Nokia X3 Touch and Type (X3-02)

Nokia X3 Touch and Type (X3-02)

Nokia X3 Touch and Type. Expected Q3 2010. The Nokia X3 Touch and Type (or Nokia X3-02)
is a midrange “candy bar” phone with the very unusual addition of a small touchscreen. Pitched to sell at about €125 before tax
and subsidy, the X3 Touch and Type offers a very respectable number of features for
the money. On the back is a 5 megapixel camera with QVGA video capture at 20 frames per second.
The X3 Touch and Type is a 3.5G phone supporting HSPA high-speed data and also WiFi, plus a
multimedia player and FM radio. The 2.4″ 240 x 320 pixel display is about standard for
a monoblock phone like this, but the inclusion of a touchscreen certainly does make it interesting. At first glance, the X3-02 looks perfectly
normal.. but then you might notice the unusual arrangement of the keypad. This four-column
arrangement moves the star, hash and zero keys over to the right hand side.. but we’re
really not sure what Nokia are trying to achieve with this. The touchscreen is a basic resistive panel,
Nokia are expecting customers to use a mix of the keypad and touchscreen depending on
what they are doing. Of course, quite a lot of Nokia devices now have touchscreens, but
this is much smaller than the rest. This is a very lightweight phone at 78 grams
and measuring 104 x 48 x 9.6mm. Talktime on 3G is quoted as 3.5 hours, or 5 hours on GSM.
Available colours are White Silver, Dark Metal, Petrol Blue, Pink and Lilac. Other applications include an email client,
a “Communities” client that allows access to Facebook and Twitter, Instant Messaging
and access to the Ovi Store. But one other very surprising feature about the X3 Touch
and Type is that this isn’t a smartphone, instead it runs a touch-enabled version of
the simple but familiar Series 40 operating system, not a million miles away from last
year’s Nokia 6208c in concept. It’s quite clever to get Series 40 to do these
things, but putting this level of development into a platform that Nokia themselves want
to replace with Symbian seems like waste of effort.. even if we do rather like the idea
of the X3 Touch and Type. The market isn’t exactly crying out for midrange
candy bar phone with a small touchscreen, but that could just be that the market doesn’t
know that it wants one yet. Who knows.. after this all phones like this might be touchscreen
phones, or perhaps this will just end up as a forgotten oddity. But it is certainly an
interesting attempt to redefine the market. Nokia say that the X3 Touch and Type should
be available this quarter in the UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Russia,
China, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Yemen and Saudi Arabia. Other markets should follow.

44 thoughts on “Nokia X3 Touch and Type (X3-02)

  1. i want one!!!

  2. All that with 125 euro!

  3. its touch.. what would you need the d-pad for lol

  4. Nice S40, i miss it a lot. Lucky ones to get this "Nokia X3 ToTy"

  5. Only pictures…

  6. It so nice…….

  7. I think it'll be big. It's put sentiment and current together. A lot of people will appreciate its simplicity and versatility.

  8. i want thiiiiiiiiis *A*

  9. Nokia X3-02 or HTC Wildfire? Please reply =]

  10. but the most important is "PRICE"

  11. Does the wifi works good?

  12. i cant figure out how to set it to vibrate…can anyone help me = =

  13. i have been using this phone for nearly a month and i can say this phone sucks!!
    get on my nerve because after some time the touch screen just kind of goes haywire…
    but i do admit i like some features: its very slim and light, kind of water resistence i think cos i drop it in a bucket of water when it fall out of my pocket and when i quickly take it out its still working fine…

  14. @sonkan1991 no, my ipod touch 2nd generation is way better!
    plus the web browser sucks

  15. i'm getting a black one but i want a pink one T___T

  16. Narration very much like news reading

  17. I,m gooing to have the white one!!

  18. I got the White one tonight an it is awesome

  19. i have one..color pink its nice

  20. Has anyone noticed its 5MP camera isnt worth it? Its quality is like an old 1.3MP camera (Nokia 6630). and does anyone know how to record MP4 Video using this phone? According to the nokia website.. it supports recording of mp4 format.

  21. Touch screens are getting smaller and smaller, eg . new ipod nano!

  22. which is better? c3-01 or x3-01 or xpress5800? now im very confused…

  23. i have the lilac one , but i don't know to use the wi-fi >.<

  24. I bought this phone yesterday and it's great at an affordable price as well. I sure hope they make more phones like this in the future, one of the reasons being a preference with text messaging on a keypad as I think it's a lot faster/effective than any other touch screen phone device out there. Good job Nokia.

  25. @MegaDj61 no

  26. i love this phone!!!!! been using the wireless connectivity of my internet and downloading some muzic and applications. hahaha! great touch & type features! 😉

  27. how do you diffrentiate between a smart phone and a basic phone or a normal phone.??

  28. Nokia is also a city in Finland.

  29. my nokia x3-02 does not support youtube via wifi. please help!!!!

  30. my nokia x3-02 does not support youtube via wifi. please help!!!!

  31. ….and now the news!!!!!! ha ha ha

  32. does it have a threaded sms feature?

  33. just got offered one of these through orange, as i already have a Nokia and hate it i think i'll wait a bit longer

  34. I have the phone now its very simple and easy to carry everywhere 😀

  35. This guy has no idea what the hell he is talking about…. I just got my Nokia X3 and it is absolutely a great phone that's worth every penny. It's not going to be a forgotten commodity…

  36. The black is the beautiful color

  37. @MrDestiny80 Only nokia is cool Other companies Sucks. It was the first and it is the best. Now, In an year a new nokia is gonna be release, I donno the name. Which is lighter, Faster, Better core performance, Awesome wi-fi which will beat the Iphone's business. And Galaxy will be out also.

    And you can use he money you use to buy that darn Galaxy to buy a Dell venue.

  38. nice hardware…POS software, hangs/crashes every time…

  39. I am so tired of Android. I want a PHONE where I can read my Exchange emails/calender. I really like the design and the feel but It lacks Exchange support and there seems to be some trouble with the screen. Nokia have yet to understand that they should not distinguish between business and resut of us. We all want a good looking phone that WORKS.

  40. 1:17 there giving more room on the screen and a wider screen

  41. i love this phone!

    …but unfortunately the wi-fi function in this crap doesn't love me..

  42. 100th comment!! 🙂

  43. @WXB1973 can you tell me whats problem is with wifi…coz i,m gonna buy this phone…

  44. I wanna be on top comment 🙁

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