner? My aunt has no problem with using it and when i first used it(her S8+ cause i dont have one yet)i got used to it instantly

  38. @Abdullah bin Zakariah a dslr

  39. I am very excited for Note8 i love iphone8 and Note8

  40. I think the Nokia looks better. Why? It looks like it will last longer than the 12 month payoff for it. 🙂 The Samsung looks as if it will be damaged in no time at all.

  41. Why didn't you mention that the Nokia has liquid cooling?

  42. Only thing missing IMHO is QI wireless charging. Wireless charging was often seen in Nokia's past. Oh well…

  43. nokia 8 vs huawei p10 !

  44. subscribed.. loved the unbiased comparison. ?

  45. Does either phone come with an Iron!!!

  46. And a Cib cameo at 2:44 ??

  47. A stock android looking nokia, that is amazing!

  48. Samsung has AMOLED, Nokia has normal display. Battery life varies greatly.

  49. £750 for a Nokia….dont be fucking silly

  50. I'd rather pick the reliable Nokia instead of a beautful bomb called Samsung. Samsung fanboys in 1…2…

  51. I like samsung s8 design

  52. This is why I think Nokia 8 is Best

    1.Excellent Hardware by Nokia.
    2.Dual Camera Lens by Zeiss Optics…..
    3.Superb Audio by OZO
    4.Fluid and updated OS by Google( Android)
    5.Flagship Chipset by Qualcomm(SD 835)

    .And very good After Sales Services too.

    Come on! what else do we need and Also, with such an excellent price compared to other flagships out there.

  53. Here's a cookie ? and a subscriber

  54. no shutter speed control on the nokia…shame….

  55. I'm a nokia fanboy but still I cant feel Nokia vibe on Nokia 8 🙁

  56. Sorta weird to compare the Nokia phone which is not going to even be their best phone to Samsung's best phone.

  57. hi pep guardiola

  58. Samsung Galaxy S8 is the nicer looking phone…..but i dont care, i want a phone thats durable, that i can drop several times and still work…Nokia 8 will be my next phone 🙂

  59. pls made the video nokia 8 vs samsung s8 speed test?

  60. don't know why people don't like the looks of Nokia ,. I am pretty sure that Nokia will come up with some awesome unique designs and then they will say oh the s8 looks bad and outdated…

  61. Nokia 8 is better i think

  62. Pls stop the bezel-less craze. I just want to hold my phone comfortably without worrying about accidentally waking the screen up all the time.

  63. Samsung can also shoot dual photo…since the s4 dum dum

  64. Samsung is Korean shit , The legend is back <3

  65. Nokia 8 for me.nothing compared a Zeis optics,OZO audio and Nokia build durability

  66. Pure android, if only Samsung would sell a version of their phones with pure android…… Only for that I'm considering actually buy one of these

  67. with AMOLED and Camera Button, i genuinely would've sold my S7 Edge to buy this thing….but nokia dissapointed me again
    also….snapdragon 835+6GB of ram and they cant allow 60fps video camera recording…..unacceptable
    The design looks gorgeous in my opinion

  68. NOKIA is the rolls royce of cell phones

  69. Biggest reason i want a Nokia phone is because of the great phones that i owned from them a decade or so ago before they leaped to the wrong league. I am pretty sure i am going to buy a Nokia android, just not sure if this is the model or should i wait for the next generation. Main reasons are that i don't want Samsung or Apple phones, they are too mainstream and dull. Also it is a third OnePlus phone that i am owning now and i want to try something different next. What happened to Nokia Edge 2017, is it a real deal or myth? It looks swell on pictures, just what Nokia used to be!

  70. I personally wpuld prefer Nokia 8

  71. The Nokia 8 shits all over the s8.

  72. ""And a collaboration with """Zais""". To pronounce correctly a world renowned Austrian brand lens name (here it's not about them learning German, it's about pronouncing just a single word)? Actually that was the exact same matter with Arnold Schwarzenegger pronounciation (it's still the same today). On the other hand they love German cars (some Americans prefer them instead of their own ones), Swiss watches and Austrian Schnitzel.

  73. next time turn down the music volume.

  74. NOKIA 8 is better , and is the best

  75. I still use the Nokia Lumia 925, now since over 3 years, I love this phone its so sad that Microsoft drive the Windows 8.1 and 10 on the phones so hard on the wall… First I think to buy next year the LG G6, but now next year maybe I buy the Nokia 8. But I know right now, I will miss Cortana. I mean, I use the Nokia Lumia 925 until it break down or WhatsApp will stop run on it.

    But Cortana is such a great cool thing…

  76. I actually dislike the screen look of samsung or all the bezel-less phones in general

  77. Nlokia wins

  78. Rumour says fanboys will bash a brand they think is inferior because they know the bashed brand is better?? lol nokia

  79. What is he saying???

  80. Nokia is best i know

  81. Nokia father of Samsung

  82. Nokia is the best

  83. I got mine Nokia 8 . Its great

  84. Dude i just spend close to a thousand dollars on my s8+ i have been reading up on nokia at one time it was my choice in flip phones to this day i still own it and yes it still works only needing charged every 2 weeks lol. But nokia is half the price and i think its perfect for my youngest childs first phone i have seen the 9 specs for nokia and im super impressed i may ditch samsung the two search engines beats the shit out of the phone bixby no option to shut it off it does have the button but will not allow u to turn it all the wsy off google will always come first being bixby is just learning dont want it hate the phone now

  85. Durability & Camera: NOKIA
    nokia has proved its durability through their nokia phones. I own Lumia 830 and i tell you, i dropped it a hundred times (yes, this is not an exaggeration, i even dropped it 3 times the first day i used the phone) and the damage are just dents in the aluminum frame

    UI: Samsung Galaxy S8. I love those holographic/parallax wallpapers and the long screen

  86. مقندا

  87. Nokia 8

  88. Samsung is trash, had my S7 Edge for 7 months, at first itvseemed great, but after a few months it started to lag, the video camera would drop a lot of frames and the battery life decreased dramatically after 2 months and the phone started having heating problems, eventually it melted the charging port lol. Only phone I ever had issues with, I take good care of them. Never again Samsung. I will get the Nokia or a Huawei or Pixel.

  89. Nokia is the Lexus of phones – reliable.

  90. Can u tell me if Nokia 8 dual sim interrupt your data sim connection if someone call you?

  91. I saw the Samsung Lag when he was scrolling through the menu

  92. The Nokia 8 is now <320 Euro while the Samsung Galaxy S8 is over 450 Euro. I think I'll go with the nokia and try not to get it wet ?

  93. Nokia

  94. S8 is so gorgeus

  95. Nice British accent

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