Nokia X2-02

Nokia X2-02

Nokia X2-02. Expected Q4 2011. The Nokia X2-02 is the third variation of
this particular handset, following on from last year’s original Nokia X2 and the unlovely
X2-05. It might seem that these old products are
hanging around Nokia’s line-up like a bad smell, but the X2-02 is a rather interesting
device with some useful features compared to the original X2, and with a price ticket
of just €60 then it looks like pretty decent value overall. This is a dual-SIM device, so it can support
two active SIM cards at the same time. The second SIM card can be hot swapped via a slot
in the side. There is also a built-in SIM manager that can support up to five different
SIMs. The X2-02 is a dual-band GSM device that supports
GPRS and EDGE data, so it is hardly a speed demon when it comes to connectivity. On the
front is a simple 2.2″ 240 x 320 pixel TFT display, on the back is a basic 2 megapixel
camera. It gets more interesting when you see that
the X2-02 also has an MP3 player, Bluetooth 2.1, has a microSD slot and an FM radio. One
very unusual feature in a phone of this price is an FM transmitter, so you can play music
from the phone onto a stereo or car audio system.. or even another phone with an FM
receiver. Another slightly interesting feature is that
the FM antenna is integrated into the case, so you don’t need to plug in the headphones
to act as an aerial. The speaker on the X2-02 is very loud (rated at 106 phon) so it makes
a useful standalone radio or music player. Although this is only a 2.5G device, it does
come with the new Nokia Browser which is designed to optimise the web over slow links. There
is also support for social networking and instant messaging, plus Nokia Life Tools in
certain markets. The X2-02 runs the new facelifted version of Series 40, and although it isn’t
a smartphone you can still download Java applications to run on it. The relatively large 1020mAh battery gives
up to 9.7 hours talktime and 18.5 days standby time. The X2-02 weighs 93 grams and measures
113 x 50 x 15mm. Of note is that the standard sales package includes a stereo wired headset
but no microSD card. The Nokia X2-02 should be available by the
end of the year in a wide variety of colours.

20 thoughts on “Nokia X2-02

  1. Where are the subtitles?

  2. @Coolflame00 Press the "cc" button on the bar under the video.

  3. Rather disappointing, yet again. Jeez, Nokia.

  4. europeans & north americans may feel that such devices are a bad smell….but they have a huge market in africa, south asia & latin americas…. take for example india… India has the world's second-largest mobile phone users with over 865 million…..and more than 70% of this market consists of low budget devices…such as this…so there's no question about nokia discontinuing such handsets…

  5. @urmumzfat strange that i couldnt see the subtitles this morning but now i can

  6. i like it,

  7. 3 assss holllesss 😛 😀

  8. I bought yesterday.
    Sound clear. Speakers very very loud. Reception quality clear.
    Need good earplugs.
    MP3 cannot be set as a ringtone. It has 2 b converted in aac format.
    Unlimited SMS.
    Nokia browser is bad. I downloaded Opera mini n working better.
    Dual sim works good.
    Battery backup good with 2.2" screen.
    I used almost every function from the phone and found great overall gadget.
    Overall It worth more than what i expected from a phone costing Rs.3,350/-.
    Expect less, u'll love more.

  9. @mili12367 about the dual-sim! it's dual-active or dual-standby? in every review i read it was told about this easy-swap stuff and it's notthat clear for me! while talking with some1 on one sim the other is active or not, can u receive calls!?

  10. Dual sim active at the same time.
    Didnt u see him mention it in the video?

  11. what about protecting case?can't find anywhere,why?

  12. nokia dont need protection… try some Chinese general merchandising shops they have soft gel protectors.

  13. hie viewers.if anyone knows wether whatsapp is avaiable for this phone please tell me..Thanks

  14. Dude, MP3 can be set as ringtone. I change everyday 🙂

  15. coz its a cheap phone

  16. no u cant receive calls on other sim while talking on one. I confirmed it from a nearby store

  17. very good in this price range. Alhough you cannot compare with JBL 🙂

  18. Very nice mobile phone relaunch this phone

  19. I want buy this phone and in any website is not founded this phone

  20. Ye mobile kisi ke pas he Dabba pack.

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