OnePlus 6 vs iPhone X: Camera Comparison Test!

OnePlus 6 vs iPhone X: Camera Comparison Test!

what’s going on everyone this is Dom and
today we’re talking about the iPhone 10 and the one plus six and more
specifically doing a blind camera test between the two of these which I’ll
explain in a little bit I partnered up with oneplus and they took me to London
and I got hands-on and up close with the oneplus 6 at that event if you want to
see that video I will leave it linked below for you but we’re taking a look at
these two guys and well hop it over to the iPhone 10 here as you know we have a
12 megapixel sensor with an aperture of f-18 and a secondary 12 megapixel sensor
with a telephoto lens that has an aperture of f2
to the 1 plus 6 we have a main shooter that’s 16 megapixels F 1.7 aperture and
a secondary 20 megapixel camera which only lends itself to portrait mode so
we’re not really gonna be focusing on that instead we’re going to do some
basic tests here and say hey what happens when you point the camera at
something and take a photo which one does better and like I said we’re gonna
do this as a blind camera test which I’m going to ask you which photos you prefer
ones from the iPhone 10 ones from the 1 plus 6 and I want you to tell me which
one you prefer and you can leave those answers in the comments below if you’d
like it’s gonna be interesting to see which photos you pick and then when you
find out which smartphone it came from let me know if you were right about your
guesses and things like that so without further ado let’s get into it so with
the first photo here you can see on the Left photo a has a lot more contrast
than photo B and actually prefer photo a for that specific reason alone so with
the second photo here this is more of a low-light shot and actually prefer how
photo be handled the background over photo a which is a little more
overexposed so with photo 3 it’s doing the same
thing here and you probably already know which one is which but I actually prefer
photo B because you can see a lot more details like keeping a little hairs on
the Leafs you can make out so with photo number 4 this is one of those were
actually appreciate the color reproduction of B over a well because I
was there and I took the shots and yes that’s what it looks like
so with photo number five this one’s definitely a close one almost a draw but
I do prefer the detail showing on photo B / photo a but let me know what you
think now photo six is quite the opposite because I prefer a that
preserved more the details in the highlights than photo B so with photo 7
we have a bit more contrast going on in photo a then photo B and actually prefer
the look of photo B in this instance so photo number 8 is a super low-light shot
and actually like how there’s more detail showing on photo B then photo a
but this is a tough one so with photo number 9 I noticed a bit more yellowing
happening on photo a / photo B so my choice is B so this last one comes down
to highlights and I’m not a fan of how photo eight highlights are pretty
overblowing when compared to photo B so my choice is B you know I’ve always been
a fan of photos on the iPhone 10 and the oneplus six has a fantastic camera as
well and which one is better is somewhat subjective at times but I will say that
one plus has done a very good job as of lately making their camera quality
top-notch and if you want to see my answers for which photos that I prefer I
will leave those down in the description for you so be sure to check those out in
a full gallery for all these photos will be down there as well if you want to see
the full resolution photos for yourself sometimes we get so caught up in brands
and names and specs and features and stuff that we actually forget to just
you know look at the photos and and see what they look like but I want to know
your thoughts about this whole thing in the comment section below and if you
enjoyed this video feel free to leave a thumbs up and also subscribe for more
coverage like this coming up in the near future thank you so much for watching
everybody I really appreciate it this is DOM and I’ll catch you in the next video

29 thoughts on “OnePlus 6 vs iPhone X: Camera Comparison Test!

  1. Better

  2. One plus 6 kids just want iPhone's because of popularity but the x does have some good perks but im all android.

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  4. The op

  5. 1,000th comment

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  8. 👍

  9. Can you download fortnite on it

  10. One plus better

  11. I need phone pls give me one of there

  12. My potato takes batter pictures than both of these phones and I'm a Fan of Both Android and Apple 😬 (100% Fact)

  13. I thought that phone tower said despacito wtf

  14. He’s biased because one plus sent him to London

  15. I should've done a tally because I was back & forth between the 2.

  16. I got the iPhone X about the time it was released and for the people who are thinking about getting it go for it, it is the best phone I have ever had in my lifetime and i think that if you are in to taking pictures and just cameras in general you should go for it, it can be a great investment for if you want to take nice looking pictures for on the go and it has everything you need right on it

  17. op6 Is pretty awesome

  18. I choose the x 9 times

  19. iPhone X is better

  20. Iphone x

  21. I pick the one plus Six

  22. What's a one plus? I THOUGHT they were just samsung and iphone btw samsung is better than Iphone

  23. B

  24. I don't see any sense to compare with $500 and $1000. One plus 6 is good enough at that price

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  26. Gotta say, that iPhone X camera is really good!

  27. What is a one plus 6

  28. I prefer the OnePlus 6 because it's WAY less expensive and like just as good

  29. X is awesome

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