S20 Ultra from an iPhone user’s perspective

S20 Ultra from an iPhone user’s perspective

I’ve been an iPhone user ever since the
iPhone 6, and I liked it so much that I upgraded to a new iPhone every single year, up until
my current iPhone 11 Pro Max, which I love! And with the release of Samsung’s Galaxy
S20 Ultra, I decided to try it out and see what differences I would notice so I could
give you guys a good idea of what it’ll be like to go from an iPhone to the new S20
Ultra. The first thing I noticed is that the Samsung
feels quite a bit thicker in the hand, but I honestly don’t really mind because I’m
used to not using a case on my phone. In terms of the width and height, the 11 Pro
Max is already a pretty big phone, so I can just barely use it with one hand when I really
need to, but the S20 Ultra’s huge size just pushes it over the edge, so you definitely
want to be using two hands, especially if you don’t use a case. I’m very thankful that Samsung got rid of
that bixby button because it was honestly useless to me and I would accidentally hit
it every now and then, and now since it’s gone, you also get a really nice and clean
layout. I just wish it had a physical mute switch
like on my iPhone. Everyone’s complaining about the headphone
jack being gone on the S20, but the iPhone hasn’t had it in years so I obviously don’t
care. The back of the s20 ultra looks great, but
I wish they used matte glass instead of glossy since I absolutely love the matte glass on
my iPhone since you can’t see fingerprints on it and it actually does a great job at
being scratch resistant. The huge camera bump actually looks pretty
nice, but the worst thing about it is that it’s incredibly thick, like MUCH thicker
than the bump on the iPhone 11 Pro. This causes it to wobble quite a bit when
laying flat on a table, and it’s so large that my fingers touch the bump when holding
it in landscape mode, which was a bit annoying and it means that you get extra unwanted fingerprints
over the lenses. The display is absolutely massive and it looks
amazing. I love the small holepunch camera compared to the notch on the iPhone that’s
honestly getting old at this point. I also absolutely love using the 120hz mode
on the S20 Ultra since everything feels super smooth compared to 60hz on my iPhone. It’s
definitely worth it, even though 1440P looks a bit more detailed in comparison. The gaming performance was great at 120FPS,
with no noticeable performance issues or frame drops. The phone itself felt impressively
cool after even an hour straight of gameplay, and it only used about 15% battery life after
that full hour. I’d honestly say that because of this massive
6.9” display and the 120FPS support, this is hands-down the best phone for gaming so
far. It just sucks that the best mobile games like
Fortnite, PUBG and Call of Duty mobile don’t yet support 120FPS, but I’m sure that they
will soon especially if the iPhone 12 gets a 120hz display. My iPhone 11 Pro Max has substantially better
battery life compared to my old XS Max, and I’ve noticed that even though the S20 Ultra
has great battery life while gaming, it was actually worse overall compared to my iPhone,
even though it has a much larger battery. In terms of the internet data speeds, we have
mmWave 5G here with T-Mobile, and in our office, which has pretty terrible LTE speeds, we got
a much faster download speed on the S20 Ultra. With my 11 Pro Max, youtube videos would pause
to buffer every now and then, but that hasn’t happened yet with the S20. Loading videos
and web pages has been incredibly snappy compared to the 11 Pro Max. Although my iPhone has the loudest speakers
on any iPhone I’ve ever used, the S20 Ultra’s speakers are quite a bit louder. Just listen
to this speaker comparison to hear it for yourself. This extra volume is great because there are
honestly days when I wish my iPhone speakers were louder, like when I’m trying to listen
to a podcast, so I’m very happy with the speakers on the S20 Ultra. Thanks to these awesome speakers and the huge
display, this is probably the best phone out there for watching Netflix or anything else. I also really love the picture-in-picture
mode which is great if you need to quickly do something else without having to pause
the video. I also like that notifications get larger
thumbnails, like from YouTube, but it’s quite annoying to get ads from games in your
notifications, which I never got on iOS. iPhones have always felt a bit faster to me,
maybe because of slightly faster animations or touch sensitivity, but now that the S20
has 120hz refresh rate and 240hz touch sensitivity, it feels faster and snappier than the iPhone,
every time. I like the fact that it comes with an SD Card
slot that supports up to 1TB of extra storage, instead of paying hundreds of dollars more
to upgrade storage on an iPhone. I’m personally a mac user, both at work
and at home on my MacBook Pro, so it really sucks to not have AirDrop, which literally
makes transferring photos and files to and from my Mac and other Apple devices the most
convenient thing ever. But thankfully, the Android file transfer
app works pretty well when connecting it using the included USB-C cable. It’s awesome that the S20 Ultra supports
up to 45W fast-charging, but they only include a 25W charger, but that’s still faster than
