Pair Your Nucleus® 7 Sound Processor with a Compatible Apple Device

Pair Your Nucleus® 7 Sound Processor with a Compatible Apple Device

[Music] to start using the nucleus smart apps control and monitoring features you need to pair your sound processor with your compatible Apple device first go to settings and tap general then accessibility scroll down and select hearing devices next turn your sound processor off and back on again your Apple device will then search for your processor and display it here in the devices section select the name of your processor and tap there you will hear six beeps to indicate that pairing has started the sound processor light will flash blue for four seconds the pairing will be finished when you hear a ripple tone and the sound processor light flashes blue for another four seconds the pairing process may take up to 120 seconds if you have two sound processors both need to be paired during the same pairing window to do this turn each of your sound processors off and back on again your compatible Apple device will search for your sound processors and display them as appear here in the devices section select the name of your processor and then tap pair each side to begin pairing both your nucleus seven sound processors with your compatible Apple device make sure to confirm pairing is finished as previously described for each processor if you see your sound processes listed as two separate devices in the devices section see your clinician to have them configured as a pair if you have not done so already download the nuclear smart app from the Apple App Store once downloaded open the app and login using your cochlear account details when you have signed in your processor will automatically be recognized by the app [Music] you

13 thoughts on “Pair Your Nucleus® 7 Sound Processor with a Compatible Apple Device

  1. Can u listen to music

  2. can we do this to Nucleus 5? if so, when the device is connected to the iPhone, can he hear our normal talks? or when its connected to the iPhone he can only hear from the phone? Thanks and regards

  3. Does this require to get a surgery to have the nucleus 7 internal implant? I am wearing the nucleus 6. Thank you.

  4. Does this work with all Apple devices?

  5. How many devices can the nucleus 7 connect to?

  6. I got nucleus 7 then I try my cochlear implant connection to my iPad. Then I been click is setting then general then accessibility then hearing devices then I was waiting then not working.

  7. I am interested in the Kanso off the ear model, but apparently it won't stream calls from my iPhone 6? Will this upgrade be available soon?

  8. Hi my mum had her cochlear last month she has neucleus 7.she is facing problem in using phone because she has to open the speaker all time to talk with someone no any privacy .. any solution please ??

  9. This is all fine and dandy however If someone never used a computer before last year and a cell phone about the same time then this is all overwhelming and useless for s dinosaur like me. Simple question I can't get answered is how do you control the volume if you lose the control device?

  10. Hey, so i very recently started using the nucleus 7, but whenever I try to connect it with my iphone 5s, it never connects. My iphone just keeps "Searching…". Is there anything that I could do to fix this? I would like to be able to use the NucleusSmart app asap, thanks

  11. Can AirPod connect to that implant ??

  12. Can pairing between the N7 and the iPad 2 (iOS 9.3.5) occur?

    I notice that where my iPhone (iOS 12.2, the latest version of iOS) has "Settings > General > Accessibility > MFi Hearing Devices", in the iPad 2 there's "Settings > General > Accessibility", but there's no "> MFi Hearing Devices". Does a different route to pairing exist with the iPad 2?

  13. I can pair my iPhone to my hearing aid but not my Cochlear. I would like to pair to both of them as I get different wavelengths to each ear but it doesn't look possible?

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