Nokia 8110 hands-on: The Matrix phone is back

Nokia 8110 hands-on: The Matrix phone is back

– Hey, it’s Jake from The
Verge and we have Nokia’s re-released Matrix phone. They have updated the
classic phone from the 90s, the slider, the banana phone, for 2018. It now has LTE, it has a
larger screen but otherwise it’s pretty much the same form factor. The shape is pretty ridiculous
in 2018 but it works. There is a ton of nostalgia
here and having wanted one ever since I saw The Matrix I
love the fact that HMD Global which now makes Nokia
phones is bringing it back. I think they’re entirely
relying on that nostalgia for this thing to sell, but
I absolutely don’t care. I buy into it in this case. The device is gonna sell for under $100. Basically, HMD says that there are still over a billion people who
are using feature phones and they think that through
some combination of nostalgia, Nokia’s recognizable brand name, and just being one of the few people still making decent
feature phones they can actually get some people
to but this thing. Obviously the big deal here is the design. It has this curved shape
on the outside which is part of what give it
the banana phone nickname. Also it comes in yellow
as well as a black color. There is a headphone jack on top. Charges over a micro USB, and it has a 2 megapixel camera on back. I’ve already taken a photo
with it and I can tell you it is terrible. The slider is not exactly
great but it’s not about whether it’s good
or bad it’s about the fact that it was in The Matrix 20 years ago. And you know what? That is probably enough. You have to use a directional
pad to navigate the interface. You have to use T9 to type, and I have to say going back after a decade on smartphones
is a real wake up call as to how not great that experience was. It’s kind of usable if you’re
just navigating the menus, but the buttons are really
tiny and hard to use. It’s hard to quickly get
around the interface. You can actually get
into a web browser here and navigate things. You’ll control a courser with the D pad. So even though you can’t get Android apps there is still an app store, and Nokia has partnered
with a bunch of companies to fill it with some popular apps. So there’s gonna be Twitter,
there’s gonna be Facebook, there’s even gonna be a
whole suite of Google apps including the Google Assistant. We’re not really sure what
that experience is going to be like but the intention
really seems to be bridging the gap between a feature
phone and a smart phone by offering at least some
of the functionality. There is a two megapixel camera
on the back of this thing and I have to tell you
it is really not good. It is exactly like the last
time you used a feature phone. Everything is just big,
blocky, chunky pixelated, mess. I guess it’s there because it has to be. Don’t take pictures with
this and expect much. And of course, this is a Nokia
phone, and so there’s Snake. I have to tell you I’ve
accidentally launched Snake five times while filming this video. It takes a lot of work to quit Snake. This one also has LTE and while that might seem kind of
useless on a feature phone it can also be used as a hotspot, which I guess would be
a little bit more handy. That’s also gonna allow it
to work on more cell networks around the world. And this one is actually
destined for Europe. You’re going to be able
to buy it in May for €79. There’s also going to be
a dual SIM model which will probably cost a little bit more. Thanks for watching. For more check out and be sure to subscribe
at (humming) What if I didn’t. What if I just described
the scene in detail based on memory? Okay, so first.

100 thoughts on “Nokia 8110 hands-on: The Matrix phone is back

  1. honestly im glad the phone has t9, the "smartphones" ive had and most recently own go blank during calls so i cant dual or even hang up during calls. God forbid youre locked out your phone prior to making a call how will u dial then… plus like people are saying a way more reliable battery! for less than a bill im sure the functionality of this phone will pay for itself as strictly a mobile device and can be used for years to come

  2. Didn't demo email, or mention KaiOS

  3. for the price, go Huawei P Smart … so much for so little ๐Ÿ™‚ both on through my company for 20 bucks

  4. Da je bar 5 mpix…

  5. This is cool… But I this point, i barely ever talk on the phone anymore


  7. #nokiarevolution

  8. Most important thing is to play hi-res dsd file.

  9. WOOOW, you look like some troll from under the Irish bridge.

  10. I've bought this phone yesterday, today I feel like becoming Neo as in the Matrix! Cool phone!

  11. I want this but I know Verizon is gonna be selfish

  12. noe-kia phone

  13. 1 Million Views completed with my view ๐Ÿ˜‡

  14. No-keya?

  15. I just bought one today Nokia 8110. actually this is a great phone. what do you expect with less than a hundred dollar phone?

