Nokia Steel HR Hybrid Smartwatch: Know Yourself

Nokia Steel HR Hybrid Smartwatch: Know Yourself

Tick Tock Rise Go Splish Splash Inhale Exhale [breathing] Look See Smile You read the watch and it reads you Know yourself with the Nokia Steel HR hybrid

26 thoughts on “Nokia Steel HR Hybrid Smartwatch: Know Yourself

  1. I love nokia

  2. Awesome

  3. I loved it💖🇮🇳

  4. Nice

  5. Nokia, Bring your product (Smartphone, Smartwatch, etc) faster than Samsung! You should be learn how the Samsung get the Market. Don't make a fans wait for long! Love You -Indonesian Fans.

  6. Excellent

  7. Please don't sell withings.

  8. How much will this be for in the uk?

  9. My favorite watch is a nokia go

  10. Wow no dislikes till now

  11. Own it. It just great

  12. Please have IOS compatibility…

  13. It is a wonderful product!!!!

  14. Looks nice

    Kapan ya Nokia mau membuat hp Nokia S9 Max Pro Dual Kamera Utama 42MP+41MP+Dual LED Flash sangat mendukung untuk berfoto ataupun Live Video di kegelapan dan Dual Kamera depan 24MP+23MP+LED Flash sangat menunjang untuk berfoto selfie ataupun Live Video
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  16. This is the best. 🙂 #LoveNokia

  17. I do not like nokia 9 with rabbit ears, please do not do that

  18. Wow ow…beast is getting stronger in market day by day…love u Nokia

  19. Finally elegant looking smart watches. I think I'm going to buy them.

  20. No blood pressure or oxygen. Yuck!

  21. uh nokia lumia 930 😮 0:22

  22. Steel HR is faulty product and don`t work at all as advertised! Bought Steel HR from Withings, it had fogging problem, they made replacement but problem was still there. After Nokia came in they replaced my already once replaced Steel HR with Nokia`s version – fogging problem was solved, but another problem showed up – Steel HR has constant problems with syncing with their app (in fact – there`s no sync at all as app can`t connect with watches). Customer service is awfull – their only proposed solution was to try factory reset and re-install app; when nothing from that worked, they simply sent information that they have found out that my phone (Huawei P9) isn`t compatible with their app, and their suggestion is to find another device for using their app. In my opinion it`s deliberate misleading of customers, as on their website you will not find any warnings about compatibility issues under product description, or in advertisings, or even on user guide (where they have stated that Steel works with BLE compatible Android devices, and my device is such), and when you choose to buy Steel HR they also don`t warn you to ckeck compatibility. After I asked for refund as I can`t use their product without sync with app, they tried to trick me that they only have 30 days refund rule and also added that they consider that replacement of my fogging Steel HR was done for free, so they don`t have reason for refund. After I wrote back them that I ask for refund based on 2 years warranty that`s obligatory in EU, they replied with copy-paste of description of factory reset process. If I got it right they simply told "f.. off".

  23. Nokia one love!!!

  24. I fell in love this <3

  25. Been a Samung fan for years ,But just purchased a Nokia 6.1 and a Nokia HR watch (Birthday Present to my self),love them both ,love the Android One software (no bloatware) and love the watch …

  26. When it will be in Indian market?

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