S20 Ultra vs 11 Pro Max – Real Differences after 1 Week!

S20 Ultra vs 11 Pro Max – Real Differences after 1 Week!

In this video I’m skipping the specs and
focusing on the real world difference after switching from my beloved iPhone 11 Pro Max
to the S20 Ultra for 1 week and there are two specific reasons that make me want to
stay using it and finally ditch Apple which I’ll talk about in just a bit. This was the first phone I used a case on
in many years, and I hate using cases because it covers up the amazing build quality and
makes them thicker and heavier. Unfortunately even though the S20 Ultra is
both taller and thicker than the Pro Max the camera bump is even thicker. Not only does
the phone sit really crooked on a desk but holding it in my hand my finger kept being
cut into by the camera module which doesn’t happen with my iPhone or the note 10 plus. It was also pretty much impossible not to
get fingerprints on the camera when holding horizontally which isn’t an issue with most
new phones. * Did I get used to the the large size? Surprisingly,
Yes.. but afterwards going back the 11 Pro Max the phone seemed so thin and small which
is something I never thought I would say about it. Next, the auto brightness is stupid. Maybe
it’s only because it’s been a week but its constantly either too dark or at times too
bright whereas the iPhone gets it right most of the time. I also really missed face ID. Face ID just
works so well and its so fast that I don’t notice it most of the time. I mostly used
the fingerprint sensor but I did try face unlock for 1 day. Of course it isn’t as secure
but I wanted to see if it’s just as convenient and it’s not. You do have more options but it takes longer
to unlock your phone especially in lower lighting and at times it doesn’t even work. Thankfully the fingerprint sensor has been
much improved since the S10 and Note 10, it works fast and pretty much every time but
its still not as convenient as face ID. I especially missed it for authentication in
apps or sites where Face ID is just automatic. Now the screen is gorgeous, especially in
1440P mode. It is really really nice for watching movies, honestly the best phone ever and definitely
trumps the iPhone Pro Max. First off I love having that 1440P option
in Youtube that is noticable more detailed than 1080P. The next one is HDR. This is the first time
that HDR shows a huge noticable difference compared to good quality SDR on a phone, it’s
really impressive and is clearly better than the iPhone. Not only that but the speakers are quite a
bit louder as well. I’m glad that Samsung has really stepped
up its speaker game the last 2 years. I usually run the iphone at 90% or so but the S20 was
just fine at 70%, and in those cases where you have a quiet video or you’re in a loud
room and want to share a video you found that extra volume is so nice to have. The only downside with speakers is you really
feel the case of the phone vibrate when running above 70% which can be annoying if watching
a long video where the iPhone is solid. During this week I also used the Galaxy buds
plus exclusively and they worked extremely well. They paired instantly, sounded great,
and I even used reverse charge once which was convenient and overall you’re not missing
much other than hands-free hey siri which I like. I also love the split sound adjustments, and
the mode that allows notifications to come through the phone and not the bluetooth speaker
you’re connected to. I really wish my iPhone had these along with other Android features
such as picture in picture youtube video, chromecast controls, and notifications sticking
in the top bar until I clear them so I don’t forget things. Now the killer feature of the display is that
120hz paired with fast animations and man do I love it. I especially love it when scrolling
through websites where the lack of motion blur looks really nice and going back to my
iPhone it feels so slow and laggy. Now there are downsides, and it’s not just
battery life which of course is affected. If you’re using 120hz you have to be in
1080P and I have to say I did notice it. If this was a 5.5 inch screen I may not have
but being that this thing is almost 7” you can clearly see it especially in text. There were a few times where I was doing a
lot of reading where I was compelled enough to switch back to 1440P. It almost seems like
the S20 uses some kind of text smoothing then sharpening to get rid of pixelation which
just looks off being much worse than reading text on the iphone where the high rez looks
fantastic. Now the other downside is of course battery
life. This is the first time in a while where I’ve had to top off every evening which I’ve
only done on my Pro Max if I forgot to charge the night before. I would have to say for my usage pattern and
background apps it’s a difference of about 2 hours of screen on time in the 120hz mode,
and that’s using the default optimized power mode and without the always on display. If you’ve never experienced the freedom
of not having to worry about your battery life that the 11 Pro Max offers then you might
not understand it, but its freaking amazing and going back to having to top off throughout
the day or in the evenings is a bigger deal than I expected. Once I knew I had to top off the phone anyway
I switched to high performance mode and turned on the always on display feature which I personally
really like and wish my iPhone had, even if it used an extra battery. I really wish Samsung had the Promotion tech