  16. yeah…. except this was not in the matrix…

  17. It looks like duplo.
    Come on nokia. You can do better. Now throw away that plastic

  18. i can t9 faster than on a qwerty

  19. I think they could make this phone a lot cooler than this, but I guess no one would buy it any way even if it had a lot more features. But you can get 10 of these instead of one iPhone.

  20. Nokia u lazy xxxxxx couldnt put a spring mechanism! Really. The spring action gave you importance and the phone a sense of drama.bull xxx nokia.

  21. useless review

  22. That's not the same matrix phone ,the matrix phone opens via a button on top.

    But this is manual slider.

  23. Can you install WhatsApp on it?

  24. Does anyone know of any RPG games for this phone or a forum for KaiOS?

  25. How is this updated when it's not even spring loaded like the original???????????????
    Now I don't want it. WTF NOKIA, where is the nostalgia?!

  26. How old were you when Matrix was released? Older generation will appreciate the nostalgia, we know how fast technology has moved on, no need to bash the phone and say how bad things were TWO DECADES AGO!!!!!

  27. That's so disappointing, actually…..I was hoping to see a flagship device in a shape of a slider. Flagship cameras front and rear, Android on board-so you can use online banking, checking your social networks, make calls to people on Viber, telegramm etc, NFC for payment systems…longer (touch, of course) screen-smaller keyboard.For rest people could use Wi-Fi hotspot and notebook. IMHO. I would happily switch to this kind of phone in 2018…….and pay for it 500-600 quid. But Nokia took it in other direction. Such a shame ๐Ÿ™ Is it only me who thinks this way??

  28. This was meant for people who are trying a non media life. I am really looking to get one of these for communications only. Not for work productivity. Who wants to take their work with them everywhere? Not me. That was the old me. Less media is better.

  29. Is it spring loaded?

  30. Remember back when the 2MP cameras were the absolute beast on the market, and some models didn't even have a flash? I don't see the problem here.

  31. The new Nokia 8110… Everyone's favourite burner…

  32. I just want a non smartphone with good durability and it's good with music.

  33. ะฒฮฑะบฯ‰ั•

  34. I think not useful mobile. Only waist money.

  35. Nah! If you have to push it down! Not worth it!. It was all about the push down button that made it so cool.

  36. I'm considering getting this as a minimalist phone as opposed to my Note 8 for when I want to detatch from my phone, it still has whatsapp which separates it from other feature phones.

  37. Come on NOKIA!

    Give us a new 5310 ExpressMusic!!

    One of the best phones ever.
    Design, battery life, sound quality, extra features and conectivity.
    Only wi-fi and up to date internet is missing.
    Deserves a second life!

  38. jezus man….

  39. Worst review ever

  40. Buying it right now.

  41. can you download on it whats app

  42. you buy it as a secondary phone for it's battery life . you don't need to browse or watch videos you can but that's not the point

  43. Being in the Matrix is not the reason for buying this phone!

  44. What app support? Yes or no

  45. Follow the white rabbit

  46. biased review… sided

    i personally own this banana phone been bought at lazada philippines 2 days ago for more or less 20$ during their year end sale. i think his reviews is not fair. what do you expect for a basic phone? hahaha…. anyways… wifi capable and wifi hotspot plus voLTE is a big thing for me. i can able to connect my smartphone to the banana's wifi hotspot and the network is superb! you can also brows 2 the internet, fb, youtube tweeter using banana phone itself. when i saw this phone personally…it really made me smile, really love the design very refreshing. going to buy soft case for this tiny buddy.

  47. My first mobile phone, back in the day.

  48. This phone could be perfect with a slight addition….

    Instead of the sliding part be just plastic…it could be a second screen when phone locked it would form a full screen with the upper part for games and watching movies….

    This could be the perfect phone if they switch the plastic to rest of the display area….

  49. Bad phone without facebook and whatsapp

  50. why have the same things repeated? he talks about the camera being 2mp and poor quality then a few seconds later says the same thing.

