– Hi guys, and welcome to
this Plumberparts.co.uk video. My name’s James and thanks
ever so much for watching. Before we continue I’d like
to say it’s really important that you subscribe by clicking in the little avatar in the corner. This video is just a quick demonstration about how the app Powered Now works. At the end of the video
you’re also gonna get the opportunity to enter a competition with Plumberparts and Powered Now, where you can win a lovely little iPad, as well an iPad Air, and also a year’s free
subscription with Powered Now, worth 108 pounds. Anyway, without further ado,
I’ll see you on the other side. Remember everyone to hold tight. Plumberparts.co.uk, home
of Find Your Plumber. So I’ve just finished the job, and I’ve used my Powered Now
app to invoice the customer. Now it’s a really great piece of kit because it allows us from one app that works on iOS, Android,
and your desktop computer, it allows us to invoice, estimate, quote, run project timelines, take photos, have a look at addresses,
look on Google Street View, and loads more. I could literally go on for hours about the things you can do in this app, but for this particular video, I’m just gonna give you a brief overview of the features of the app that you’re probably gonna use every day. But first let me just get
parked up at this next job. You can use the particular
app if you’re out and about, like the mobile app that we’re gonna demonstrate to you today, it’s streamlined and less fiddly, for everything you do from
photos you take on your phone, to estimates, to notes about jobs, to everything like that, will all get put back
on that desktop computer at the end of the day. So how will it actually help you? Well, for the sole trader, it reduces the amount of paperwork time, to get your evenings back, and also it means you can
achieve more when you’re at work. For the slightly larger company, it’s really handy because if you’ve got a slightly larger workforce you can use their great maps integration to find out that say you’ve got another job coming in a certain town, you can see roughly
were your engineers are and find out which
one’s closest to the job so they can get there quicker, therefore you’ve got a happier customer. Another great tab that’s within the app is the Projects tab. Now the great thing about this is that you can add a customer, and your whole relationship
with that customer, be it phone calls, notes, photos of jobs, invoices that you’ve done and been paid, estimates and quotes,
are all in one place, so if you do have a customer
that from two years ago suddenly rung you up to do another job, you’ll at least be able to look back on the relationship that you have and also get a good idea
as to where they are. Again, their address is saved in there, so if you forget where they live you can have a quick look
on the integrated maps tool and actually have a look
on Street View as well to reacquaint yourself with their address. As standard with the Powered Now app, you can choose from templates for your invoices and estimates, you can upload your own artwork, and input all your business details in and addresses as well. So let’s start by demonstrating to you the first port of call
that you may come across when you’re on a job, which is, I’d say, estimating or quoting. I went to a job earlier on today where they wanted to move a tap over, so I went to the job, had a look, put the customer’s details into the quote which automatically fills up the project and starts that timeline
off of the relationship between me and the customer. I also thought well, it’s a good idea, I’d better take a photo of that job so I’m reminded of it, and then I can go back to it
later on when I’ve done it. I then used the quote tool to compile the quote
when I’m back in the van, I can put parts down, labor, I can automatically add a markup, so if I wanna put 10% on parts I can, and also automatically
add the VAT on it as well. After that, I can use the
customer’s email address to send them over an email
with our quote on it, and then afterwards I’ll
even get notifications from the app to show us when
the customers opened the quote and also whether they’ve
accepted it or not. But guys, give us five minutes, I’ve just turned up to this job here, this has been a quick call out, so I’ve just gotta go and do that, and then hopefully I’ll bring Paul, the customer, out as well, so we’ll show you how
easy it is to invoice your customer when you’re
out and about on the job. Anyway, I’ll see you guys
in a minute, hopefully. Right then, so we just got
back from that job just there, and I’m gonna demonstrate
now how quick and easy it is for a new customer like Paul to be able to add their details in. I can pretty much hand him the
phone with Powered Now on it, he can put his address in there and his email address and everything, I can compile the invoice right now and send it to him straight away. And look, I’ve even taken a
little photo of him as well, so I can remember what he
looks like in the future, so if Paul rings me up in a year’s time, I’ll be like, “Oh yeah,
that’s what Paul looked like,” ’cause we all know that’s half the problem with customers is forgetting
what they look like. So Paul, just shove your
address details in there mate, I’ve just got it opened up for you. Another good thing about
the Powered Now app as well is that Paul also mentioned
that in a year’s time he wants a boiler service, so I can use the really easy
reminder service on there, so in a year’s time I’ll
get a reminder through saying “ring Paul up
about his boiler service,” ’cause I don’t know if any of you guys, especially all the gas fitters and all the oil engineers out there, we’re always forgetting those
services that come along, and Powered Now gonna stop
that from happening as well. Right then mate, now
to compile the invoice. So what did we do, we put some new taps
in didn’t we, for you. – Couple of taps. – Yeah, and you wanted that
job for the basin done as well, so I’ve taken some photos
of that for next time round, so we’ll just whack some taps on, deep breath mate. (laughs) There we go, so that’s in, labor of a hundred quid, it’s already put the VAT on there, Paul, you’re a VAT register aren’t you, so you can claim the VAT back, good man. Wicked, got your email address so I can send that through to you now, and you’ll have that on your
email right now mate, okay? – Unbelievable. – Wicked, pretty good innit? Right mate, cheers for that, I’ll see you later on, I’ll come in there and
grab a beer from the shop later on if I can get a minute. Cheers to you, thank you. So you’ve seen how easy
it is to do that there, and we can now go through and look at the project setting as well to see the whole timeline
of the relationship that I’ve got with Paul there, from him asking me to come and do the job, the invoice we’ve done, the photos we’ve taken of the job, the photo of Paul we’ve got, and also we now know that
we’ve got a reminder set for next year when he wants
his boiler service as well. So all those things are
integrated in Powered Now. When I get back to the office as well it’s gonna be on my computer, it’ll be on my iPad, and it’ll be on my wife’s Android as well, so even she can keep me in check. Right, so there we go, Paul is happy, we’ve
done this job, hold on. I’ve just had the quote accepted from the earlier job as well. The great thing is I can
now click on that quote, I’m just gonna reply to that, “I’ll be over next week, is that okay?” Send. Brilliant, so that’s all gone out as well. Onto the next job. So then as you’ve seen, there’s loads of features
in the Powered Now app. We’ve just shown you some of
the really basic parts of it, but believe me it’s not called
Powered Now for nothing, there’s plenty of power in it. So how are you gonna
win one of these iPads? You want the opportunity to do that and also get yourself a free
subscription to Powered Now. All you need to do is click on the link that’s appearing right
now or visit this link, it’s in the description
of the video below, and it’s also appearing in the cards up in the corner as well. Click on that, sign up
for a free one-week trial with Powered Now, and
that’s it, you’ve entered. So anyway guys, I hope you’ve enjoyed this really quick video, if none of you knew about Powered Now you now know how easy
and great it is to use, it’s a really really cool bit of kit. Give ’em a wave, be nice. Cool thing is, is that Paul wanted us to do some more work
for him later on as well so now I’ve got the photos of that job, lovely little photo of Paul as well, so I know exactly what’s
going on there all the time. It’s absolutely great. So thanks ever so much for watching, good luck in the competition as well, one lucky winner’s gonna win an iPad and a free subscription
to Powered Now for a year, and that is cool. All you’ve gotta do is register for the one week free trial. Anyway, remember everyone, I’ll see you in the next
video, and hold tight. Plumberparts.co.uk, home
of Find Your Plumber.

