Nokia X2 – Android, Bigger Screen (4.3 Inch), Dual SIM and Low Price (99 Euros / Rs. 8,100)

Nokia X2 – Android, Bigger Screen (4.3 Inch), Dual SIM and Low Price (99 Euros / Rs. 8,100)

Microsoft’s Nokia has unveiled a low price
and Bigger screen android based smartphone named as Nokia X2. Nokia X2 is provided with a 1.2GHz dual-core
Snapdragon processor, a 5MP camera, 4.3-inch display, dual-sim, and 15GB of inbuilt storage
space. It is coming in various colours like green, orange, black, yellow and grey. Nokia X2 will compete with dual-SIM models
like Moto G, HTC Desire and Samsung Duos. 80 per cent of the low cost smartphones sold
in India are dual SIM devices. India is the fastest growing smartphone market
globally with over 44 million smartphones sold last year. It is estimated that people in china and India
will buy more than 100 million dual-SIM smartphones in 2016. Although the Nokia X2 is running Android,
the OS has been heavily modified to look more like a Windows Phone interface. Nokia has also included a home key in this
Nokia X2 version. Microsoft apps will come pre-loaded on to
the phone including “some Xbox games”, OneDrive cloud storage and Outlook. Besides Fastlane, X2 is equipped with another
navigation option – the brand-new ‘apps list’ – which keeps the home screen clear for most
used apps, bringing it in line with the existing Lumia experience Nokia says that X2 is available “immediately
in select countries globally” Nokia X2 will be priced at 99 euros (around
Rs 8,100) The announcement for this Nokia X2 smartphone
gave surprise to many people who believed that Nokia X smartphone range was dead after
Microsoft’s acquisition of Nokia’s devices and services business. Nokia x2 has the design and durability that
Nokia phones are famous for, and it can run your favorite Android apps. The Nokia x2 has
The Back key and home key for your convenience. The back key lets you flip through your most
recent actions or you can long press the Back key to see all the app’s you have open. Now
you can carry on flipping through them or easily close them to conserve battery life.
The home key takes you back to the start screen. The Nokia x2 has three home screens. On the
Start screen you can organize all your favorite apps. swipe to the left and you get your full of
app list which also has a search function. Swipe to the right from the start screen,and
you get the FastLane, a unique feature to Nokia phones. Scroll up to see your calendar entries, below
is your music where you can play pause or skip tracks.
if you scroll down further, you can see your most-used aPps.
You can jump back into games, instant messengers,social media, email, whatever. And if you want to
remove something from Fastlane,just long press and select the cross.
The Nokia x2 also comes with free voice-guided navigation through here maps which also works
offline. Keep your data plan under control. some cool Microsoft apps also come pre-installed. OneDrive to save and share your photos, videos
and other files. Email with Outlook, OneNote and some xbox
games. The X-two even has a front facing camera which
is perfect for making the Skype calls. To get to the main camera you just press the
lock button, and swipe left. To access your most common settings just swipe down on the
screen. Here you can manage WiFi,Bluetooth, Data, Location services,and more.
You can also swipe for notifications from any Apps you have opened. Here you can see
Calls, social media updates, and more. Finally you can easily switch between two
SIMs with convenient Dual-SIM short-cut.

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  1. Shit i bought the nokia x . 

  2. do we hav google play store  in diz mobile ?

  3. when is it available.?

  4. when it is available in India and what is the price?

  5. I said that go with the google

  6. can I ask.? nokia x2 no light on navigation key and the flash was color yellow..? thanks

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