Review (4/5) – Pelican ProGear™ CE3180 Vault Series Case – iPad mini Cases

Review (4/5) – Pelican ProGear™ CE3180 Vault Series Case – iPad mini Cases

Hey, it’s @Aaron_the_Ho and here’s what
the Pelican ProVault CE3180 case for the iPad Mini had to go
through in order to bring you this review We through this non-waterproof case into
a tub the water. We discovered a new word called elastomeric which is basically something
describes all the orange stuff on the case. We also dropped from table height and
then we spun it around and dropped it again and we also reaffirmed their dislike for cases that
require screws Pelican Vault CE3180 is a very rugged
case it will provide great protection for your iPad Mini. Real usage. Real reviews. MobileReviews-Eh.Ca The Pelican Vault CE3180 will
definitely protect your iPad Mini or your iPad Mini with Retina.
It is shockproof as well as water resistant – it’s not
waterproof – and the screen cover will definite protect your screen. It also
doubles as a viewing hinge so you can view
your iPad at any angle that you really want
to. And because there is no screen protector you can easily access
everything on your screen. Now the bad things about this case is
that there is no screen protector so if you’re to drop it like this, well, there’s a good chance that you are gonna
shatter the screen of your iPad Mini. Now with that being said you can install
third-party screen protector. So if you’re looking for something pretty tough maybe
can get one of those temperate screen protectors and then this case were almost be
indestructible, unless you submerged it ’cause it’s not
waterproof. With all that being said, this is still a very excellent case for non office environments. We gave it a score of
four Eh’s out of five and that makes it comparable
to the Lifeproof Fre as well as the Otterbox Defender for the iPad Mini. Now between all these cases – the free in
Otterbox Defender – I do prefer the Pelican CE3180 once we go through all the details
I’m going to tell you why. We break all our reviews into three categories which are design, protection and functionality and there is going to be
annotations on the screen to help you navigate to the section where you need
to go look at as well as a table of contents with
the timestamps in the description section below. Now in
terms of design the Pelican CE3180 is a pretty unique case. The attached screen cover with the
multiple viewing angles as well as the requirement to use screws to install
the case makes a pretty different when compared
to some on the iPad Mini cases that we’ve reviewed. In terms of the weight and bulk, the
case is not light and it will add about a centimeter around your entire
iPad Mini as well as almost tripling the thickness of your
iPad Mini. There is this hinge on the side that kinda adds to the bulk
of the entire case, but with all that being said, it doesn’t make the iPad Mini unusable.
Now in terms of installation, this isn’t the easiest case to install because it
does require you to use screws now Pelican does include an installation tool in the
packaging as well as two spare screws, so you’ve got a bit of we’ll say leeway in
terms of losing those little screws that are only about a quarter of an inch in
size. One of the things that a notice about
this case is that when you’re installing the pieces together, there’s a lotta little
teeth that interlock the front bezel and the back of the case, and you really
have to snap everything together in order for your screws to align and for you to usually, you know, put the
screws into the holes. Pelican is really known for the quality
of their cases and it definitely shows with Pelican CE3180 There’s a piece a Dragontail
Glass the covers the camera hole – I don’t know what that is but it sounds fancy – Dragontail. This orange stuff is called elastomeric
co-polymer and it’s basically rubber and then absorbs all the shock. And the last thing is that this hinge is
actually made from aircraft grade aluminum. So all in all this whole case is very, very well built and is very
solid. And despite the fact that we’ve dropped on this concrete floor, it does show wear and tear, but still
maintains its form. If you wanna know more about this case, I
do recommend the you watch the install and unboxing video, as well as the up-close technical
specs review that we’ve done for this case. In terms of protection, the Pelican CE3180 is a tough case. It is shockproof up to 4 feet or 1.2 meters
and it does meet Milspec 810G. Now we did a drug test in this
very room and we kinda swatted of a desk, and it survived.
We also you know dropped from about chest height, which is about four feet on me, and then we also did one of these spinny drops on the floor and the iPad Mini is
fine – it’s the same one that is in here now – and the screen is not
shattered. So I would definitely say shockproof. In
terms of water, it is NOT waterproof it is water resistant but some in the
verbiage that we saw on the internet as well there was
printed out given to us is that will protect for momentary submersion. We
actually dropped this case into a bucket of water we did the momentary submersion and and then we went and checked to see how
much water actually got to the iPad Mini, and nothing really got wet. So this case
will definitely protect and if you protect the iPad Mini if you accidentally drop it in
a stream and pull it out right away or a a really big bathtub. Now in terms of
screen protection that is actually one of its biggest drawbacks,
because it does have this really quick screen cover, but there is no screen
protector no built-in screen protector for this case. So if you were to drop it this way in a gravel parking lot there’s a good
