NuForce Air DAC iWireless iPod/iPhone System

NuForce Air DAC iWireless iPod/iPhone System

12 thoughts on “NuForce Air DAC iWireless iPod/iPhone System

  1. this is a great device!!!!!! btw ur channel and mobile audio is amazing!!!

  2. i hope this channel will NEVER stop making videos becuse im NEVER goinng to stop watching them!….

  3. Thanks!
    … and yes, this device is fantastic. It actually works really well (like most NuForce products).

  4. It's a good idea but, I'd rather just plug my iPod directly using a 3.5 mm to RCA adapter.

  5. "wireless" and "high quality" dont go together, but thats just me

  6. Yup! It offers CD-quality sound with basically no latency, and with about a 15-30 meter range.

    So you'd be fine if you are just going across the room.

  7. sounds expensive

  8. Now make this for a 2011 Mustang to plug in and defeat to factory nab! I've purchased a audiocontrol LCQ-1 tried to install it. Quickly returned it as it didn't work with the way the factory wired the car.

  9. Thanks! We're glad you like it. Stay tuned for more stuff to come! 🙂

  10. @TheGreatRegulator100 You must've mistaken me for someone who actually cares about your what you think.

  11. @TheGreatRegulator100 Really? You're obviously a miserable person who can't handle someone's opinion. Good luck with your personal issues.

  12. around 200$

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