Nokia 9 PureView Review: Trust The Process(ing)

Nokia 9 PureView Review: Trust The Process(ing)

100 thoughts on “Nokia 9 PureView Review: Trust The Process(ing)

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  2. I found the fingerprint scanner useless to start with as well, but then registered my other thumb and both index fingers and the scanner works pretty well without having to excessively press hard.

  3. Such a shame in what could be a fantastic way back for the Nokia brand

  4. Do you ever think you could swap to 60fps while filming? I know its difficult while dealing with 4k content, but i feel like the benefits outweigh the negatives.

  5. I don't understand why would anyone nees a phone with four cameras?

  6. Please make camera comparison of nokia 9 with p30 pro

  7. You are my number one favorite reviewer on youtube. Some Indonesians are trying to follow you but still you are the best! Hope one day we can have an indonesian reviewer on youtube that is as good as you #fingerscrossed

  8. One small update for everyone the fingerprint issue has a fix or say you can make it work…

  9. Nokia was died due to the software their cameras and build quality was already at the best in the market. and they are doing the same thing again not focusing on software.

  10. What ring are you wearing? 🤔

  11. 0:48 I see what you did there. 👊

  12. sorry Michael (and the rest of the world) who insist on nano-instant access to the phone. I use the keyboard password (alphanumerical not just 4-5 numbers). Yes, it takes a second or so but it is super secure and very much less "creepy" big brother recording of fingerprints and retinal scans. Just my thoughts

  13. Thanx for reporting the problem with the Finger Print !

  14. remember when Microsoft bought Nokia Mobile for 8 billion and then after a few years of total fail they fired like 8,000 and now Nokia is making a comeback with Android!!! get rekted Microsoft

  15. How much photos do you take😂

  16. Nokia is doing pretty good with the camera and it just needs with the rest! It would be perfect!

  17. this is bust

  18. This man has an inimitable way with words. It's a pleasure to just listen to his reviews.

  19. Могут даже не начинать продавать эту хуету

  20. It should be called the Nokia Spyder

  21. Ok , what about back covers/cases for this phone?

  22. Can you please make a comparison video between Nokia 7 Plus and Redmi note 7?

  23. P30 PRO just destroyed Nokia 9 Pureview. Too bad it has built in backdoor for the Chinese dictatorship government. Recomend BB Key 2.

  24. Your reviews are incredible!

  25. So is it going to be best to wait until the 9.1?

  26. The 10sec delay for photo processing and the fingerprint scanner issue is a deal breaker for many people.

  27. Was about to say the same, I'll wait for the next one…

  28. cant wait for Nokia to get its second wind..

  29. Dislike squad!

  30. 4:21–4:37 6:01–6:06 That explains why I never been a fan of fake bokeh. I'd just leave it as it is.

  31. It doesn't make sense to have a specialize camera phone with no SD card slot and no camera button. Regular camera have SD card slot.

  32. Best camera on a smartphone 2019 hands down.The Pixel ain't gonna beat this one.

  33. I'm so tired of this "don't worry if your phone is a buggy mess, bro. we'll fix it later" mentality that HMD Nokia had ever since their inception.
    Other than Nokiafans, I really don't think people are willing to buy those phones just for headaches on user experience.

  34. Those sunglasses are dope! Can you link them down in the description?

  35. awesome video

  36. This just makes me miss the Lumia 1020 =[

  37. Thought the Soran quote was gonna be “Nice try”…

  38. Hey Michael Nokia just pushed an update for this phone that may fix all the issues you had…can you do a follow up review

  39. Money for nothing.
    Clicks for free.

    Subbed. (Pfff who am I kidding. I've been subbed)

  40. Honestly I wouldn't mind a thicker phone if they had the sd card slot and some kind of night mode or better image processing overall, and I don't care at ALL about a fingerprint reader under the screen, just put a physical one, nokia!