chance your screen is gonna get busted. Now there is about a quarter an inch between
the front bezel and the actual touch screen, so does provide a bit a
clearance. Now if you’re really worried about your screen you can install a
third-party screen protector. This case is meant for the iPad Mini and iPad Mini Retina,
and because it uses screws you can fit something in between the
front is on the back and I’ve confirmed that with our Pelican vendor. With all those things taking into consideration the Pelican CE3180 does score a little lower when compared to Lifeproof Fre and the
Otterbox Defender, mostly because there is no built-in screen protector.
Yes. there’s a screen cover makes it really tough but you can’t use
your iPad Mini in it. So for everything the protection
category, for this case, the water resistance as well as a shock drop. We filmed it all and we posted it to
make sure that’s, you know, this case actually lives up to
its expectations. So your if you’re interested in watching me try
to break stuff I do recommend you watch those videos are actually a lot of fun
to make. In terms of functionality for the
Pelican CE3180, there’s some really awesome things and there’s some
quirks that we were we’re gonna talk about right now. Getting to the headphone jack
and the lightening port connector are very simple cuz you just have
to deal with these cold polymer elastomeric plugs. Now for the
mute switch as well as the volume buttons, if
you have it open like this and you’ve got the screen cover folded
onto the back getting to the volume buttons is a
little difficult because the volume buttons are actually on the back side case. So the screen cover action almost rubs
up against those volume buttons. Now you can still get to them but it’s a little awkward. We thought it was a pretty neat
feature to have the volume buttons on the back at the case but when you have with the screen cover, well, I’m
not quite sure that’s a good idea anymore. Now in terms again to the mute/ringer
switch, again, if you’ve got the screen cover folded back getting to the mute/ringer switch it
actually bumps up against the the screen cover and so it’s difficult
to kinda fit your finger. I don’t think I could fit my finger in without opening up the screen cover a
bit. Now again, you just have to get used to
that you know quirkiness of accessing that part your iPad Mini. The last thing I will add is that there
are a couple a sharp parts to this case which is kinda weird because you’ve got all this
nice rounded stuff but then you got this hinge and this plastic is very very sharp. You’ve
got this latch and the teeth on the inside a latch it’s
actually pretty sharp as well and so if you’re not careful there’s a good
chance you might be able to write give yourself a nice little red mark on your
skin. I just cracked my wedding ring. Ow. In terms of the sound quality coming
from your speakers or iPad Mini, we didn’t notice any sort a degradation in terms
of the sound, so you can easily watch whatever you need to watch on this iPad Mini with this case on it.
Now when it comes to the screen useability and screen viewability of this
case, well, it definitely beats most of the other cases with screen protectors because there is
no screen protector on this case. So accessing your entire
touch area of your iPad Mini is easy to do as the bezel doesn’t cover
much of the touch area actually extends quite a bit further
than the touch area. So you can easily access the swipe menus of iOS7 as well
as using a stylus and getting to the very edges of the case. In terms of the screen
viewability, no screen protector so it is exactly like a naked iPad Mini. I don’t know what else to say about that.
Now last category is really case extras and one of the neat things,
though it’s not really in extra it’s something worth pointing out and we did rate it because this case
allows you to view your iPad at any given angle so you can view it like this or you can view it like this and it’s very neat because the hinge, I’m
not quite sure how to describe it, but the hinge on this case makes that
possible. Now between the Lifeproof Fre and the
Defender in this case this Pelican CE 3180 definitely allows for
better functionality of your iPad Mini inside the case. Now why would I choose
Pelican CE3180 over Lifeproof Fre and the Otterbox Defender, well it’s got a great warranty. Pelican has a
lifetime warranty on all their cases so if your case was to break so somehow
this cover came flying off while I was using this iPad Mini in the
case, Pelican will give me another case for free. With that being said if you break your
device inside a case they’ll replace the case but not the device. Now I don’t know of any other case
manufacturer that has lifetime warranty on their products, and that’s pretty crazy, and
that’s probably the reason why one of the biggest reasons why I would
go for the Pelican CE 3180. If you wanna know more about this case, I
do recommend that you check in OCLI.CA they sell a lot of Pelican stuff and so
this is one of the cases that they do sell. If you have any questions about this
case, leave them in the comments section below, I will get back to you as soon as
I possibly can you can also find us on Google+ , you know,
start a conversation with us on Google+ tell us what you think about this case cuz I’d love to know if you do
have it or you do want it on what you like about it. Find us on
Twitter and Facebook. Twitter we try to send all the deals that we get
so if there’s ten percent off of something We’ll definitely tweeted out so that
you guys get that same benefit, I’m @Aaron_the_Ho. I’m a reviewer at MobileReviews-Eh.Ca and definitely keep your iPad Mini safe in this case. Thank you for watching!

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