Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus vs iPhone XS Max

– Now that the Samsung
Galaxy S10 Plus is official how does it compare to
the flagship from Apple? What’s up guys, Saf here on SuperSaf TV and let’s find out SuperSaf style. So initially looking at the sizes both devices are pretty
large but I would say that the S10 Plus is
slightly more compact, it’s not as wide as the iPhone Xs Max and it also weighs quite a bit less compared to new Xs Max, around 50 grams. Now this is partly because it has a slightly smaller display, 6.4 inches versus 6.5
inches on the Xs Max. Both devices have minimal bezels, maximizing that screen to body ratio. On the Xs Max however you do have a notch, and on the S10 Plus you have a punch out for the front-facing cameras. Now neither is a perfect
solution for a bezel-less display but I think it’s going to come
down to your personal preference what you prefer, the
notch or the punch out. Definitely let me know
in the comments below. In terms of the display technologies we have OLED for both devices and these are some of
the best mobile displays on the market right now. We’ve got sharp detail, vibrant colors, great viewing angles, and I
don’t think you can go wrong with either of these displays. Samsung have now said that the S10 Plus is the first mobile display
to support HDR 10 Plus and it does look absolutely stunning but one thing that you get on the Xs Max which you don’t get on
the S10 Plus is 3D touch. So this is a pressure sensitive display, it allows you to push down
harder on certain apps and things and get more options. Now moving on to the build and design, both devices are very
premium and both are also IP68 water and dust
resistant which is great. The iPhone Xs Max has
a stainless steel frame with glass panels on the front and back, the S10 Plus has a
aluminium or aluminum frame with curved glass panels
on the front and back so it is curved towards the
edges, looks pretty cool. However the S10 Plus is also available in a couple of ceramic options, ceramic black and ceramic white. These look and feel very premium and they’re also going to be a little bit more durable
compared to glass. The S10 Plus does come in a
variety of other colors as well, we’ve got prism white, prism black, prism green, as well as prism blue. The iPhone Xs Max doesn’t
come in as many colors, you’ve got space gray,
silver, and gold and that’s it so the advantage of she
does go to the S10 Plus. However if you do want a customized look of either of these devices I’d
recommend picking up a skin from our channel sponsor, dbrand. They’ve got a huge selection
for both the iPhone Xs Max as well as the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus. I’m going to be leaving a link
to them in the description below so do go ahead and check them out. Now moving on to the
internals, the iPhone Xs Max has the Apple A12 Bionic chip,
it’s super fast and snappy, one of the fastest out there right now. The S10 Plus comes with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor
or Samsung’s Exynos 9820. Which one of these you get will vary depending on your
region but both of these are some of the fastest
processors out there and I don’t think you
can go wrong with either the iPhone or the S10 Plus when it comes to speed and performance, these are going to be some of
the fastest devices out there. If however you do want me to do a side-by-side speed
test between these two then definitely let me
know in the comments below. A lot of the speed will also
depend on the operating systems and we do have iOS on the
iPhone and we’ve got Android Pie with Samsung’s new OneUI on the S10 Plus. I quite like OneUI,
very smooth and snappy, but I also really like iOS
so I’m in between these two and I always have an iPhone with me as well as an Android device. Of course which one you like is going to come down to
your personal preference. In terms of RAM and
storage the iPhone Xs Max comes with 4 gigabytes
of RAM across the board and it has three different
storage options, 64, 256, as well as 512 gigabytes
all at different prices. The S10 Plus comes with a
base of eight gigabytes of RAM and 128 gigabytes of storage, however if you do go for
one of these ceramic options you can get 512 gigabytes of storage or the the top of the line
has one terabyte of storage with 12 gigabytes of RAM,
that is absolutely insane. I’m not sure how much of an impact this is going to have on performance but it’s crazy to think that
we can have 12 gigabytes of RAM on one terabyte of
storage on a smart phone. In addition to that you
do have expandable memory on the S10 Plus so you can
get your micro SD card slot and expand your storage by
up to another 512 gigabytes so when it comes to storage I would have to give the
edge to the S10 Plus. Now let’s move on to my
favorite part, the cameras. The iPhone Xs Max has a dual camera setup, both are 12 megapixels with
optical image stabilization. They are some of the
best cameras out there, I’ve really enjoyed using them. The primary camera has an F 1.8 aperture and the secondary camera
is going to give you two times optical zoom
that has an F 2.4 aperture. My favorite thing about the iPhone cameras has been Smart HDR, it gets amazing dynamic
range in all situations. However when it comes to low-light I do think the iPhone can improve. The S10 Plus comes with a
triple rear facing camera setup so the primary camera actually
has a variable aperture, F 1.5 which is great for low-light but also F 2.4 depending
on the light in your scene. The telephoto camera is very
similar to the iPhone Xs Max so you’ve got two times optical
zoom with an F 2.4 aperture with optical image stabilization. But this year Samsung have also introduced an ultra-wide camera,
this is 16 megapixels and it’s going to be great
to get more into your shot. I’m a huge huge fan of ultra-wide cameras and I’m really looking
forward to spending more time with the S10 Plus camera. Now which one of these is