    phones with greater durability and performance >>>>>>>>> thin phones

  41. The LG g5 had bad finger sensor when it came out but was solved so keep the hopes up

  42. Sticking with my Huawei P30 Pro but thanks….

  43. What do you think of Nokia ozo audio

  44. Can't wait for the next pureview and hmd Nokia flagship

  45. bad review

  46. Why it doesnt have a dxomark score?????

  47. Can you unbox and review the nokia X7/nokia 8.1 and the new nokia X71. Thanks! More power and more viewers. 👍👍👍👊✌️

  48. 5g version late this year with bug fixes fixed

  49. People still loves NOKIA but NOKIA is not updating himself according to market demand and as per people's choice. I have samsung and Nokia 920. Too many times NOKIA fell from my pocket, even from some height but there is no scratch and no problem at all. i can bet no other phone can compare NOKIA's hardware quality but in matter of Software, Design, Performance it needs to improve a lot.

  50. NOPE

  51. 6:54 nokia must've coated it with Teflon, and forget about samsung, they dont even do big cameras right.

  52. This is purely for photography enthusiasts… Not for lads who just want click-upload..

  53. Thanks Michael, was thinking of getting this phone, but too many down falls. I wanna upgrade from my LG v30, but can't make up my mind. Latest flagships are way too expensive and no phone out there is perfect tbh.

  54. You don't need a dedicated camera button, you can use the Volume Rocker instead by changing the camera settings

  55. You can do better Night Camera Still Pictures in Nokia than Google Pixel, by Using Pro Mode. And increase the Shutter Speed.

  56. The dynamic range looks so incredible, it makes me sad I have to wait for V2 or V3 of this phone. I want to completely get rid of Google Pixel and Samsung Galaxy and never use them again because they have horrible DNR.

  57. I just remembered. How bout editing night shots in lightroom to makd it brighter

  58. Fingerprint sensor is fixed and the prosessing is faster now.

  59. The FISH!

  60. Poor nokia hanging on competing with god level phones better to stick to 3310

  61. I had this phone but didnt like it

  62. Hello Thanks For Your Hard Work I Appreciate it and Your Reviews are Awesome I Knew You From Pocket Now… Could You Please Make a Review About Samsung A70… Thanks

  63. Lol 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂. Nokia has never led the smartphone camera industry. It has and never will happen. You know better. I can understand that your forced to say this because Nokia gave you the device to create a video review about the device.

  64. The processing on the SNAPDRAGGON 845 is irrelevant in 2019.

  65. Dam this dude is eloquent af

  66. when I saw the finger print scanner…Im Done

  67. we just need the 1020 running android with upgraded specs (the xenon flash is the perfect solution for lowlight)

  68. The back camera design is so ugly! Ughh

  69. Google camera app makes a huge difference

  70. This device is going to be 499$ for Prime Day, so if you've wanted one, but was holding off because of the price, you might want to reconsider!

  71. The way you narrate your every review is so soothing and the same time convincing.

  72. Would love to see your input on the Nokia 9 after HMD's recent updates.

  73. Doesn't it come with 128GB standard? I mean, that's a lot of storage. Maybe not enough for everyone, but certainly enough for the large majority of people.

  74. The nokia 9's raws in lightroom rival my dslr's raws. Thats all photographers really need to know about the 9. Sure, it doesnt have a telephoto lens… but it shoots true monochrome better than any other phone on the market. I think this will be the goto phone for monochrome photography for some time.

  75. The entire team that worked on the in-display fingerprint sensor along with the testers who passed it, need to be spanked hard. It single-handedly destroys this phone.

  76. genuine review!

  77. What Nokia lacks is practicality and security. But still, Nokia is bold and deserves more attention in order to be able deliver better devices.

  78. My lumia 920 still working.. ☺☺

  79. Nokia 9.1 pureview is comeing later this year. All faulty delt with according to nokia. (Sd slot and better camera software hopefully) 🙂

  80. What an excellent review!

  81. Michael, your videos just keep getting better and better! Production quality is top-notch, but more importantly, you talk about the stuff that really matters. With a device like this, it's so easy to get carried away with the camera which, you rightly said, is the USP of the phone. But highlighting real-world issues like the buggy fingerprint scanner, the slippery surface, and the lack of storage – these are things that I feel are just as important – if not more, because these issues will impede your usage on a regular basis. Sometimes a phone just needs to be a phone.

