Procreateでアイコンを描くときにすること【 iPad Pro 】

Hello everyone Today I will draw an tumbler icon using Procreate I drew an hamburger design before, and I will draw it the same way The symmetrical tool in Procreate is very convenient I will introduce how to use it effectively and draw icons neatly First I will make a canvas 3000×3000 pixel. A square canvas I will use the mono line brush It is inside a folder called calligraphy The thickness of the brush is always equal To draw symmetrical art, turn the drawing guide on then edit drawing guide then 4 columns will come out so chose the very right one symmetrical the color and boldness are able to adjust here then the layer here says assist, this layer becomes symmetrical So when you draw something, in becomes like this I will use this to draw the tumbler To draw a straight line, draw a line first, then hold it When you touch the edge with your fingers, the line becomes vertical To use the drawing guide on other layers, when you tap the layer drawing assist mode comes out so from there you can make it symmetrical when lines overlap, you should use other layers the top part, if everything is symmetrical it won’t look interesting So take the symmetrical off and add lines Next, we will add color so add a layer One technique, is to tap guide on the layer then add a color like this so then the color does not fill out of the guide Do the same on the sleeve part of the tumbler add color like this I would like to make the same color as the hamburger before So take the syringe and add Finally add a layer and shadow use the mono line brush as before and add straight lines fill in the shadows like this then drawing mode when done, the shadows become like this I did not like the top part of the tumbler so I will erase part of it and add lines I am done! To export, turn the background off then share, ping export you can save it or airdrop it I sent it to my iphone when drawing icons I think the background should be transparent ping it is easy to paste on files the hamburger is like this if you make the line thickness the same, it may look better I am done for today I drew an icon using procreate it looks like the procreate videos are popular I am having many comments and requests So I will continue to draw I will use Procreate to draw Thank you for watching! See you again.

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