Post penshock – iPad Pro Unboxing

Post penshock – iPad Pro Unboxing

Hi and welcome to Teknikveckan today we got a package yes, from Apple i suspect. And this should be an iPad Pro 11″ and the keyboard that’s designed just for it and the new Apple Pencil I think it’s best we do an unboxing directly from these brown boxes because it is Apple that makes these as well so we’ll start here open up let’s see here yes! one Apple iPad Pro Smart Keybord Folio And it’s the one with two different positions and… …lots of magnets then we got the rest here oh, so beautiful they tape the whole The tape the iPad to the box so it’s almost as it is hanging in the box Let’s see if we can get it out there we go Here’s the iPad Pro 11″ …and… what the hell… where’s the penn… …it’s not in the box

2 thoughts on “Post penshock – iPad Pro Unboxing

  1. Jobbigt

  2. all praise be to the youTUbe algorithm that brought me this video. I mean yeah I searched for some thing vaguely Swedish (IKEA) but how does that get to an iPad Pro unboxing? No idea what was said during the video. still watched the whole thing and looked pretty good. just enough to differentiate from all the other unboxing videos out there that all look alike.

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