of the iPad pro where it could jump from 120hz down to 60hz or even to 24hz depending on
what your doing which really helps save battery life.
Most of our youtube videos are at 24fps and in that case the GPU and screen have to put
out 5 times more frames than necessary needlessly draining that battery. I also wish that we had the option to use
120hz at 1440P even if the battery life would be horrible I would be charging up in the
day time anyway. Hopefully the iPhone 12 will have the Promotion tech of the iPad and at
full resolution. And now onto what probably loved the most,
and where i noticed the biggest difference between my iPhone 11 Pro Max and the S20 Ultra
and that is … The data speeds and reception. Samsung has been ahead of apple in LTE speeds
for a while now which I loved with the Note 10 but the S20 ultra takes it to a whole new
level. Now it does depend on what provider you use and where you live but I use t-mobile
and they have sub 6 5G across the US. This isn’t the millimetre wave insanely fast
5G but one that penetrates building better. I routinely got 1 or 2 bars more with the
S20 which is great but what’s even better is the speeds which were routinely 2 to 3
times faster than my iPhone. During this testing I got the fastest speed I’ve ever seen on
my iPhone which 65mbps download but in that same scenario the S20 got 162, and the download
speed was 49 instead of 19. The test before that my iphone got 25 and
the samsung got about 95, and during peak time with lower reception the samsung got
27 while my iphone got 9. Now these are just numbers, but what does
this mean in the real world, well, a whole lot actually. When i’m using LTE I often have to limit
youtube video to 720P or else I get pauses where the samsung plays back smoothly at 1440P
and initial buffering of video is almost unnoticeable with the S20 where I have to wait on the iphone. You also notice a difference when loading
website and apps that pull from the web, and especially if you’re downloading apps and
other media. This is especially noticeable if your constantly in steel or concrete buildings
or basements and ultimately it could make a difference between having service and not
having it. I really really really hope we get a 5G option
on the upcoming iphone and if we don’t at least a much better modem because the difference
is huge and for some people this alone is enough to switch brands. Call volume is noticeably lower especially
if the person on the other side talks quieter. I found myself really pressing the phone into
my ear and checking if the volume is up all the way. I think this might be because of
the top speaker being slim and hidden in the frame. Now lets touch on the cameras. I really enjoyed
using the Note 10 camera but the S20 Ultras had me missing the iPhone. There are two big
features, the 108 MP main camera and that 100X zoom but just because we have these big
specs to flaunt doesn’t mean that they actually work well. The autofocus is garbage. I haven’t seen this
poor performance in so many years, if ever. The new sensors are much bigger but have much
less focus pixels so its slow at focusing and also randomly hunts where the iPhone is
ultra fast, smooth, and accurate. In good lighting I love the 48MP zoom lens
which has so much detail but because it lets in so much less light at F3.7 in medium and
low lighting the quality is worse than Apples 12MP 2x zoom cropped in which is effectively
a 6megapixel image. There’s also major limitations for portrait
photos and video, and after testing 8K video, I have to say it’s just a marketing tactic
and in many cases iPhones 4K looks better than 8K. There’s so much more to talk about in terms
of camera performance both good and bad, so I’m going to save that for the full detailed
S20 Ultra review so make sure you’re subscribed. Now the other thing I absolutely loved and
made me want to switch brands is the RAM. With the 11 Pro, I often try to reopen something
I was doing a half hour ago and its closed. This is so annoying especially for apps where
you have a video or document open. Not once did I have this issue with the S20.
I routinely opened apps the next day and everything was as I left it. At one point I had 18 apps
running and I opened the oldest one in the list, vainglory, and it was right where I
left off 18 hours ago. Apple please stop barely bumping up ram especially
if you’re adding software that uses more of it. So overall how was the experience switching
over, and will I stay with the Samsung? Honestly overall it was great, definitely more positive
than negative and I do wish I could switch but I can’t. The iPhone is good hardware wise, but its
the software that really sells. I missed iMessage and other things like Airplay which is better
than chromecast, controlling my Apple TV, airdrop, continuity, and of course using my
Apple watch which I love. Some software things just didn’t work as well like voice recognition
for texting and siri reading my messages and allowing me to reply hands free. These are the things that still hold a lot
of people to the iPhone, but if Apple doesn’t keep innovating and trying to keep up with
things like RAM and 5G along with faster refresh rates then I may have to take the plunge and
move over to Android. Let me know what you think down below and
click above to subscribe to see our full review. If you want to see our detailed photo or video
comparisons they are right over there, this has been Max with Max Tech and I’ll see
you in the next video.

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