Recensione custodia Puro Zeta Slim per iPad Pro

Hello friends PensareMac, today we see a
and for the moment also the only proposal Pure Pro to protect iPad, it’s called
Zeta Slim and now tells you a bit ‘as goes
The Puro Zeta Slim for iPad is available only in black color, then choose
forced but in the end adapted to a device so big and still intended
mainly the work. It ‘a book housing slim type, what
it means that the coverage works porpiocoème the cover of a book or notebook. IS’
magnetic and therefore able to turn on and turn off the display of the iPad, but also a
discreet grip that allows it to remain closed during transport.
On the back there is a case in transparent polycarbonate gray smoke, very nice second
me, with a slightly rough finish that reveals the body of iPad Pro
and therefore also the bitten apple on the back. On the back is known then this slot designed
to accommodate and hold in position the cover higher. In this manner, the housing becomes
a stand with two positions, a vertical fit to watching movies or multimedia content
and a horizontal one that can be used to write with the screen keyboard or
Pencil drawing with Apple. The protection offered by the Puro Zeta Slim
It is pretty good for a housing type sim almost entirely the frame side,
leaving only an open area near Lightning connector.
Finally I must say that in this period I used all those willingly
times when I did not need the cover with a keyboard that is significantly heavier
and cumbersome. The Zeta sim has indeed the merit to contain very well both the weight and the
thickness of iPad Pro and overall I will tell It is well made with good quality materials
and cured finishes, in short, in line with quality other products in Pure.
If you are interested I leave the links, together the photo in the article on
PensareMac, and let me know in the comments do you think or if you have tried other cases
iPad Pro. I thank you, I ask you I like to leave a shares or to
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