Nokia Lumia 530 / 530 Dual Sim замена экрана Как поменять дисплей и тачскрин

Nokia Lumia 530 / 530 Dual Sim замена экрана Как поменять дисплей и тачскрин

Hello dear viewers, good day to all Today I’ll show you how to replace touchscreen and display on the phone Nokia Lumia 530 This video will help those who want to replace touchscreen and display together or separately И давайте приступим к разбору Open the back cover Removing the battery And unscrew the screws on the perimeter on my channel also available more detailed video on disassembly of the phone, you can watch it by clicking on the abstract or on the link in the description Remove the rear housing part Disconnect the display flex cable and take out the motherboard extract conversational speaker And the next step will need to separate the display module from the frame This is done by heating the dryer along the perimeter of touchscreen and the separation of it blunt thin object The user of the phone told me that he tried to separate this module, but damaged sensor flex cable and let’s separate it neatly The most important is gently lead because here, I was supposed to be a sensor flex cable if you have a touchscreen in good condition and take out the display flex cable Are starting to separate display from the sensor Cut the flex cable of defective part I for example have a touchscreen carefully cut it if you have a faulty display, then cut the flex cable display But the display is not adhered around the perimeter of touchscreen so we spend string under display and carefully remove it Next you need to unsolder the remnants of the touchscreen flex cable from display flex cable Remove the protective film unstick flex cable from the display flex cable add a little flux and separate the old flex cable of touchscreen and we clean it all technical alcohol We put a new touchscreen to display and customize it under the tracks Carefully solder the data tracks Look what I got and check the display and the sensor on the disassembled phone Turn on the phone and check on the performance of touchscreen everything works, and let’s get down to the final assembly of the phone Remove the remnants of double-sided tape from the frame better to do it or a sharp object or alcohol I use alcohol All gently wipe dirt, glue, all is removed by alcohol Then turn over display and gently cleanse it Better to stick on the display bit special film overturn slightly presses And the next step will need to insert display and touchscreen in a frame But also do not forget to stick the protective film It can be both the old and the new and glue this module to the frame Peeled off the protective films from touchscreen and display, respectively Everything is done quite accurately nothing is damaged This touchscreen has kept on double-sided tape so I do not need to stick an adhesive tape Insert the display flex cable Convinces that the display into place, and put the touchscreen into place, turn over We press it all And a little pressing, keep a couple of minutes Further collect the phone in the reverse order Insert the battery close the back cover and again check the phone Everything is working Thank you all for watching, put Like Subscribe to my channel and my groups in other social networks links to its you will find in the description below the video

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  1. Все по теме, коротко и ясно. Без лишней болтовни и тряски камерой. Спасибо !

  2. Молодец, очень помогло твоё видео при замене тачскрина

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  4. Отличное видео, автору отдельная благодарность

  5. Спасибо, очень кстати, что нашёл это видео! Теперь постараюсь по нему заменить свой тачскрин

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