Nokia (previously Withings) Body Cardio WiFi Scales Review

Nokia (previously Withings) Body Cardio WiFi Scales Review

Hello, this is very quick look at the
Withings, now Nokia, Body Cardio scales. These are a set of smart scales, really
nicely designed, look really cool I’ve got a white version but other colours are
available. There’s really not much to them, as you can see they are just a set
of scales, but you will find a USB port and button on the side. The battery on
this lasts absolutely ages, charge via USB, I’ve had this about six months haven’t had to charge it yet. Comes with a set of
instructions to help you get set up and started although it’s pretty easy as
you’ll mostly be using the excellent app that guides you through the setup
process and the manual just helps you understand what kind of data you’ll be
able to see. The scales have a small screen on them and you won’t need that
straightaway because you’ll be using the app just to set this up so you will need
an account setup and once you’ve got that set up you’ll be able to pair this
with your scales and then set up the Wi-Fi connection so you’ll need your
Wi-Fi password. Once that’s all in place you won’t need to do this again because
these scales will automatically talk to your accounts online. You can invite
others to use your scales and you can also set yourself a target so this will
now show up in your app along with any other devices you have it gives you
battery level and various other settings you can play with. In use, very simple you
just have to get used to standing on them daily and the little screen at the
bottom will give you your weight and from that it will identify the users so
you can use this with multiple users once it’s giving your weight it will
give you a nice little graph just to show you how you’re doing on the on the
weight it gives you your fat percentage and various other statistics will now be
shown and you can edit which ones are shown or hidden via the app. It also
gives you a little weather forecast so you can see if you’re gonna need an
umbrella and it measures your heart rate and shows you your pulse wave velocity. I
don’t really know what pulse wave velocity is and I have to admit after
six months I still don’t know what it is they do a pretty poor job of explaining
that to you. The data itself is stored in the brilliant app they’ve already put
out a little notice say although Nokia have taken over they’re still supporting
all the Withings hardware and as you go through the app you can see all the
different stats here’s a section that allows you to show
some stats and hide others, so if you aren’t measuring your sleep you don’t
want to see that it will just show nothing, and when you go back into the
main app you’ll see all the various statistics being shown. I really like the
Nokia environment they’ve picked up a great provider in Withings and
they’re adding to it. They’ve got these various programs that you can have, you’ve
got all sorts of options for viewing your data so here’s a graph showing my
data over time. Now I’ve had smart scales for quite a few years so you can see I can
zoom right in and then right back out over years and you can see various body
compositions. Body water percent is new so you can see us only the last six
months are being shown rather than the full four or five years that I’ve had
smart scales. The website provides similar amount of information so you can
check it either on your app or you can log in on the website so you can see
it’s got the timeline view with daily steps this has been pulled from
Google Fit because you can link your account up with all sorts but you can
quite easily go into the detail just by clicking through and again you can see a
year-long graph and you can zoom in on this it’s very nicely presented and
you’ve got a lot of options some kind of options as you had on the app is perhaps
a little bit easier to see. It’s worth noting the while the app and website and
device look pretty slick sometimes the device itself doesn’t always collect
measurements correctly so it’s normally on the heart rate one you see it’s got
the X and that means you either have to forego that particular measurement or
step off and step on again. If you want to learn more about this product I’ll put a link in the description below. If you found this short review useful
please consider him the subscribe button. Thanks for watching, I’ll see you next

7 thoughts on “Nokia (previously Withings) Body Cardio WiFi Scales Review

  1. They put the ugliest feet on there.

  2. Beautiful toenail polish, mate! 🙂

  3. Hola, es mejor la Garmin smart scale?

  4. Thanks Mark, I have IPhone X and Fitbit and so looking for a smart body scale , cheers

  5. Can you weight yourself multiple times a day? Ideally I want to check my stats twice, morning and night, but I understand some days it might not be possible.

  6. Do you think that having the heart rate info really does make a difference when compared with the Nokia Body + which does not have this function?

  7. Scale worked awesome for 11 months. On Dec. 16, 2018 it appeared to do some update and then the battery kept running down and scale kept resetting. I have a $13 dollar digital Kmart Scale that is 20 years old and an antique scale over 70 years old. This Nokia/Withings scale is expensive junk. I think it was programmed to fail. They offered 25% off a new one. Why would I want a new one when the first one is junk?

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