    Keep up the great work! And sorry for the late comment. I'm in the market for a new device, and as a matter of principle, I never buy a phone that is just released. I wait 6 months to a year to let the software settle in and all the bugs to be fixed, which is why I'm only just watching this now.

  82. Nokia sucks

  83. Nokia lagged back then and lags now.

  84. Do a throwback video of Lumia 1020👍

  85. Just buy Canon/Nikon/Fuji etc… Leave photography with real cameras, start making phones better as PHONES

  86. the storage issue is addressed by the 3.1 USB protocol not the google app, if your pc also has a USB port of the same protocol you could transfer the whole storage capacity in that phone in under 5 minutes, unlike most phones which despite having USB type C only run on USB 2.0

  87. Hello Michael! Any chance of a review re-do since updates have been pushed?

  88. Hello and thank you for your reviews. I have been watching you since Pocketnow and consult your reviews before purchase. I am curious why you say there is no Micro-SD card ? I just checked Amazon: Nokia 9 PureView – Smartphone 4G (Screen 6" – 128Go ROM – 6Go RAM – Dual SIM or Nano + MicroSD.)

  89. This reminds me of the Nokia 1020 PureView phone. This was a good (but not great) phone which had various good (and not so good) features alongside the best phone camera on the market.

    I still have my Nokia 1020 phone. I am still very impressed by the 43Megabyte DNG Raw files that I was able to create.

    But the thing is , the Nokia 1020 , just like the Nokia 9, has a camera which although very good (probably the best on the market) is not far enough ahead of the competition to overcome the other weaknesses and flaws of the phone.

    I recently purchased a Huawei P20 Pro as my main phone (replacing the Nokia 1020). The Huawei produces amazing 80Megabyte DNG Raw files which are also very impressive (maybe a little to over saturated) . But just like the Nokia, it means that I have some great files to work with in Photoshop / Light Room.

    Either way, as you say, the bugs and flaws of the Nokia 9 need to be resolved if this brand is to really "take off".

  90. I like mine, love that Android is as close to stock as your going to get, the camera is fantastic, it’s fast, battery life is decent, what more do you want. All software features have been fixed, especially the heat issue and night shots, which is the best part about owning this phone, the updates, I get at least one per week for the camera. New filters, faster processing, they just keep coming. So there is some truth about this phone feeling like a beta but that’s okay because the camera hardware is spot on in every conceivable way. As for the large files, well I simply wrote a macro that automatically connects to my PC, uploads the photos, deletes photos. Took me all of 20 min. to write and prefect the procedure.

  91. I miss my Nokia 1020

  92. It's an awesome phone if your willing to edit the raw I love the idea of it but definitely not for everyone, I think it's a novel idea and hope they continue to work on it and improve it..

  93. Dxomark just left the chat lolest

  94. Quick update the fingerprint sensor works perfectly now as I just got my Nokia 9 and there is little to know issues logging in. Just remember to get a case to stop the slipperiness

  95. The price of it now is $449. I would've definitely bought it if it weren't for the in-display fingerprint sensor. Even the Nokia 6.2 and 7.2 have capacitive sensors that can bring down the notification shade.

  96. Nokia 7.2 is WAY Better.

  97. Yay for the camera, boo for everything else. The ROG phone is still the most complete, practical phone on the market. It would be great if Apple, Samsung and the like would quit focusing on bullshit buzzwords gimmicks.

  98. Nobody cares about the camera on a phone

  99. This phone has dropped in price dramatically, in Australia we can buy this phone for as cheap as AU$551 (US$381) which includes a Nokia warranty, not a grey import.
    Now it's been 9 months since this phone has come out, hopefully Nokia has addressed a lot of the software issues, if so then this phone becomes a really good mid-ranger instead of an overpriced flagship. I like Nokia phones, so does JerryRigEverything, he consistently talks about the build quality and the repairability of all Nokia phones.

  100. That was an honest review.

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