Publicar una App en Google Play Store ¿Qué necesito? | #MiAppEnAndroid

Publicar una App en Google Play Store ¿Qué necesito? | #MiAppEnAndroid

Find out what do you need to be able to publish your app on Google Play Store What’s up, Entrepreneurs? If you are developing an app or you have a business idea that needs a mobile app it’s so important what requirements you need to be able to publish your app on Google Play Store or App Store. In this video we will focused on what specific requirements do you need to be able to upload your app on Google Play Store Later, we will make another video where we explain the requirements to upload on App Store There are many steps, so take note. The first you must do is to create a developer account, to be able to publish an app. To be able to create a developer account you just need a Google account and you must pay 25 dollars which are for life. Once you have a developer account you need to comply with the next requirements at the moment to upload your app on Google Play Store The first you must have is your Application Package That’s referred to the APK file which will be uploaded on the store The upload time will depend on the size of the file Later, you need a brief description of your app, this is a short description to explain about your app. This description must be shorter than 80 characters. Immediately is the long description of your mobile app Here you can explain on detail which are the functions of your app this description must not be more than 4000 characters. Then, you must upload your app icon here you must upload an icon on High Definition and with PNG format This must be 512 x 512 pixels Then you must upload screenshots of your app, they must be eight different, on PNG format and they must be shorter than 3500 pixels. It’s important to select screenshots what allow to view correctly the main functions of your mobile app at the users. Copy a video link of a tutorial on YouTube where your app’s functions are being shown. This video must last between 30 seconds and 2 minutes. Later, choose the type of app. Whereas an app or a game, subsequently select the category of your app. Also, you must add the contact details and the URL of the app’s privacy policy. The privacy policy is mandatory for the distribution of your mobile app, then setup your app as free or paid and to select countries in which it will be downloaded. In case that it will be a paid app or if there will be purchases in your app you must create a commercial account inside the Google console, where you will fill your billing information and with this managing all payments received and to have a detailed analysis of your sales monthly Also, you must add language options of your app. You may use the automatic translation option on Google Translate. Also, there will be non-mandatory options to be able to publish your app. You can even filter manually the devices which will be compatible with your app. After this process, Google is going to verify that your app is published in stores. It’s only a matter of minutes and some hours maximum.
And, that’s it, your users can download your app. What do you think about this information, Entrepreneurs? It’s a bit long process to be able to publish your app. If you need a fast solution for can upload your app on stores, I recommend you use Apphive. With Apphive, you can make this process simpler because the platform allows you to upload your app easier so you don’t need to worry about this technical problem. Below on description, there’s the platform link. Don’t forget to follow our social networks, where we upload content that you may find interesting. See you in the next video, Entrepreneurs.

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  1. amigo, tengo una duda. Para subir una app de pago me pide el nombre de la empresa y otros datos mas relacionados a esta. ¿Debo crea una empresa para poder vender mi app ?

  2. Crear pokemon go warrion ya lo cree

  3. Oye Buen Video pero cuanto tiempo tarda ahora para subir una app?

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