17 thoughts on “POWERED NOW APP – WIN iPAD – From The Van

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  2. Hope you enjoy guys and good luck with the comp! It's genuinely a great app so give it a try!

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  6. The Powered Now app certainly is a great product. It integrates all of the other apps to make the various processes simpler to manage. The annual £149.00 subscription is a little steep for me. I use another product called Simple Invoice which has some of those elements you highlighted but lacks a lot of the integration and other elements but it's only £20 a year!

  7. Damn, I'm already using Powered Now (with a subscription). Can I enter for the iPad? 😉
    It's a great app..

  8. Im already registered with powered now. can I still enter the competition??

  9. very good feature 👍

  10. Wicked video & comp mate me and the Mrs love it !

  11. Also just started using app and it's great for me ! As I've started doing some smaller jobs (got a few installs for family etc) it's good to add up quotes for products they will need and how much it will cost etc. This is a wicked app, I'm all signed up ! THANKS PP 😎

  12. i am and american plumber so i have no clue what VAT is?

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  16. Powerednow is a brilliant work tool that has come on in leaps and bounds in the last two years. For me though it has two essential missing features. A review section (for customers to leave reviews when paying the invoice and these can get auto attached to estimates for new customers) Expert Trades has this brilliantly useful feature. The other is when providing an estimate a lot of customers asked you to quote for an alternative so they can make a choice and it's nice to show optional extras without the cost showing in the estimate total. It would be great if Powerednow had a mechanism for this. YourTradeBase has this brilliantly useful feature. Even so Powerednow has some pretty unique features of its own like the postcode lookup & free SMS notifications. Give it a try it certainly helps one look professional and organised…

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