Nokia Lumia 822 hands-on (Verizon)

Nokia Lumia 822 hands-on (Verizon)

>>IFI MAJID: Hi. So, I’m super thrilled
to talk to you about Lumia 822 today. Today, we announced it with Verizon. It’s going
to be available around the Q4 timeframe. Here’s the device itself. You can first of all see,
it’s beautiful, it’s glossy white. I have got the wireless charging cover on the back
here, which basically means that I’m able to just put it on any of our wireless charging
accessories over there and it instantly starts charging. Let me tell you a little bit about the phone.
First thing about the phone is, it’s a 4.3 inch wide VGA 800×480 display. It’s a ClearBlack
display as well. So basically, when you’re outside, you’re going to be able to see
it really, really well. So, I‘ll take you through a little bit of
my phone. So, first of all, you can see Verizon, so happy that they are one of our partners
on board Windows Phone. I got my Nokia email there. You can see my PeopleHub, the people
that are important to me, my wife and myself, so I can see. Then we have Nokia Music which is really cool,
because it’s completely ad free, subscription free music service. And what you are able
to do here is be able to stream music for our massive catalogue of music tracks. And
here what I’ve done is I’ve actually got a mix that I actually have downloaded offline,
and I’ve pinned it to my home screen and also in Xbox Music, you can do some podcasts,
so you can see some podcasts that I’ve actually put on my home screen as well. I’ll take you through the apps in a second.
Then I have like my Nokia Drive, which is completely free turn-by-turn navigation. We
have also got street names on that as well. One of the other big improvements that we’ve
made to it as well. You can see my calendar, you can see the photos. Actually with Windows
8, it actually goes into the full screen here as well. And you can see the different live
titles and the different apps that I have here. One cool thing that we have and Steve was
talking about it on stage is Data Sense, so you can see how much you’re actually using.
So, here we are using 151 megabytes of cellular and WiFi, so you can make sure that you’re
always in time in terms of the amount of content that you are using. So, let me quickly take you through one of
the key applications that I really like, which is Nokia City Lens. I think it’s a really
cool lens, let’s see if it’s going to work there. So, first of all, it’s an application
that is going to be integrated into Map soon and you’re able to see all around the different
areas. So, first of all, it knows I’m in San Francisco, and it knows that I’m – I
just need to calibrate the compass, there you go, because we are inside – so then
I can instantly see what’s nearby. So, here I can see that close by a Sang Kee
restaurant or Rainbow Star or whatever it is nearby. So, I can see that one for example.
It brings up the Map screen. And it’s using the dual-core 1.5 gig processor on the device
over LTE. It brings up the restaurant or whatever it is. I can see photos, reviews, what’s
nearby, what’s it about, et cetera. So, that’s really cool, and then I go back
to the City Lens view. And actually when I’m like this and I’m looking for places, that’s
when I’m out and about, I can do that. But actually then, when I’m actually walking,
I want to have it in the palm of my hand, so I can see what’s nearby as well. And
actually then, when I put it flat what it should do, when I put it absolutely flat,
it’s going to the Map’s mode. So, that was quickly around City Lens, a really
cool feature that we’ve got on the Lumia 822 with Verizon. Yeah, it was actually said on stage that it’s
actually $99 with a rate plan with Verizon and they will come up and tell you what the
rate plan actually is involved. Timing and availability: we’re aiming to
get it out around November time. We want to get it out in time for Black Friday. We know
you guys are going to love it. And we can’t wait for you guys to use it. Tell us how much
you like it. We are super proud of that.>>MARK GUIM: Awesome. Thanks a lot.>>IFI MAJID: Thank you.

32 thoughts on “Nokia Lumia 822 hands-on (Verizon)

  1. beautiful phone.

  2. When I first seen the pics of the 822, I was sort of let down by it. Now, since you showed it off on camera, it does look much better than just the pics of it. Would've also been nice if Verizon could have gotten the 920 as well.

