PUBG – Cross-Platform Party Play | PS4

PUBG – Cross-Platform Party Play | PS4

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100 thoughts on “PUBG – Cross-Platform Party Play | PS4

  1. 5 years to late usls creatrs

  2. Can we just be greatful another game has cross play with Xbox instead of bashing it because it's dead or another gamemode on for is coming

  3. All you gear should be fully Playstation and Xbox themed instead of Blue vs Green. Give us those Playstation Nike's or the Xbox Bodywash 🤔🤷‍♂️

  4. I'm still waiting for my PC crossplay

  5. Annihilated by COD WarZone!

  6. Gta 5 cross play

  7. Perfect timing!

  8. Can’t beat Warzone. Just shut down PUBG.

  9. RiP 2020

    Press F to Pay Respects

  10. Ps4 and Xbox:Were are so happy to be together.
    Nintendo switch:༼ つ ಥ_ಥ ༽つ

  11. This game is going to die in March 10 ( warzone )

  12. Nooooo quiero seguir cazando a los paracaídas azules ( ͡ᵔ ͜ʖ ͡ᵔ )

  13. El crossplay es un error de acá a la luna, nunca juntes jugadores de una consola con los chupa pitos de PC

  14. This should be free

  15. No it most certainly is not live. And if it is, how do you do it? Because I see zero options for it.

  16. What is up with games and putting stupid dances in them.

  17. No cross with pc?

  18. Warzone is out tomorrow. This game doesn't stand a chance.

  19. mucha gente con hacks carambaaaa!!! ponganse las pilas!

  20. Alguien ya puede unirse con sus amigos de xbox? Yo aún no :c

  21. In this montages PlayStation player's crashed 30 times.

  22. Cross play = hack vs console

  23. When we get cross platform with mobile also ?

  24. What do I need to go to on the game menu to play with my friends that play Xbox?

  25. Too late

  26. rip pugG got raped my cod and has too many dlcs

  27. So PC is excluded from this then?

  28. no its not live the patch was pushed back like 5 days ago

  29. who wants to play psn: fallenchadrs

  30. Put gta 5 cross platform 😢

  31. No thanks I'll be playing COD warzone

  32. I thought nobody played this game anymore.

  33. I'm just here for the comments.
    And they didn't disappoint me.

  34. Can pc players play with ps4?

  35. Thanks Sony.

  36. too late for that, your game is already dead

  37. fortnite is free, cross play and split screen

    Can we at least ask for a spit screen please?

  38. I wish ark survival evolved was cross platform

  39. Free? All

  40. Meanwhile COD will destroy this game

  41. Nu nog beter kwa grafische want op de ps4 ziet het er nog steeds niet uit

  42. Give us PS5 news

  43. PUBG Corp gives us an inferior version of PUBG as a free-to-play game (PUBG lite). Meanwhile, warzone provides us with the full battle royale experience complete with 150 players and beast graphics. I know which game I'll be playing.

  44. pug-b more like shot on iphone #2

  45. Yess

  46. Dead game, low fps and graphics

  47. Welcome, cheaters, to the best place of play 🌚

  48. how about pc?
    and that NAT stricted voice chat
    hope you fix that

  49. Not buy pubg is game bad & lag

  50. Would you look at that, Xbox and PlayStation partnered again

  51. Won't entice me. The game is optimized horribly on Ps4.

  52. Top 🤙🏼🎮

  53. 😳 WHAT

  54. Make Apex cross play !!!!

  55. TOOO LATE Warzone is out TODAY!!

  56. waiting for apex now

  57. Guys there's soon going to be an announcement that this will become free to play

  58. Bit late sony. They were hounded for years to do crossplay and literally at the end of this generation with big releases coming old games are adding crossplay.

  59. Pubg 30$+Ps Plus+Microtransactions
    Cod warzone= Free

    that's all folks

  60. TODAY is time to kill PUBG on COD, hey wait PUBG its dead

  61. Okay now gta5

  62. Сделайте игру бесплатной

  63. 30fps no..thanks 😇

  64. How do we add people now? Boy I’ve been waiting long af to throw my buddy’s in the bag

  65. This game has team death match now right? Is it free to play?

  66. Support mouse and keyboard on console?

  67. this is the end for this console game

  68. Empresa mercenária

  69. Oohhh nooo this is bad for pub g cough cough warzone

  70. Funny thing that March 10 is Mario Day.

  71. With apex legends and worzone, i dont think even making pubg free will save it

  72. to little to late i just deleted pubg to play warzone

  73. BRAVOOOO!!!! ,👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  74. Anybody knows the name of background music? LOL 😂

  75. Pubg or fortnite??

  76. I see more blues than greens in a server. Ps4 Rules

  77. Apex will release a big update you will see

  78. Nope, thank you!

  79. I play in ps4. I can't seem to find any of my xbox friends in the search. It then asks for my password. I type in my password and it searches for another player. Am I missing something?

  80. I won’t play PUBG unless it’s free to play

  81. A little late to the game like everything else they do.

  82. So what about Paladins?

  83. can i play it using keyboard and mouse guys? on ps4

  84. No PC? 🙁


  86. Warzone just killed you guys, sorry

  87. No one Is playing you just leave the store

  88. go to sumatera

  89. Every comment : "play cod warzond instead"
    Me: "i love democracy"
    Press F to pay respect to dead PUBG

  90. Another free to play on the Horizon. But its too late, CoD War Zone arrive. Make shooter games great again

  91. This should go f2p honestly like nobody is gonna buy pubg at this point lol

  92. console wars end??

  93. Can't wait for cross platform with pc player

  94. No thanks.

  95. Call of duty warzone is free to play by the way 😒

  96. Next is mobile

  97. This game is dead

  98. Stop trying so hard to compete just be free to play

  99. Why take karakin out of featured map and out it into random maps??!! Some people prefered the fast paced nature of that map compared to the other ones!!

  100. Seeing many people commenting that ping will be crushed by warzone but those people also forget pubg survived during fortnite hype, Cod blackout and Apex legend craze. Fans still love this game. Even though it was broken for quite some time Devs are now working to improve the game as much as they can. I get stable fps, almost 0 lag now and quick matches without a hitch.

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