Nokia Lumia 620 Master reset

Nokia Lumia 620 Master reset

Swipe left to show the apps menu and tap “Settings” Scroll down and tap “about” Scroll down and tap “reset your phone” Tap “yes” to confirm Tap “yes” to confirm again

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  1. thanks

  2. cảm ơn nhìu nhá bây giờ mới bíêt đó tìm hoài


  4. good

  5. OMG! Thank you. Quick and simple

  6. My phone takes longer than 5 minutes loading the reset … I feel that to damage.

  7. Thank you.

  8. MY L620 wont hard reset!, it shows some gears turning but nothing else! its been 2h!

  9. does that clears contacts also

  10. Ifound a solution for the spinning gears! First hold down the volume + lock button it should restart wen yur at the attnt press volume up volume down lock and camera nd it should work!

  11. Thank you

  12. simplicity is the glory of expression.

  13. Super Facil

  14. thanks

  15. Thanks – it's dead easy when you know how!

  16. i tried to reset my lumia 620 and it's loading for endless time….help me out!!

  17. i am having the same problem. is your problem resolved???

  18. Thanks! It works!!!!

  19. Thx

  20. I never comment on youtube, this is the first time, I just want to say thank you for that video.

  21. Thanks youuuuuuu i did crazy things in my poor cellphone so thanks you!!! this video was very useful!

  22. without endles loading time 🙁 help me

  23. muito bom 🙂

  24. Thanx It worked =D

  25. Just like in Video. Thanks.

  26. damn my phone does that also :/ it's been like that for quite a while now, nothing's happening. is your problem resolved, did it work eventually?

  27. what happen that you needed to reset?

  28. Not working after not coming windows

  29. i have the same problem 🙁 …… did you find a solution ?

  30. i have the same problem …. did you find a solution ?

  31. me too ……. did you find a solution ?

  32. Thanks

  33. thanks

  34. gracias muy bueno!!!!!

  35. muy bueno y muy efectivo, very good and functional

  36. Hi Please help me I reset my phone and in circles and did not stop actuation to now
    please it,s new phone

  37. brother, i reset my phone 2nd time. but 2nd time it is taking very long time. it is formating since last 24hrs. and still formating… plz tell me y it happening . thx

  38. Thank you, I just got this phone and it is very hard when you never had Windows 8 before, so thanks 😉

  39. i have same problem dude.

  40. you,thanks very good

  41. thanks 😀 and greetings from argentina

  42. almost 24hr the gears rotating.. till my batt empty.. what should i do ? i keep rechrging my phone till i become so hott. im afraid that it might explode ! please anyone .. wht should i do ?

  43. thanks dude !

  44. ty ! it helped

  45. i cant get to the settings its continuosly getting restarted it by self, what should i do?

  46. TY

  47. Thank you so much, dude!
    If you have the same problem, use this tip.
    (It might take couple of trys to work :))

  48. But my one is taking hours to reset !! Please help me and I dont even have charge in my cell , now I plugged in my charger and the cell is not even charging and its not even resting !!

  49. good

  50. Brilliant, exactly what i wanted THANK YOU!!

  51. thAnkz… dont ever maKe a pHone lY k dZ

  52. somebody please help me.. these gears are keep on rotating…. what the hell in going on?? what should i do?

  53. Thank you for the tip. I appreciate it. God bless.

  54. how many years rotating this gears…?

  55. Gear keep rotate……

  56. microsoft and nokia are totally the dumbest software and hardware designers in the universe. when the phone is reset the gears keep on rotating for days

  57. Thanks… Much Appreciated 🙂

  58. Thank you!

  59. how do i clear all the contacts on the phone and please how do i sign out of windows live…

  60. Thank u! Greetings from Brazil

  61. Thank you

  62. thank u

  63. muito util

  64. thank u very very much……

  65. thank u very very much……

  66. thank u verry much ,,,,, from INDIA

  67. thnkzzz….

  68. very 9c..

  69. muito bom

  70. thanks ……

  71. Useless. Nokia users's guide show the procedure and says to apply before contact repair center.

  72. i did the same, after restarting, the wheel thing started, it has been in the same situation since more than 5-6 hours, what to do?? please help

  73. Merci beaucoup, grâce à toi, j'ai réussi à formater le téléphone.

  74. it takes time more than 2 days for reset lumia boarring

  75. Thank you from Honduras!!!

  76. fmz obrigado "salvo" valeu brother um fort abrç 

  77. Quick, simple and useful. Thanks! 

  78. Great information!  Quick. Simple. Thanks! 

  79. after reseting my 620..the gears symbol coming ….till my battery getting drained….whats the reason..?

  80. ok

  81. respect bro

  82. i have a problem with lumia 620 .when i did the master reset it take to long time all most two day already and still showing the icon . how can i do to resolve it

  83. tnx!

  84. вот придурак , так каждый дурак знает как это делать , дибил 

  85. i reset my lumia620 yesterday but until now it no open?? what happen?

  86. very good

  87. thank u

  88. i had to rempve my sim to do it

  89. simples e pratico, gostei

  90. OK!

  91. Excellent , very, very good !!! Congratulations on the channel and the tips !!!

  92. Quick and easy! Thanks!

  93. that is not a master reset that is not even a force reset!!!!!

  94. helpful

  95. Helped.Thanks

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