Red iPhone 7!!??

Red iPhone 7!!??

A red iPhone? What? Matty are you excited about this? This is big news! Big news! Yeah. So the red iPhone actually been rumored for quite a while and I don’t know if anybody really thought it was ever actually going to happen because that’s what happens rumors but it’s here. Yesterday it was announced that the red iphone is a thing and it’s going on sale this friday at 8:01 am. I’ve been getting so many messages and tweets and texts i woke up yesterday morning–the day of the announcement– and it was just screen shots of the apple website. hey did you see this? are you going to get one? what do you think? I absolutely love the red product line because not only do they look really freaking cool but it’s also for a really good cause so props to Apple for doing this. They’ve been doing it for quite a while and this iPhone actually looks a lot like the red ipod they had a while back here’s ipod nano looks pretty good and you know they’re going for that similar theme. A lot of the criticism was that it didn’t have a black front and I’m going to be completely honest with you i am a huge fan of the black front phones and that’s one of my biggest complaints on the color phones is the white around the edges. I like having a completely flushed phone seamless and beautiful which is why I decided to go with the jet black phone. I mean this phone would of looked so good with an all black front but it makes sense because it’s kind of in their product line of this is how they have been doing things for quite a while. I hope this is a joke that didn’t actually ever happen, right? A special one-of-a-kind collector’s piece. Thank. God. I’m sure you guys are all subscribed to MK PhD because he actually had a red iphone in his hands in an official unboxing already and it looks really really good you guys want to check that out I’ll put a link in the description and my question to you guys is do I get it? I mean it looks really, really good. The thing is most people probably who are going to get a 7 plus have probably already got their 7 plus, so this is something I feel like if you will have held out for the newer phone that aren’t quite ready to upgrade to the next version that will be coming out after this and I feel like that’s probably the market that this is for or people who just really really like red but this is the thing too I can’t not have a case on my phone because I am completely reckless as you guys have seen in the past, so really unless you have a red case on it no one’s even going to know that you have a red phone because the front of it it’s a little silver button. They did that I know on the gold phone because I have that one for quite a while. The ring around the touch ID button it matched the phone, so man that would have been so cool and if you don’t want to buy an entirely new phone you can just get a red case and still have that same feel. They’ve also got a smart battery case for the iPhone 7, so if you do have one of these smaller phones there you go that’s for you. I’m surprised they haven’t made the larger version of this. Got the red apple watch sports band. That looks so good. I bet that would look so good on… oh not wearing my watch. it’s charging currently. That would so good with the ceramic base! we’ll just skip over the beats because those look not like something I’m into so in case you don’t want to buy an entirely new phone you can get an iPod Shuffle. I didn’t even know that they were still selling those. i love the ipod nano i thought it was just so cool and you got some red cases for your ipad let’s take a peek at the models and pricing and see how much these things are going to run us so if you buy it without a carrier you’ve got a 128 and 256 so the 236 is 969 dollars and i would definitely recommend getting applecare because mistakes were made and i did not get it. I’ve shattered my phone way too much. So an iphone 7 without a carrier $849 that’s not even that much less than the seven plus so that’s silly like I’m not going to lie like it looks good so apple’s press release here we’ve got the iphone 7, iPhone 7 plus and then they also announced a new 9.7 inch ipad. This is interesting apples quiet ipad launch proves no one cares about tablets yeah that franchise has gone from headlining marquee Apple events to showing up at a quiet announcement via press release well here’s the problem i mean i feel like there are so many tablet options now that it’s really cut through that market and be sort of something that is stand out. Ipad definitely started it all. They really pushed that tablet market into what it is today and now it’s time for something else. the iphone 7 plus is so huge that most people that probably would be using an ipad and have an iphone 7 plus there really is no point in having the ipad as well and now with the nintendo switch – it’s just another thing to carry. (referring to switch:) Oh I had a scratch! oh no the last time an iPad felt truly special was back in 2011 when Steve Jobs came back from medical leave to unveil the ipad 2 and again before competitors flooded the market with cheaper tablets and with things like the