  3. It's me, or this phone is too thick…

  4. Why 3 new lumia i think one would be suffisiant the 920 only but no nokia loose money and put a 820 and 822

  5. Does not allow playback on iPad? Heck you need all the exposure you can get. Fix this please.

  6. Incredibly thick!

  7. it's got the wireless charging cover on the back of it.
    To be fair to the guy, he does say it right at the start

  8. I swear the picture on stage said $49….. wtf now its $99?

  9. I love how fast it calibrated the compass

  10. Tons of Lumia 😀 There's Lumia 610, 710, 800, 900 and the news ones 510, 820, 822 and 920…

  11. wider range just like android!!

  12. Didn't come into this expecting much, but that was a good vid. I use idevices, but these live tiles in particular are quite interesting.

  13. ABOVE & BEYOND!!!!!!

  14. I like the 822 and the WP OS is new and modern. It is reasonably priced at $49 ($99 – $50 Rebate). I think the back cover has "wireless charging"which adds to the thickness. I'm looking forward to getting this phone.

  15. Why are both the Lumia 920 and the Lumia 822 retailing at $449.99, and both are pre-ordering at $99? Here I thought the Lumia 920 was a somewhat superior phone. I'm tired of phone carriers and manufactures playing games.

  16. man I thought I was set on the 8x, but I'm hearing some build quality issues with it from AT&T customers. I might just 8x first, and if it's no good, return it for the 822. I love City Lense and all the camera and navigation apps!

  17. This is what happens when you do speed before recording a demo. I thought the guy was about to have a heart attack in the middle of the video! BTW if you look at the phone on VZW it looks humongous and is definitely not as attractive as the 920. What the hell is up with that Verizon? AT&T gets the 920 and also has the HTC 8X in a 8g as well as the 16 which Verizon offers. I'm still smelling dissent from VZW in how they treated the windows phone as the bastard child of smart phones all over again

  18. what about the price….?? can anyboady tell…..

  19. @pedeohh there's the 2 year contract price as well as commitment price



  21. My contract is coming up on Verizon and I was really hoping for the 920 (AT&T suxs here and I would rather switch back to a non-smart phone then sign up with them). The 822 doesn't look pretty. Its almost as thick as my Droid Charge that I bought almost two years ago. I like the other features and would prefer that the 2 yr contract price be $50 for the 822 just like AT&T offers for their 820. I'm disappointed but definitely looking into the HTC Droid DNA now. Sorry microsoft, maybe next time.

  22. @lmotyzd Yeah this site is just giving out 100% free Black Apple iPad 4's for today only. You do have to be from the U.S though but it's all real, I claimed my one a few minutes ago. Get in quick!


  24. The 920 is pretty massive too, and it weighs more than the 822. And what about the HTC 8X? Much sleeker than either the 920 or the 822.

  25. how is the voice commands and voice texting on this device is it similar and or better then siri as far as accuracy and ease of use ?

  26. Cant wait im getting that phone next week

  27. Upgraded my phone from the HTC Trophy (WP7) to the Nokia Lumia 822.. it should be arriving tomorrow. I can't wait!

  28. anything yet on the phone? I get mine on Wednesday.. moving up from boost evo….

  29. @Craig Lambaria – Yes, I'm loving the Lumia! Comparing it to the Evo it's about the same height and depth, just a little wider in width. is amazing. Very fast processor.

  30. Damn, accidentally sent that reply before I was finished.

    *Camera is amazing. Very fast processor. Big, clear, beautiful screen (However lower res. than the Evo). I really hope you like it when you get yours next week. I'm definitely glad I upgraded to the 822 🙂

  31. Nokia Lumia 822 is okay

  32. Yes, lumia sucks. we have four of them. They are not compatible with ANYTHING. I can't even text friends because my imogees blank out the text message on their iphones!!! AGAIN NOT compatible. VERIZON  never told us these phones were not compatible with anyting.   2 phones will not charge properly. Verizon says they're not their phones! I am just buying their service! 🙂  Wont do anything about phones and still 1 yr. left on 2 yr. contract. Don't trust what they tell you in the store! WHICH IS NOTHING!!!

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