  51. I wish people would stop saying nostalgia like 1999 was a thousand years ago or something. Also those buttons are substantially larger than the virtual keys on a smartphone screen.

  52. does this phone work in the USA?

  53. Itโ€™s not supposed to work like a smartphone- thatโ€™s the point. Stupid to compare it.

  54. i want one right now, i never had the original but i always wanted this, "the matrix Cell Phone" lol ha ha f'ing yes i want it!!!!

  55. You have to slide it? oh no

  56. When this guy says that he thinks it's only going to sell because of nostalgia he's not taking into account the hundreds of other countries that still use really basic phones even if they're technologically advanced like South Korea and Japan

  57. Can you push a button to slide it off, or you can only slide it with your fingers?

  58. Wish nokia could bring back its line of foldable phone..i would buy one just for the fun and memory of it

  59. I remember whrm sliding it open to answer a call was a head-turning moment when your friends were just with 3210..

  60. Lit

  61. T9 wasn't easy to use? I used to bust out texts so god damn fast on old phones

  62. I like this phone

  63. Overpriced, no spring load and barely any improvements apart from compatibility.

  64. Still doesnt pop open…

  65. Me lo ofrecieron nuevo en 16 dolares… lo compro?

  66. i need this

  67. That's gonna be my plug phone

  68. Still not spring loaded like in the movie though.

  69. God of Feature Phone. I am your follower

  70. When it comes in the US

  71. Kastrinakes from the Greek island of Crete

  72. Does this phone easily fit in the pocket of your jeans/pants because of the curve?

  73. This guy talks like he is … Like . Lme like. Comparing a phone with a computer. By this I mean. A real phone to an addictive machine

  74. Ima buy one heck yeah

  75. I went really retro – a rotary land line

  76. Want flip phone with play store.

  77. The Real Matrix Phone

  78. "It has a two-megapixel camera on the back, I've already taken a photo with it and I can tell you, IT IS TERRIBLE" What a review. LOL

  79. The phone is so cool! Ilke it!

  80. Did this have Kai OS?

  81. It would've of been way cooler if they had the phone slide out by pushing a switch on the side of the phone like the old one during the matrix days

  82. No… no its not a "Matrix" phone. It still isn't spring loaded like the Matrix phone. FAIL

  83. If it can install Whatsapp then Iโ€™m getting it

  84. I need this

  85. Wow

  86. Wow

  87. My WhatsApp detox phone

  88. Poor review

  89. ..and it STILL doesn't open with a spring. <sigh>

  90. It looks real cheap and I can see the slide cover getting ripped off real quick.

  91. Is 50$ a good price for this?

  92. Walter white must use this phone….

  93. That banana flip phone costs 50 euros in finland.

  94. This is not "old" quality

  95. i'm only saying this once, this isn't the phone from the matrix. this is an 8110, the one in the matrix is an 7110 Nokia since in the film it had a button activated slider and green tinted screen. this is more of an upgrade than a revamp.

  96. X2

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  98. T9 is faster.

  99. "The Matrix phone is back", NO ITS NOT.
    It will never be a matrix phone unless it has a button that slides the keyboard protection down, AS IN THE MOVIE. I cant believe they make this phone without the button to slide the protection down!!
    Btw, I saw a review of this phone, and one of the cons was that it doesn't have many apps, and then they mentioned whatsApp, Instagram and facebook hahahaha. WE ALL HAVE SMARTPHONES GUYS. We just want a cool retro phone wtf are you thinking. So many great thinkers these days
    ps. this comment has nothing to do with your video ๐Ÿ™‚

  100. "The Matrix phone is back", NO ITS NOT.
    It will never be a matrix phone unless it has a button that slides the keyboard protection down, AS IN THE MOVIE. I cant believe they make this phone without the button to slide the protection down!!
    Btw, I saw a review of this phone, and one of the cons was that it doesn't have many apps, and then they mentioned whatsApp, Instagram and facebook hahahaha. WE ALL HAVE SMARTPHONES GUYS. We just want a cool retro phone wtf are you thinking. So many great thinkers these days
    ps. this comment has nothing to do with your video ๐Ÿ™‚

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