Nokia EDGE 2020 – Introduction!!!

Nokia EDGE 2020 – Introduction!!!

introducing Nokia as 2020 with infinite
possibilities this video is sponsored by envision T a
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the description a smartphone with a front back claws and aluminum frame ip68
dust water-resistant P OLED touchscreen and 6.3 inches full screen display
resolution 1440 by 30 40 pixels and 19 by 9 aspect ratio protected by Gorilla Glass six featured
always on display and HDR tab operating system and write them Paul called Snapdragon 800 65 processor with 8 10 GB of RAM and 1/2 it 256 GB of
flash memory 64 M people main camera LED flash 32 megapixels under displayed dual front
camera a 3.5 mm audio jack and USB 3.1 died see under display optical fast fingerprint
scanner 4320 mAh battery first batteries charging 45 watts and Qi
wireless charging 25 watts nokia has 20/20 infinite possibilities

21 thoughts on “Nokia EDGE 2020 – Introduction!!!

  1. Its pretty 😍 the price is pretty i bet too 😂

  2. Welcome
    Thanks for the video

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  4. 🇵🇰

  5. Another competitor for LG V60 smartphone

  6. Nokia Edge 2020 is OK your Ouron is work very Saaaa A your is go very tum is work very Saaaa your Is go OK 2019 very work is Ho Kay Not Is We Kay Do We work on a Kay Is Date, 2020 is Okay

  7. Nokia Edge 2020 is tum is tum is very saaaaa is work very Saaaa your Is go OK, Date 2021 okay

  8. Your videos are always cool in general

  9. Pop up! Camera rules! No more holes and notch… Please!!!

  10. Phone and review duel beautiful 😄

  11. I love you

  12. ,🤩🤩🤩🤩

  13. how much

  14. When iPhone and android have a baby

  15. Perfect from nokia….
    I am waiting you….😍😍😍

  16. OMG😍

  17. I love Nokia

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  19. rất đẹp nhưng là fastship cần trang bị chíp mạnh mẽ và dung lượng ram lớn hơn

  20. The same design of huawei X8

  21. Wow nice go nokia im back🤗🤗

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