Philips DS3020/05 Fidelio Portable Docking Speaker for iPod & iPhone – Full Review

Philips DS3020/05 Fidelio Portable Docking Speaker for iPod & iPhone – Full Review

Hi Guys and welcome to my video of the Philips Fidelio DS3020/05 Ipod and iphone portable docking speaker The speaker comes with a Power-pack which is 1.8 meters long a usb cable for syncing with your computer which is 1.1m long and also a small white 3.5mm headphone jack cable with male to male connectors which is only half a meter long for connecting to other devices The speaker is prodominantly white in color all the way around with a grey mesh front At the front is the volume control with a plus and minus a sprung loaded attachment for your ipod or iphone and you also get this rubber gromit which your ipod sits against on the top is the power button and underneath there is the 3.5mm headphone
jack, mini usb and power socket a great feature of this speaker is that
underneath you can install 4 AA batteries so if you’re on the move you don’t need mains power and that will give you 8 hours of playtime this section at the bottom has a strip of rubber to stop that jumping around on a work
surface so let’s connect the ipod okay the speaker is now connected to the
mains and a orange light shows up in the volume control funky! place the ipod on the connector you can control the volume with the device or with the speaker, it’s your call The 10 watt output is unbelievable with this speaker we’ve taken it on holiday many times and the quality of sound easily fills a room Controlling the volume with the device and the speaker that volume went up about a quarter maybe a third of the way up and it’s incredibly loud. Even on max there’s no bass distortion and the treble is crystal clear it’s absolutely bloody awesome! Now phillips say the curvature of this speaker aids the acoustics of the device and the whole in the middle prevents any reverberations from left and right
channels aesthetically pleasing with form and function as well it’s a little gem! Now in terms of bad points it’s really
hard to find fault with the speaker it really is excellent, it ticks all the boxes this white glossy shell however shows all your finger marks which can look a little nasty, but it’s not that disastrous Also if you have a case for you ipod or iphone if it’s a flip one like mine it won’t fit in I know philips said you can just not with a flip one like mine If you have a slim wrap around case it will fit in there the real biggie is this ridiculously
small 3.5mm jack cable it’s absolutely tiny you really have to have something close it should be a lot longer however, if that’s the biggest gripe with this speaker, you not going to be disappointed. So I hope you’ve enjoyed this video and it’s been useful Check out the links below and take it easy!

3 thoughts on “Philips DS3020/05 Fidelio Portable Docking Speaker for iPod & iPhone – Full Review

  1. what is the music please?

  2. That is The best potable speaker i ever have,i love it👍🏼

  3. Thanks, helpful video as saw a secondhand one on Gumtree and wanted a straightforward opinion.

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