better between these two, of course we’re going to have to do a SuperSaf style camera comparison and if you want to see that then definitely smash that
like button to let me know. Now moving on to video,
both devices do support 4K at up to 60 frames a
second which is great. And for the front-facing cameras
the iPhone has 7 megapixels with an F 2.2 aperture, it’s a really good front-facing camera however, once again,
low-light not so great. The Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus
has two front facing cameras, the primary camera is 10
megapixels with an F 1.9 aperture and it also has the dual pixel auto focus that we’ve got on the rear facing camera so this should be pretty cool
in terms of getting focus also from the front-facing camera. And in addition to that you
also have an 8 megapixel secondary camera which is going to help with depth information so it should help with the portrait selfies
that you can take. The iPhone also takes some
great portrait selfies. Of course we’re going to have
to put these side-by-side to find out which one of these is better. But one thing that the S10 has which I’m pretty sure no
other smartphone has right now is 4K UHD video recording
from the front-facing camera. This is pretty new, I’m pretty sure, I’ve not seen it on another device, and if you’re somebody who likes to use a front-facing camera
a lot and maybe vlogs then this is going to be
a great addition for you. With the iPhone Xs Max
it does max out at 1080p. Moving on to the audio department, both devices have stereo
speaker which is great, one is in the earpiece
on one is button firing. The S10 Plus however has a 3.5 mm jack, Samsung have still included
this which is great for a lot of people I know. The iPhone Xs Max of
course does not have this and Apple have not had a 3.5
mm jack for quite some time now so it’s something that we
weren’t really expecting with the iPhone Xs Max so this advantage does go to
the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus. And in terms of the other
additional features, the iPhone Xs Max does come with Face ID, it’s really accurate,
really fast, very secure. the S10 Plus does have
2D facial recognition which is not as secure
however it does have an ultrasonic in display
fingerprint sensor. Now this is one of the first devices with an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor and this is a lot more advanced compared to the optical
solutions that we had previously. And in my initial testing
it has worked really well. If you want to see a detailed comparison between Face ID and the
ultrasonic fingerprint sensor, once again, definitely let me
know in the comments below, I’ll be trying to prioritize which comparisons you
guys want to see most on getting through them as soon as I can. The S10 Plus also has a heart rate sensor as well as Wi-Fi 6. Wi-Fi six is 20% faster compared
to what we have right now. These are some of the new features that Samsung has included. And moving on to the
batteries, the iPhone Xs Max has a 3176 mAh battery, the S10 Plus has a
larger 4100 mAh battery. Now usage obviously varies and
size doesn’t always matter, that’s what she said,
I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I really need to grow up, but of course usage will vary from person to person. The iPhone Xs Max has
been pretty good for me in terms of battery life, it usually does get me through the day. It’ll be interesting to see how well the S10 Plus performs in comparison. And both devices do support fast charging, however the fast charging
does not come out of the box of the iPhone Xs Max. This is something that
I’ve ranted about before, it should definitely come out of the box with the iPhone Xs Max
but it’s not included, you do have to buy that separately. With the S10 plus you will get a fast charger out of the box. both devices also
support wireless charging which is really useful, however the S10 Plus supports
fast wireless charging 2.0 so this is much faster
compared to previous generation and it will be much faster
compared to the iPhone Xs Max. And it doesn’t stop there, the S10 Plus also has wireless power share. This is reverse wireless charging, so you can actually use your S10 Plus to also charge the the iPhone Xs Max. You can charge pretty much any device by just placing it on the back
as well as some accessories like the Galaxy earbuds
or the Galaxy watch. Finally looking at the price, the S10 Plus does come in quite a bit cheaper compared to the iPhone
Xs max in the UK, anyway, around 900 pounds is the starting price for the base 128 gigabyte model. The iPhone Xs Max starts at 1100 pounds and that is for half the
storage, 64 gigabytes. So when it comes to value
for money, bang for buck, you are getting more on the S10 Plus compared to the iPhone Xs Max. However, of course it
is going to come down to your personal preference, I really do like the iPhone Xs Max and in my opinion it is the best iPhone you can buy right now and if you are within that ecosystem it might be the best option for you. However, if you are on the Android side the S10 Plus looks like a
very, very promising device with a lot of features,
lots of boxes ticked off for a lot of people. Pre-orders start today and it is going to be shipping
out from the 8th of March. I’ll try to leave a link
in the description below if you’re interested in
picking one of these up. What do you think of both of these devices and which one would you go for? Definitely drop me a comment
below and let me know. I hope you enjoyed this
video and found it useful. If you did then do hit
that thumbs up man for me and if you haven’t already
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lots of comparisons and lots more coverage with the S10 Plus here on the channel. Thanks for watching, this
is Saf on SuperSaf TV and I’ll see you next time. (upbeat music)

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