Quick test of the Behringer UM2 Audio Interface with an iPadPro

good afternoon everyone this is Kwekwe
the Mad Mohawk coming to you with a little test perhaps you can hear that
little bit of background noise in the silence I’m currently using the audio
technica at2020 XLR microphone I have it plugged into the behringer um – audio
interface this interface is a paltry 2995 in the United States in most places
that little bit of noise is probably bearable since it’s such a low low price
but only you can decide that yourself I’m going directly into an iPad pro
recording this with GarageBand because some folks have been asking Pete John’s
about this interface since it’s so inexpensive bérenger is notorious for
noisy interfaces just like zoom is but again it doesn’t render them useless but
if you’re a real stickler the noise in the silence may drive you insane so this
interface has one XLR and quarter-inch unbalanced input it’s a combination and
1/4 inch unbalanced input for an instrument etc again for 2995 you really
can’t go wrong the at2020 from Audio Technica has a very low no noise level
i’ve used this many a time with a focusrite scarlett no noise in the
silent areas or no perceptible noise depending on what level you have the
input set out of course I’m using the wind tech pop guard for
cutting out the plosives and hopefully this will be of some in lumination to
you so that’s enough nonsense have a great
day bye for now from the mad mohawk that’s me oh na ki wahi

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