SanDisk Sansa Fuze 4GB MP3 Player

COMPUTER TV Check out this little puppy. This is the Sansa Fuze, 4GB MP3 Player. It’s actually a pretty nifty little device. I actually really like it. It’s like really sturdy and it looks sharp, it’s small. It’s about the size of n iPod Nano, and by George, it costs like a quarter as much. If you don’t want to buy an iPod, and you probably don’t want to buy a Zune either, this thing is pretty sweet. It’s a good alternative. It’s actually well priced. 4 GB. If you don’t know, that’s a lot of music. If you’re doing like 182 Kilobytes per second, 4 minutes a song, that’s 1,000 songs on 4 Gigs. So very very nice MP3 player but, it’s cool but it’s got a few extra features. So I don’t know if we can even zoom in here at all, but let’s see if we can show some of these little features. First of all youi’ll notice, when you touch the ring the lights are blue. I find that to be fascinating. I am an easily entertained person, and that blue light will keep me going for days at a time. Also you’ll notice it’s got the very simple scroll wheel. Just like you’re used to on your iPod. So if you’re upgrading, you want to upgrade you know. You got an old 1st gen or 2nd gen iPod, that’s like 10 years old. It’s got to go, but you can’t afford a new one. This is the perfect alternative. Music, Videos. It’ll do actually, just so you know that it’ll do, MPEG and AAC Videos. Also if you want to do photos it will do JPEG’s. Very nice little feature there. Check that out. FM Radio. You don’t see that too often on an MP3 Player. FM Radio is on board. You also have a voice recorder which again is something else, you don’t usually see on an MP3 Player, especially one that is this small, and this sleak looking. If you don’t know, this kind is all like a really glossy black and it doesn’t get too finger printy. So it’s is pretty nice. I mean look at the size of this overall, I mean it’s very very small, very good looking MP3 Player. Also included in the box, you’re going to be getting, your little USB 2.0 sync chord, so you’re going to hook this puppy in there, ah, backwards….there you go, and that will let you sync all your music, from your computer. You also get really high quality headphones. They don’t look anything particularly awesome as they’re plastic but they sound great. So very very nice little MP3. It’s only 0.3 inches thick. It’s 1.9 inch Monitor. 24 hours of straight listening time, on that little battery. No problem. It has 40 pre-sets for the radio tuner. Oh and I totally forgot the absolute best part about this. Over here on the side, anyone recognize that symbol? Is it upside down? No it’s not. That is a microSD symbol. You can’t see because it’s microsized, but if want to stick a micro SD card in there, filled with video, filled with music, throw it in that little slot right there, and you have tons of additional memory that you can throw in this thing. I think 32, how big are microSD’s going now? 16.. 16, – 16 and I’m sure 32 is right around the corner. So in the end, for the price this is, under $100, excellent, excellent MP3 Player by Sansa, actually by SanDisk, because Sansa is the line. This is the Fuze 4GB MP3 Player. If you have any questions email me. See you guys next time. For more information on the SanDisk Sansa Fuze 4 GB MP3 Player, type S153-0004 into the search engine of any of these major retailers. FOR COMPUTER TV I’m Albert THE BEST IN TECH COMPUTER TV (C) 2008 SYX Services, Inc. All Rights Reserved
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