Samsung Galaxy S10e vs iPhone XR Drop Test

Samsung Galaxy S10e vs iPhone XR Drop Test

100 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S10e vs iPhone XR Drop Test

  1. name a better duo…i'm still waiting 😉

  2. Xr was better and Apple phones in general are dont @ me 🤠✋🏼👊

  3. Instead of breaking the s10e u should give it to me for ikonic skin

  4. Idiots😅

  5. yoooooooo thats
    alot of moneyy

  6. My mom has a Samsung galaxy 10+ plus And she is scared to drop in the water

  7. I actually like both phones are pretty good

  8. Cool can I get one

  9. So we all gonna ignore Filips shoes

  10. iPhone is better for me

  11. Applepro is not 5,11 and techsmartt is not 6 foot they seem to small

  12. Everythingapplepro's logic: finds out that samsung phone is better
    "Casually still uses apple"

  13. Samsung Is better, Apple nope.

  14. All late but can I win a galaxy s10 🥺🥺🙏

  15. The batterylife on The Iphone Xr is bad it have 3121 MAH And my Samsung galxy A70 have 4500 MAH and the Xr have thr best battrery of all of the Iphones

  16. who noticed the iPhone xr and the other guys shirt was matching

  17. Video starting is 4:12
    Video 4:12 de başlıyor
    Türkler beğenin de sayımızı bilelim 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷

  18. EXR… Lol.

  19. Que agunia tenho um S10e isso e tortura

  20. I an a samsung person and pulse I am getting a S10e tomorrow

  21. I love how they’re just being biased to the iPhone, yet the Samsung was doing better. The title should be “Being biased to an iPhone even though the Samsung does better”

  22. The samsung s10e has a super AMOLED display ? What does he mean "Not as strong of a display"

  23. if I was u guys I would be thankful I have that many phones I don't have a phone

  24. New subscriber just now. Im with Samsung on drop test.

  25. Tech smart pulls up shirt weres supreme underwear

  26. I think the XR did better
    What do you all think

  27. You should name it techbros

  28. Mine fell out my pocket while I was getting in my truck a few scratches but it’s fine

  29. Could be great a water resistance trial with the damaged phones

  30. Omg my brother has the s10 and my sis xr red like you

  31. The floor is not rial

  32. Can you just not move yourr hands so much if you showing us the damage

  33. Who cringes over the sound of the phone drops

  34. I can see EAP's Ducati V4 Speciale in the background

  35. Red iphone XR

  36. Samsung is gonna survive

  37. Why wasn’t I aware of this iconic collab???

  38. You are geys?

  39. I haven't charged my s10e for a day an a half and it st 10 percentage

  40. 10:53 wtf??

  41. Can I have a s10 I have a s3 lol

  42. Android Or Iphone? Comment I like Android

  43. The camera cutout on the s10+ is the shape of galaxy buds 😯

  44. Apples Better

  45. I have S10e my self so S10e is better.

  46. iPhone Xrubbish

  47. I have s10 e and is beast

  48. EXR

  49. I'm watching this with a s10e no joke

  50. Don't show me the thin ass legs😣

  51. Tudo tem que ter comparação 😡

  52. I'm watching this with a Samsung s10e😂

  53. I am amazed by how durable the S10e was

  54. Why didn’t he get a mic I can barely hear Apple 😂

  55. The worst thing happened to me with s10e. I had it in my pocket i didn't have a cover on and it was less than a week when i got it, so i sit down to eat and i had gym shorts on and as soon as i stand up to get my food i feel less weight on me and all of a sudden i hear my phone do the loudest noise i heard and my heart drops, i pick my phone up and all i see is a crack on the top right corner…
    it was truly sad and depressing moment….

  56. I'm watching on an s10e. I only have 2 problems:
    It's battery
    How it's too goddamn perfect 🤣🤣

  57. I have one of the galaxy s10e

  58. Just in case 😉 i have an UAG case on my Galaxy S10e..Like my previous phones..

  59. How dare u the s10e is way better

  60. s 10 e

  61. 한국인분…?

  62. So my s10e fell off the table and its all good , just started flashing white and green

  63. S10 edge

  64. apple squad

  65. 4 minutes in and no drops yet.. 🙁

  66. Nooooooooporque lo destruyes mejor dame el s10e

  67. I'm watching this on a S10E

  68. iphone lost. I can deal with a crack on the back of my phone. The screen all jacked up with lines, nah.

  69. Watching on my S10e hurts

  70. So who won? Feels like waste of time to watch 14min on these dudes

  71. Hello, I'm Korean kid. Video was so fun. I think Samaung is safe than iPhone, because it's not broken easly.

  72. русские?


  74. he really didn't have to pick his shirt up to show us where he was going to drop the phone from. I'm 99% sure he was just showing everyone his supreme underwear.

  75. ————

  76. Samsung S10e

  77. Que aflição kkkk

  78. This is so extra 😁

  79. S10e

  80. Dropping starts at 4:13

  81. S10 e is the best

  82. 04:07 for the drop.

  83. omg all the air pockets on the IPhone screen were bothering me so much

  84. Good bye cruel world ಥ_ಥ (┳Д┳)📱📲 12:33

  85. 😩😩
    I would as you to please give me one of those
    Or your old phone please

  86. And in 3,2,1 an ad appears me go crazy

  87. 📲*00212.645.75.23.01* *Whatapps*📲
    شــبــاب🙋‍♂️ صــار لــي بــقــرأ كــثــيــر مـن الـكـومـنـتـات عــن صـغـر الــقــضــيــب وسـرعـة الــقــذف
    وأحـب أقـولـكـم بـمـعـلـومـة مــفــيــدة😉 أنــي حـصـلـت عــلــى وصــفــة رهـيـبـة مــن الـدكـتـور👨‍⚕️ الـلـي بـيـيـتـواصـلـو مــعــاه كـثـيـر مـن الـنـاس
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  88. Are we just gonna ignore the fact that there was 12 samsung phones in the back?

  89. It's insane that today we call a phone at 750$ cheap as if that makes it a lesser device when we used to get the bleeding edge for 600$. The S10e feels more premium than the Galaxy S4 that I paid 600€ for.

  90. The camerawork is supbar, I can't even (or barely can) see what you're showing. Sound quality is very bad also, it's hard to hear the Apple guy.

  91. It starts 4:09

  92. As an s10e user I felt that when the phone dropped

  93. I´m very happy with my s10 🙂

  94. When I dropped my s10 it was extremely cracked and I couldn't use part of the screen so I have a different phone now.

  95. Iphone XR for sure i was waiting 2 months for it. The XR has way better looks!!!

  96. Apple pro same symptoms the iPhone xr had the whole screen different colors

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