Nokia Lumia 521 Smartphone Quick Look by Wirefly

Nokia Lumia 521 Smartphone Quick Look by Wirefly

The Nokia Lumia 521 for T-Mobile has a compact
design in a tapered vessel that fits just right in your hand. The removal back cover
hides a 1,430,000 powered battery that keeps the 521 going for nine hours of talk time
with 16 days of standby time. Tucked in by the removal battery is a place
to install micro sim card to get you connected to the T-Mobile network, and a place to increase
storage with the micro SD card. Powering the Lumia 521 is a one Gigahertz dual-core processor
in 512 Megabytes of RAM. It also has eight Gigabytes of on-board storage to keep your
music, movies and pictures. The colorful and active Windows phone eight
Operating System, running on the 521 looks fantastic thanks to the 480 by 800 screen
resolution on the four inch LCD display. Navigating the Operating System is easy thanks to the
super response of touch screen in the three navigation buttons at the bottom.
If you enjoy listening to music on your phone, the Lumia 521 offers you a standard 3.5 millimeter
headphone jack so you can use your existing headphones. To charge the 521, you simply
use the included micro USB charger that comes in the package to plug it into a standard
wall outlet, or into a USB port on a computer. Along the right side of the phone is the volume
up and down rocker switch, power and sleep button, and a dedicated camera shutter button.
Taking pictures on the Lumia 521’s five Megapixel primary camera is simple and quick
thanks to a shortcut that launches the camera application with a long press of the shutter
button. Using the shortcut will help you capture that quick picture opportunity without the
need to unlock your phone. With its excellent integration with all Microsoft products, the
Lumia 521 seamlessly integrates and displays information on live tiles on the home screen
for Microsoft exchange accounts, Outlook calendars, and even your Xbox Live account. Live tiles
provide you information from within the application without having to open up the application.
That’s a quick look at the Nokia Lumia 521 for T-Mobile. My name is Scott Lewis for Wirefly.
Thanks for watching.

4 thoughts on “Nokia Lumia 521 Smartphone Quick Look by Wirefly

  1. when are you going to get the htc one for t-mobile

  2. Hi Eman Davydov,
    The HTC One for T-Mobile is currently not available for us to purchase. As soon as we are able to get confirmation that they are on their way, we will put it back on the Wirefly site. I wish I had a date to tell you, but as of right now we do not know when they will be available for us to purchase.
    -Scott at Wirefly

  3. looks like my next phone, thanks for helping me make my decision.

  4. Hi 422happy,
    It does not have a front camera.
    -Scott at Wirefly

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