the 18W charger you get with the iPhone 11 Pro. And the reverse-wireless charging feature
is really cool since most of the new wireless earbuds coming out today come with wireless
charging. This feature also made it possible for Samsung
to create an awesome new case that actually lights up and gives you an exclusive wallpaper
that you can’t get anywhere else. I absolutely love Face ID on my iPhone, and
I’ve always preferred it to the Ultrasonic under-display fingerprint sensor that Samsung’s
been using, but now, with the S20 Ultra, I’ve noticed that they’ve really improved the
speed and reliability of this fingerprint scanner, so it’s actually not too bad anymore. I absolutely love the always-on display that
tells me all of the info I need to see without having to turn the display on, which is something
that’s sorely missing from iPhones. As many of you know, you get a lot more options
for customization in the settings, which is something you don’t get with iOS, so tech
heads will definitely enjoy using the S20 Ultra. One of the main features that Samsung really
tried to focus on with this phone is the cameras, and they decided to pack in some crazy features
like the 108MP main camera, the crazy 100X super zoom telephoto camera, and a 40MP selfie
cam, so let’s talk about it. I’ve noticed that selfie photos look better
on the S20 than on the iPhone, especially in lowlight, so that’s a pretty huge plus. In our blind camera test, the S20 Ultra did
incredibly well for a lot of the scenarios. It only lost by one point to the iPhone because
of the iPhones incredibly detailed deep fusion feature and the better night mode photos. So photo quality on the S20 Ultra is actually
really impressive, especially considering the fact that we should get more software
improvements soon. Selfie video looks pretty good as well, but
if you shoot at 4K 60fps, it seems to be way out of focus, especially when bringing it
closer to your face, which is annoying since I like using 4K 60 on my iPhone. You can see what I mean in our video quality
comparison which I’ll link to at the end of this video. The same thing for the rear-camera. 4K 60
only works with the main lens, not the telephoto or ultrawide, which also sucks because the
iPhone lets you shoot 4K 60 with literally any of the lenses. The S20 Ultra can’t shoot 120fps slofies
like the iphone can, but that feature is honestly a gimmick and I haven’t used it at all since
I got it. We did try out the new super hyped up 8K video
recording mode on the S20 Ultra, but it currently has some pretty massive limitations. First off, the autofocusing speed and reliability
is absolutely horrible. It suffered from constant focus hunting and in some cases, it wouldn’t
focus at all. It’s also limited to recording at 24FPS,
and the exposure gets considerably darker compared to shooting in 4K. Not only that, but stabilization goes completely
out the window as well. To make it even worse, 8K mode only works
on the main lens, so if you’re going to be zooming in, you actually get quite a bit
more detail by just shooting at 4K instead. The 8K mode is really only useful if you’re
standing still, not racking focusing between subjects, and when you’re in a very bright
environment. Absolutely do not use it for low light, because
as you can see here, the iPhone 11 Pro’s 4K is actually more detailed than the 8K on
S20 Ultra in this medium to low light scene. The regular old 4K 60 mode on the S20 Ultra
actually works and looks pretty decent, so I’m happy about that, but it’s still a
bit behind the iPhone. And the telephoto lens actually does look
really nice if you’re shooting 4K at 30 frames per second, giving you a lot more zoom
detail compared to the iPhone, so that’s a big plus. But in general, for overall camera quality,
I would honestly stick with my iPhone 11 Pro Max because you get the more freedom to shoot
4K 60 using any of the lenses, and it honestly gives you better video quality overall compared
to the S20 ultra. The photos on the iPhone might not turn out
the best every single time, especially in bright environments where I myself chose the
S20 Ultra’s images more often, but overall, the iPhone constantly pumps out good quality
images in terms of detail and accurate white balance. So overall, I’m really impressed with the
S20 Ultra, especially for the awesome display, but I honestly still can’t give up my iPhone,
and it’s because of iOS and the Apple ecosystem. Everything is interconnected and it all just
works so well together. The S20 Ultra isn’t perfect, but there’s
hope that Samsung will fix the issues with the cameras in future software updates, and
if they do, it really will become an excellent phone. So I would honestly recommend it for Android
users, as it’s the best Android phone I’ve ever used. But if you’re currently an iPhone user and
you’re trying to choose between the S20 Ultra and the iPhone 11 Pro Max, i would honestly
just go with the iPhone. If you guys enjoyed this video, make sure
to tap the like button and subscribe for more videos like this one. And you should definitely
check out the camera video by clicking right over there. Thanks for watching, and we’ll
see you in the next one!

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