microsoft surface I mean you’re getting an entire computer and also a tablet all sort of in one and I still feel like the iPad does not have a full working operating system it still is iOS that’s a problem I’m not going to be able to make that Ipad pearl into a full working computer because it’s not. even though Apple is pushing that agenda For most people who are doing normal everyday things yeah you can completely get away with it other people who aren’t doing things like that like the professional market line it’s not going to work. So This is pretty interesting too. apple also announced a clip video apps I’m excited to see how this goes Apple has tried to become social in the past but I think like iTunes Connect or something you guys remember that hey I’m editing this video right now and I remembered what it was called it was itunes Ping didn’t even remember that i can always liked 2012 I want to say 2011/2012. I remember adding friends and I was so excited for like two days and then just didn’t ever touch it again so you can’t really technically compare it to snapchat or Instagram it’s basically its own standalone app so it’s kind of like those things that you see on facebook like the flat down cooking videos people always adding cool subtitles and kind of making a sort of an interactive thing because a lot of those videos they don’t usually have audio at first you have to turn those on which is why subtitles and things like that are very very important supposedly this will add live titling we all know how the youtube subtitles works not only that accurate so I’m hoping that this is definitely a little bit better than that catch your a moment hold to record say it and see it live title will see as we create animated captions just by talking issue man hope it works hope it works pick a filter drop it in emoji I want to see more coming soon but when we need to know when see here we go okay you’re making a little clip we’re here moving day it looks pretty cool and I have high hopes because honestly you know Apple when they do things right they do things right it’s crazy how things that when I first started making videos and editing in graphic design an extremely long time ago I was probably in like sixth grade when I started trying to figure out how to use macromedia fireworks anybody remember oh my goodness you know I only had 30 day free trial I’d have to format my computer every 30 days because I didn’t know how to you know hack it so that I could i was i was at that time I was like 10 it fit things were not like they are now at all so I just thought that’s what I had to do and I didn’t have a job I was a child and my mom was not going to be paying thousands and thousands of dollars for software because that’s just crazy it was hard enough to convince her that for my birthday I want a gram obviously things have changed significantly and I love right now right now is such an incredible time for technology I know a lot of you guys are probably the age that I was when I probably first was getting into coding I was in sixth grade I don’t know how old you are in sixth grade maybe like 11 or 12 and the first time that I figured out how a website was made I was at Nintendo com I went to view source and it’s my eyes a wonderment when this page of text was just performing so I would take some of that text from other websites and I would take it into one of those free web site hosting things where you could sort of just drop in HTML and then see what it looks like there’s ads everywhere so I would like to copying and pasting code from other websites just trying to see how it worked and now you don’t have to really do any of that which is kind of crazy but I’m super excited for you guys and the future and everything awesome that you guys are going to get to experience because it’s going to be so cool i guess the burn this whole video to a close of course i always ramble when I do these types of videos let’s see what was i even talking about the red iphone i’m also searching for zelda recipes because i’m going to be spoiler hello making some zelda food if you guys have been playing zelda let me know if there’s any recipes that you would like me to make keep it simple i’m probably thinking more along the lines of like a meat and mushroom skewers so I tracked sidetracks so yeah iphone 7 iphone 7 plus in red i have a video coming out next week with my new friend sarah DG she’s so cool and we did sort of an iphone 8 wish list so that will be out next week and this was all before this whole red iphone kind of came out so we definitely don’t make any mention too that for good reason because it didn’t happen yet at the park opens to employees in April let me check this out am I an employee no will I ever be no can I get a visitation can I have visitation right probably not please and just to reiterate I don’t work for them they’ve never paid me they’ve never told me to say anything that I’m saying I am just a true fan much love nah man as this video so i can sublease Elda by the centerpiece of the party is the question Joey please join go you click here oh yes which

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